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What To Text Him When He Disappears?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: What to text him when he disappears

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What to text him when he disappears? When he disappears, do you send a series of messages to each other and hysterically ask why the break-up was.

Or can not control into the whirlpool of sadness, take a poor posture to seek reconciliation, or even take extreme measures to let the other party turn back, if the other party is not willing to become more passive and depressed, then deny themselves and doubt life.

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It’s not terrible to meet a break-up. When you decide to save, you realize that you’ve been taking too many detours before. You can’t save it, but you’re also blackmailed, deleted, and even bored.

What to text him when he disappears? Knowing what kind of text messages you send to him after he disappears can save your feelings is the topic that this article will share with you next.

Both people’s feelings are at the end of the road, and the harm to each other must be no small. Before you break up, you may have stimulated each other in the most vicious words. Even if you break up peacefully, you may not be able to really maintain peace in your heart.

In fact, only when the relationship reaches the level of irreparable and settlement can it really break up. This also shows that the contradiction between the two is irreconcilable and has great hidden dangers. Even if you are reconciled now, it is only temporary.

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So when he proposes to break up and leave you without hesitation, it shows that his tolerance for you has reached the limit. At this time, even if the heart no longer give up, also want to let him leave.

Because he has a very negative impression on you, and now any recovery you have made him feel troubled. It will only deepen his bad impression of you. You can only be free to disappear from him, to ease this negative impression.

The most important thing to actively cut off your connection with him is to turn around the high and low positions between you.

Because the person who proposes to break up and choose to leave is usually in a higher position in this relationship, and the redeemed you are in a lower position.

Everyone has vanity. The person who intends to break up may really think you are upset and not interested in you, so they want to break up with you.

But he may still be thinking about whether you will ask him in pain and please him so that he can change his mind.

If you decide to cut off all the connections with him at this time, he will think of your kindness to him, tolerance and tolerance for him, and when he is empty and lonely, he will miss you more, which is the impression you have left.

The low attitude recovery will only make the other party feel you can not leave him, and after reconciliation, it will only make him more ruthless to crush you in a high posture.

Cutting off his contact can create a sense of gap in his heart, which makes him look at you admirably. When you see him again in a new face, it will be very attractive to him.

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When he disappears, you can send him a message like this:

What to text him when he disappears? I know that in this relationship, you will feel special pain and depression. Sorry, I really love you, but I didn’t expect that self righteous love will hurt you. I’m really sorry. You said you want to break up, I understand and agree that you will be happy in the future.

This introspection and apology, as well as generous and decisive leave and blessing, will make you mature and rational, and weaken his negative impression on you.

Maybe you ask, will he forget me and start a new relationship?

Don’t worry, from remembering to forgetting how easy it is to be a person, he just wants to show that he is no longer interested in you by deliberately neglecting.

Second, your relationship has a problem, you can’t go on and break up. Even if you follow and appear in front of him every day, it will only cause his disgust and dislike.

After cutting off his contact, the second step is to raise yourself from inside to outside and appear completely in front of him.

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What to text him when he disappears? (1) From mentality to singleness

Remember that it is to cut off contact with him and to enhance yourself to maintain self-awareness.

Instead of doing everything in a different way to see your ideas, if it is, it’s not a change, it’s a tough performance. We didn’t play the image of the lover he wanted.

It is to make yourself really good, and radiate light from inside and outside.

So when you break up, you should give up your own pity, regain your hobbies, and devote yourself to work, study and travel. When you are your best self, you are the most confident person to enter and attract people’s time.

What to text him when he disappears? One more thing to remember is that only when you lose it do you know how to cherish it. When something belongs to yourself, it doesn’t matter. Once someone takes it from you, you feel like you have to take it back.

What to text him when he disappears? (2) Establish a good communication mode

All misunderstandings between people are caused by lack of communication or improper communication.

So, after the reorganization, the first thing we have to do is change the way we get along with each other so that after the reorganization, the two people will not break up again because of the same problem.

So the first thing is to build good communication methods.

One of the ways to build good communication is to understand his behavior from the perspective of the other party.

What to text him when he disappears? For example: a girl said to her boyfriend, “honey, I’m not comfortable. I have a cold.”

Boys usually say, “go take the medicine quickly, drink more hot water.”

After hearing the news, are you very angry? No one knows that if you are ill, you need to take medicine.

In fact, the answer you want is full of care and heartache, while boys usually think “solve problems.”. When the boys see your complaint seeking help, he will respond quickly: “take medicine quickly, drink more hot water.”.

Because of the difference in mind, he doesn’t understand that your idea is to seek comfort and satisfy the little character you rely on.

What to text him when he disappears? When you understand his ideas, you will also know that he doesn’t care about you. If he doesn’t care about you, you won’t lose your temper and hurt both sides’ feelings.

The second way to establish a good communication is to learn to express your feelings.

Many people say in boys, “take medicine quickly, drink more hot water.” When angry with boys, or sultry, the boy will feel that no matter how angry you are, you are unreasonable, unreasonable.

So you have to learn to express your feelings and guide him to understand you and know what you want.

For example, you can say to him, “when you say that, I feel very dissatisfied. The answer I want is full of care. You can ask me where I feel bad, can say I feel very sad, let me take care of myself, can also buy medicine to me to send. “

Don’t wait passively for the boy to wake up and understand why you’re angry. The differences in thinking and understanding make it difficult to be understood all the time.

What to text him when he disappears? (3) Learn empathy

Empathy refers to the ability to experience the situation of others to feel and understand others’ emotions.

One of the most important abilities in social interaction.

Do you often feel like you can’t communicate with each other in your relationship, or do you feel like you can’t communicate with yourself?

Good communication is not only to understand your behavior from the perspective of others, but also to learn to express your feelings.

The other is to learn empathy. Compassion can be equal. Sincere and deep communication can make each other feel each other’s internal thoughts and feelings, and make the relationship between the two countries more stable and harmonious.

So how to realize empathy?

What to text him when he disappears? 01. emotional recognition

This is to feel the emotions of the other party by observing facial expressions, expressions and behaviors, and find the right direction of communication.

For example, the other side is relatively low in mood, you constantly joke, try to create a relaxed and pleasant communication environment, it will only be counterproductive.

What to text him when he disappears? 02. emotional understanding

For example, at the moment the other party is angry and if you want to communicate well with him, you must accept his anger.

You just need to say, “I know you’re angry now, and I know how you get angry.”.

At this point, the hostility of the other party to you has been reduced by half. No matter who you talk to later, at least at the beginning, he will feel you are sincere and willing to communicate with you.

Love beauty is human nature, and naturally like to pursue beautiful things.

What to text him when he disappears? Many people think that if you really love someone, you should look at her connotation, not her appearance.

But if you think about it carefully, it’s impossible to find out at a glance. Who looks sloppy, who will want to understand her inner.

What to text a guy who disappeared? Remember, when you are combined, what he likes is you now, and you are new after change.

Therefore, don’t have to have your own bottom line as in love, but when he crosses the bottom line, he must resist and let him understand that respect is mutual.

What to text a guy who disappeared? In addition, don’t give up the current state of life for him. During the period of time you cut off contact with him, your hobbies and friends you meet will not come back because of him.

What to text him if he disappears? Just take back the time and energy allocated to these things. You have to forget to reconcile with him to make him aware that your attention to him is still limited.

In other words, you have to have a life circle other than him, only in this way can your useless and high value be guaranteed continuously.

He will always be interested in you.

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