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Relationship Riddles: 8 Myths Of Intimacy

Relationship Riddles: Eight myths of intimacy, torturing yourself can grow.

We all have some love relationship riddles or family relations riddles. These are stupid but funny relationship riddles. Many people don’t know the true answers.

Today we talk about 8 riddles about relationships, which can even be said to be wrong concepts. 

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Relationship Riddles: 8 Myths Of Intimacy

Relationship Riddles: Eight myths of intimacy, torturing yourself can grow.

We all have some love relationship riddles or family relations riddles. These are stupid but funny relationship riddles. Many people don’t know the true answers.

Today we talk about 8 riddles about relationships, which can even be said to be wrong concepts. Many people use them as their reference, but they don’t know that they were wrong at the beginning of a marriage. There are some relationship riddles with answers for you.

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Relationship Riddles
Myth 1: You must find the right person

No person in this world will give you infinite power as soon as you meet. Only through the continuous efforts of your two hearts can you reach such a realm. In space, even if you don’t speak, you are not embarrassed; in a matter, there is no contradiction even if there is a difference; in a time, even if you are not in the same space, you will not feel that there is a distance. It’s the result of countless attempts and hard work. Marrying is the same as anyone. In the end, you still need to face yourself. The other person is just a reflection of your ability to love yourself. When you improve, your current marriage is the best.

Relationship Riddles
Myth 2: The next he/she will be completely different

Psychologist Jung made important discoveries when explaining our human collective unconsciousness. The partner we choose is usually the kind of person we want to admire or want to be, at least some kind of you need shines in the other person’s body. The light (including the money, knowledge, and body you desire), and when all this is facing collapse, do you also call him/her a bastard?

If your marriage is in danger of divorce, turn around and face yourself: What is wrong with you? Why didn’t you become right?

If you can’t recognize your right and wrong, you also can’t face the next person, you can only get more lost from the freshness. Divorce and changing partners are not the solutions to the problem. It just delays the problem. The change may bring a momentary sense of freshness and ease, but what you get rid of is only the inducement of the problem, not the problem itself.

Relationship Riddles
Myth 3: This marriage must be saved

To save yourself is to save the marriage.

Don’t try to save the world and save others. Put aside all kinds of ways to save relationships, and take care of yourself first. When your life changes, marriage will naturally change. Marital status just reflects your attitude towards life. So the most real thing is to pay attention to yourself. Instead of endlessly pleasing each other, it is better to please yourself first.

Relationship Riddles
Myth 4: The responsibility lies with him/her

Every independent and responsible person should know that what happened in this period of the relationship between two people or even two families, neither party can get away from the relationship and responsibility. For your happiness, only you are responsible. Only by accepting yourself can you accept the love of the other side. The other party is not doing well, in fact, it is because you don’t value yourself.

Relationship Riddles
Myth 5: Need fresh stimulation

When your marriage seems empty and boring, you don’t need excitement, but courage. You need to have the courage to examine the existing track, get rid of the sense of ease and get out of the stagnant comfort zone, and take risks based on your inner needs. In this way, your life will immediately come alive without external stimulation.

Relationship Riddles
Myth 6: True love will eventually come

When you dream of true love, you are looking forward to a perfect partner to make up for your shortcomings. Because the perfect partner does not exist, the dream of true love will only add to you.

Relationship Riddles
Myth 7: Telling the truth hurts

Telling the truth does hurt, but it is also the only way to heal. Telling the truth is a turning point for getting out of the gloomy daily life and establishing a happy relationship. Keeping a secret may sound romantic, but it doesn’t apply in reality.

Psychological research has shown that two people in a social relationship can share some gossip or confess their unknown thoughts to each other, which will quickly bring the two people closer together. The same is true in marriage. The reality is cruel, the truth is naked, praise is needed, and confession is necessary.

Relationship Riddles
Myth 8: You have to follow him/her

Follow him/her, you do this because you are afraid of confrontation. Most marriages do not die from a fierce battle between two people but become weak and rigid in retreat. Say “no” at the right time, which is essential for marriage.

Tolerance and concession are very beautiful qualities in marriage.

Occasionally confrontation is a double-edged sword. After a storm, there will be two scenes. This is the art of confrontation. A marriage without confrontation is believed to be like an eternally peaceful sea. Do you think it is possible?

If all dissatisfaction is concealed under the cloak of harmony, one has to suppress oneself. Only those who are good at venting negative emotions know how to enjoy comfort and vitality.

Relationship Riddles

The core of these 8 Relationship Riddles is to “pay attention to yourself“, that is, to pay attention to your inner self, spirit, and feelings. Sometimes when your actions and statements are torturing others, why not turn back to torture yourself. Inner growth will allow you to see a bigger world.

How do you get a happy life? When a person is in love, his eyes are glaring, and he can’t see what will happen many years later. It’s important to find someone who wants to live with you, someone who can forgive your mistakes. You should also be willing to forgive him and don’t dream of turning a monster into a prince. His shortcomings will not be changed. If you fall in love with him, he is a monster, and he will be a monster for the rest of his life. Love has little power. But the power of love is not small.

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