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Embodiment Of Rights: Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships

The topic of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships has always been unchanging. In many literary and artistic works, it is a fantastic story, but in reality it has always been at the center of the whirlpool of public opinion.

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For Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships, people have two views. The vast majority of netizens believe that “freedom of marriage and love” is the most legitimate appeal of everyone, and we must not interfere with the freedom of love between Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships. However, there is also a small group of people who believe that “Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships” are not suitable in terms of age gap, role positioning, social equity, etc. among Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships.


Today, when sexual harassment incidents on campus are repeatedly prohibited, we might as well continue to talk about this topic: Why do we oppose Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships?


First of all, we must make it clear that Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships is not about freedom, but about power.

1. Disadvantages of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships-Moral Tradition

Due to tradition, teachers have long been fixed on the status of elders, so if the news of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships comes again, it will definitely be discussed, because the Internet has exploded in recent years. The news that comes out is quite changeable, so the couples of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships still have to bear a heavier entertainment pressure.


2. Disadvantages of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships-Unable to be fair

Because of the public opinion in society, Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships is not illegal, but it also makes it impossible to be fair. Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships is estimated to be sneaky every time you go for a date and walk, and you cant enjoy the benefits of other couples. In places or places where no one knows you, if the Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships news is opened, the reputation of the school will be damaged. Teachers are likely to be suspended, and students will also be put under various pressures and eventually drop out of school, so in the period of love Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships, the pressure of couples is very large


3. Disadvantages of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships-easy to trade

This is most likely to happen in colleges and universities. Generally speaking, Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships are male teachers and female students. For example, there are ambiguous behaviors between a pair of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships. Even if the students dont work hard, the teacher will be similar. Asking her to drop off, or if you accompany me on a date, I wont let you get a scholarship. Its really hard to tell whether Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships are true love or just trading behavior. Maybe only the person knows it.


4. Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships-Students tend to be passive

Couples are absolutely equal, but before Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships, there was a special relationship there. It is difficult to rule out the traditional concept that teachers are the elders. Therefore, in the process of daily relationship and dating, girls tend to be passive. .

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5. Disadvantages of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships-the age gap

There is generally a certain age difference between students and teachers, so teachers will definitely be spurned by society when they fall in love with students, especially middle school students, which not only affect their learning but also are very bad in nature. After all, teachers are role models. I used to have someone in the village. The girl fell in love with the teacher in the third grade. Her teachers wife was gone many years ago. There was a daughter. The age gap between that girl and the teacher was quite large, but in the end the girl still married her teacher. It just turned against his parents. I didn’t go to high school either. Every time the teacher went to the girl’s house, her parents left the son-in-law there. The editor thinks that Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships shouldn’t be true. But if the Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships in universities are similar in age and love each other and they are single, it doesn’t seem to matter much.


In other words, the so-called prohibition of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships is not the right to fall in love, but the power of teachers that overlap with the intimate relationship of love. As a powerful party, it is not new for a small number of teachers to sexually harass, suggest, or even force their students to have sex:


If it is said that these teachers use “physical strength” more for the sexual harassment of primary and middle school students, then in universities, they use “job convenience” more. In a seductive way and implying the consequences of the violation, a score is often enough to make students obedient:


In July 2012, in the physical examination of a university in Hunan, a male invigilator forced multiple female students to expose their private parts to take the test, and forced them to take the test naked, otherwise the test scores would be scored as zero;


In August 2015, a netizen posted a report on the forum that the director of the Student Department of Anhui Chaohu College was overwhelmed and used his graduation certificate to coerce and lure female students into improper relationships. If you dont do so, you will not want to graduate… Such Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships There are countless news, and it has gradually evolved into a social ethos. A small number of students, who are hungry for power, not only do not resist, but even want to take the initiative to maintain a romantic relationship with the teacher, so as to get some “special attention.” Therefore, it is difficult for people with unequal power to exist in a relationship between the two sexes that the two sides really agree on. Many times, they practice “sexual harassment” under the name “Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships”.


Secondly, this is not fair to other students, because teachers caught in “Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships” are unlikely to be treated equally.


When we were students, we often heard people around us complaining that the teacher XX had a special preference for XX students in the class. He always praised him/ always asked him questions/ even had meals together. It can be seen that many students are very biased towards teachers. Sensitive and disgusting. Once this kind of “eccentricity” is protected by “true love,” it becomes even more unscrupulous. The so-called principle of “avoidance of interests” on campus actually means that if teachers and students have Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships, it may affect the academic evaluation and honor evaluation of students. This is obviously unfair to other students and creates conflicts among students. Inequality.


Finally, allowing this Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships behavior may not be beneficial to the teacher, because it may be accused of sexual harassment because of a relationship breakdown.


Even if the Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships were originally “consensual”, once emotional entanglement occurs, and the face is torn for some reason, then the teacher is absolutely weak in public opinion. Students may sue teachers for retaliatory purposes, and fierce public opinion can even bring devastating disasters to teachers’ careers. According to statistics from the California Teachers Association, from 1992 to 1998, there were 34 cases in California where students falsely reported teacher sexual harassment because of a relationship with a teacher.


From this point of view, “Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships” should be explicitly prohibited, whether it is for the protection of students or the maintenance of educational fairness. The prohibition of Appropriate Teacher Student Relationships is to add a line of defense to power and remind people who are teachers: Do not disturb students who have no power to resist and reject you in the name of love.


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