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What are the signs a married man is pursuing you? 10 signs you can observe

What are the signs a married man is pursuing you? In fact, when facing the pursuit of boys, girls are very happy, but because they don’t know if the other party is sincere, girls usually dare not agree to be with each other. Today, Xiaobian tells you that boys are sincere in chasing you. Girls must remember it!

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10 signs a married man is pursuing you

1. Signs a married man is pursuing you He will spend his spare time on you

If this person spends the rest of his spare time on you except for busy work or accidents, you should understand that this person treats you sincerely. As long as he has time, he hopes to spend it on getting along with you. Most of such pursuits are sincere.

2. Signs a married man is pursuing you Your greetings and chats have become his daily routine

“Good morning!” What are you doing “Good night, are you asleep?” What a dream It’s daily. I want to say hello every day. If a man does not greet him every day, he will feel uneasy. Do ordinary friends do these things every day?

3. Signs a married man is pursuing you He will study your hobbies

If you are a girl who likes to update social trends and show others her life and hobbies, then a qualified pursuer should know what kind of things you like.

He can book your favorite restaurants, including the movies you like to watch, before you make an appointment, instead of asking what you like to eat or taking you to a place you are not interested in.

4. Signs a married man is pursuing you His eyes are always on you

Eyes are the most deceptive, if boys really like you, then look at your eyes will be different. Maybe boys will appreciate beauty, but as long as you are together, his eyes will always inadvertently shift to you.

5. Signs a married man is pursuing you He’ll be in a hurry if you don’t show up

If the other party is not around you, doesn’t know where you are going, sends a message to you, can’t reply in time, and can’t find you on the phone, at this time, the other party’s heart is very anxious, and runs to your work or rental place to find you directly, it shows that such a person is also sincere to you.

6. Signs a married man is pursuing you He’ll talk to you all the time

If a boy likes a girl, he will think of her all the time and hope to talk to her. Boys usually tease girls. Maybe they take the initiative to talk to you when they are bored. When they chase you, they talk to you every day and get back to you every second.

Of course, we can’t rule out that some boys will spread the net, so don’t feel that a boy is chasing himself just because he takes the initiative to chat.

7. Signs a married man is pursuing you He’ll give you a gift and he’ll give it to you with all his heart

First of all, a man’s gift to a woman is usually not given by an ordinary friend.

Secondly, the gifts that men choose are absolutely attentive, not ordinary, such as hand-made gifts, or things you want but don’t have, or flowers, accessories, etc.

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8. Signs a married man is pursuing you He will put what you send in his sight, even though he doesn’t like dolls

Man has such performance, it is obvious that he really loves you. Everyone will keep what they cherish, especially women.

When she receives the flower she likes, she will put it in the vase until it withers. Then she will pick a few petals and put them in the book for collection, and then she will reluctantly throw them away, because you cherish this gift just like you cherish this man.

In the same way, if a man throws or even loses your carefully prepared gift, it only means that the man doesn’t care about you so much.

9. Signs a married man is pursuing you He will be annoyed after losing his temper with you

Man has such performance, it is obvious that he really loves you. When a man falls in love with a woman, you will find that his IQ is lower than that of a woman in love. You will find that he is just like a child. If you don’t contact him one day, he will rush all over the world to find you.

If you get closer to others, they will be very anxious to get stuck among you. This is the performance of a man jealous, but also the performance of true love.

10. Signs a married man is pursuing you He likes to make physical contact with you

Man has such performance, it is obvious that he really loves you. According to the survey of many men, if they like a person, they can’t control their desire to touch each other, because they want to feel each other through physical contact, which is not entirely sexual.

When there is a boy around you who likes to be close to you or do physical contact, if you have the same feeling to him, then dear you, please don’t be stingy to give him a little response.

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