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How Tell Him How You Feel And Connect To His Heart

Tell him how you feel and connect to his heart

After falling in love with a person, you want to show your emotions to each other. Think about the other side and their common experience of so many people, there is love, but also moved, but also sad. So when you calm down, you also want to write the most real words to your boyfriend, how to tell your feelings. When two people get along with each other, that person tolerates all your temper and all your shortcomings for love. Your inner thoughts will be very moved and you will love this person more and more.

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When you two have emotional conflicts, you still want to let each other know all your thoughts. The kind of real words written to a boyfriend are very important in choosing topics and wording. Well written, he can empathize with you. If you don’t write well, you will deviate from what you want to express. Therefore, girls still need to be able to speak properly, so boys will like you more and more.

1The truest words for your boyfriend

Tell him how you feel and connect to his heart 01.

I can always recall the things you did for me, including rainy days, when I came to drink brown sugar water, you braved the rain to buy it for me. Think are very moved to see you come back to drench like a drowned chicken, I have been to you wipe, and you love to hold my hand. Thinking of all this, I can’t help but to see that you have a heart that loves me.

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Tell him how you feel and connect to his heart 02.

I once believed that the world is withered, but when I met you, I found that love really lasts forever. Think about how much you take care of me in life. My heart is very happy, with your company, you stay by my side. Isn’t life like this? Having a person who loves himself is my ultimate pursuit.

2Warm words to my boyfriend

Tell him how you feel and connect to his heart 01.

When you were chasing me, there were so many excellent girls around, but you chose an ordinary me. You said that I would accompany you all my life, and let me forget the pain brought by the years. No matter what I experience, you will accompany me to the end. It’s very warm to think about these.

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Tell him how you feel and connect to his heart 02.

Holding your hand, I want to go forever with you, no matter wind or rain. This is my initial idea. After so many experiences, I still didn’t let go of your hand, proving that we are also predestined friends. I am very happy to meet you in my life and live with you so well.

Scenes of love will flash in front of your eyes from time to time. Love for a long time, also need to say some real words with each other, so that person will feel you love yourself more and more, two people’s feelings will be better and better.

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The oath of love is likely to make you feel powerless, but the two people who really love each other still need to use sweet words to maintain, coupled with action, this kind of love is more reliable. I believe in the above article, the most true words for my boyfriend. After you have read it carefully, it is not easy for you to feel that you can hold a person’s hand no matter whether it is night or day. When communicating with each other, you still need to know how much the other party has paid. All that the person has done for you is because of love.

Think about how difficult it is to meet a person who is so indifferent to gain and loss in the vast sea of people. True love can let two people into the palace of marriage, but during this period you need to experience too much, we must work together. To be the one who perseveres in the battle of love, so that two people can be happy forever.

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