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14 Romeo Love Quotes For You

What are the romeo love quotes, and romeo and juliet love quotes? Here are romeo and juliet romantic quotes, romeo and juliet shakespeare love quotes you can read. You can share this to your love.

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14 Romeo love quotes

1. Romeo love quotes: many days in the morning, someone once saw him there, spilling tears for the morning dew, and sighing into the clouds in the sky; But as soon as the sun, which inspired all living beings, began to lift the gray and black curtain on the bed of the goddess of dawn in the eastern sky, my son with a heavy heart fled the light and slipped back home; A man closed the door and hid in the room, closed the window, locked the sunshine outside, creating an artificial night for himself.

2. Romeo love quotes: ah, noisy love, warm resentment! Ah, everything out of nothing! Ah, heavy frivolity, serious arrogance, neat chaos, lead feathers, bright smoke, cold flame, haggard health, eternal sleep, negative existence! I feel that love is such a thing, but I don’t like it.

3. Romeo love quotes: love is a puff of smoke from sighing; There is its purified Mars in the eyes of lovers; Lover’s tears are the waves it stirs.

4. Romeo love quotes: she is the steady mother of the elves; Her finger was the size of an agate on the magistrate’s finger; A few fine horses, the size of ants, hauled her carts over the noses of the sleeping people. Her carts were made of the long feet of spiders; The canopy is the wing of a grasshopper; The cable is small spider silk, strong with moonlight like water; Horsewhip is the bone of cricket; The rope is the gossamer of the sky. It was a small mosquito who set up the car for her. His size was not half as big as the lazy one picked out by the fingertips of a greedy lazy girl. Romeo love quotes: her car was made for her by wild silkworm with an empty shell of hazelnut. Since ancient times, they have been the craftsmen of spirit gate.

5. Romeo love quotes: if you really love me, please tell me sincerely; If you think I’m too easy to surrender, I’ll also pile up angry looks, pretend to be stubborn, and refuse your kindness, so that you can ask me politely, otherwise I won’t refuse you anyway.

6. Romeo love quotes: don’t swear by the moon, it is changeable, and every month has its profit and loss; If you swear by it, maybe your love will be as impermanent as it is.

7. Romeo love quotes: but I am like a naughty girl, like a prisoner, let her beloved bird jump out of her palm for a while, and pull it back with a silk thread. The selfishness of love makes her unwilling to give it freedom.

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8. Romeo love quotes: in order to add a little bitter taste for tasteless love, how much salt water has been wasted.

9. Romeo love quotes: the messenger of love should be thought, for it is ten times faster than the sunlight that dispels the shadow on the hillside; So Venus’ cloud car is driven by pigeons, so Cupid, flying in the wind, has wings.

10. Romeo love quotes: rich thought does not lie in the richness of speech; Only a beggar can count his possessions.

11. Romeo love quotes: let them wash his wound with tears. My tears are to be kept for the exile of Romeo.

12. Romeo love quotes: it’s torture, not grace. Where Juliet is, it’s heaven; Every cat, every dog, every little mouse here lives in heaven and can see her face, but Romeo can’t see her. Filthy flies can touch the bright hands of dear Juliet and steal happiness from heaven from her lips. Those two lips are so pure and chaste that they always feel ashamed. It seems that their own kiss is also a crime; Flies can do this, but I have to fly away. They are free men, but I am an exile.

13. Romeo love quotes: it’s already light, it’s already light; Let’s go, let’s go! It was the skylark in the sky that sang so harshly, hissing with harsh noises and obnoxious sharp sounds. Some people say that Skylark can produce a variety of sweet songs, this sentence is not right, because it only makes us separate from each other; It is said that Skylark once exchanged eyes with ugly toad, ah! I wish they had exchanged voices, for that voice made me leave your arms and hasten your departure with a wake-up morning song! Now you go; It’s getting brighter and brighter.

14. Romeo love quotes: when the sun goes down to the west, the sky is misty; But when my nephew died, it rained cats and dogs to bury him. Yes? Is the sprinkler installed, kid? Hasn’t the rain stopped yet? There are boats, seas and winds in your little body; Because your eyes are the sea, where tears always rise and fall; Your body is a ship, sailing on it; Your sigh is the wind on the earth; You are the body can not withstand the wind and waves, back in the turbulent wind and waves in the cover.

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