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Relationship Respect Quotes From Intimacy

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Relationship respect quotes 01. “It’s almost impossible to be human without the trouble of intimacy.”

Relationship respect quotes 02. “Your intimate relationship partner is to help you know yourself better, heal your wounds, and finally find your true self. Therefore, intimate relationship is the bridge to our soul.”

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Relationship respect quotes 03. “Teacher K divides the process of intimacy into the following stages: brilliance, disillusionment, introspection and enlightenment.”

“Of course, there can’t be anyone in the world who can meet all your needs and fill the gaps you’ve had since you were a child.”

“To find a sincere and eternal intimate relationship is to find yourself.”

“Because there are always problems in life, and we are so forgetful that we often forget that wisdom and wisdom are within our reach.”

“When you set out to find true love, you embark on the journey of self pursuit.”

“Intimacy is a journey to the truth of life.”

Relationship respect quotes 04. “In terms of humanity, we tend to protect the most vulnerable part of ourselves. However, this is also the main cause of relationship conflict.”

Relationship respect quotes 05. “Absolute love is unconditional.”

Relationship respect quotes 06. “Like a brave knight looking for the Holy Grail, we hope to get something from our intimate relationship that can satisfy our physical, mental and spiritual desires.”

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Relationship respect quotes 07. “It’s like groping in the dark. Without the guidance of a map, compass or flashlight, we only vaguely feel that something is calling us, but we often give up because of pain, frustration, boredom, confusion or doubt.”

Relationship respect quotes 08. “Sometimes things that are beautiful at first become ugly at last.”

Relationship respect quotes 09. “Although their intimate relationship has experienced many difficulties or crises, the advantages of the other half actually outweigh the disadvantages. It’s just that they forget the reason why they were attracted to their partner at the beginning and only pay attention to the bad things about each other. “

Relationship respect quotes 10. “Fall in love, who is not love at first sight?”

——Christopher Marlow

Relationship respect quotes 11. “No matter how many times we have been burned, we are still attracted by the fire of passion.”

Relationship respect quotes 12. “I believe that fear and ignorance are the two major causes of the so-called” failure of intimacy. “

Relationship respect quotes 13. “Once people fall in love, they will inevitably have too high expectations, and eventually fall into the abyss of disillusionment.”

Relationship respect quotes 14. “The real motivation behind starting and maintaining a close relationship is actually demand“

Relationship respect quotes 15. “Most of our childhood behaviors are based on the sense of belonging and the need to be valued.”

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Relationship self respect quotes 16. “The road to hell is paved with expectation.”

”Hope is the road to hell. Because expectation keeps out feelings of love like acceptance and freedom. “

“If we have high expectations of the ability of others to please us, then disappointment will be inevitable.”

——Christopher Meng

Relationship self respect quotes 17. “A formula I saw many years ago has been repeatedly verified in my work and life, that is: expectation = predecessor of resentment. In other words, expectations eventually turn into resentment. “

Relationship self respect quotes 18. “Understanding your expectations and the needs behind them is an acquired skill.”

Relationship self respect quotes 19. “Imagination brings possibility, and possibility determines what we can see. In other words, what can be imagined can be realized! “

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Relationship self respect quotes 20. “Disillusionment” is a word that often gives people a negative impression and reminds people of feelings of anger, despair and even betrayal. In fact, the meaning of the word is – no longer confused by illusions. “

Relationship self respect quotes 21. “Human beings respect and long for the truth. If we can’t get rid of the illusion, we can’t see the truth, then we are like prisoners who are imprisoned and never get real peace and satisfaction. “

Relationship self respect quotes 22. “Once the magic of the beginning of love disappears, you have to face the moment of disillusionment.”

Relationship self respect quotes 23. “Although unpleasant experiences are inevitable, humans struggle to dodge or procrastinate.”

Relationship self respect quotes 24. “We’d rather quarrel than face a wound because it’s easier to be angry than to suffer heartbreak.”

Relationship self respect quotes 25. “Every choice has its consequences. Unfortunately, sometimes you forget your choice and the consequences emerge. “

——Christopher Meng

Relationship self respect quotes 26. “It’s not so easy to understand, accept or forgive, after all. Anger is much easier than anger.”

Relationship self respect quotes 27. “I really can’t understand why we think that anger can solve things.”

Relationship self respect quotes 28. “On the surface, it seems that the two sides in the dispute often take opposite positions. But in fact, all disputes originate from the common pain of both sides. “

Relationship self respect quotes 29. “Unfortunately, it’s always easier to protect yourself with anger than with pain.”

Relationship self respect quotes 30. “Later, I realized that what we said during the quarrel had little to do with the matter. We just used words to hurt people and found a logical excuse for our actions.”

Quotes about self respect in relationships 31. “My personal experience tells me that no matter how much pain, as long as I focus on it, I can effectively alleviate the pain and turn it into a positive feeling.”

Quotes about self respect in relationships 32. “Love will find a way out.”


Quotes about self respect in relationships 33. “In my experience, pain is only one step away from the growth of consciousness and consciousness. If I’m not ready to take that step, to face pain and learn from it, then I’ll choose to resist it and bury it in my subconscious. But if we don’t take that step, the pain will always exist and will not disappear. “

Quotes about self respect in relationships 34. “Obedience is to cover up the truth of rejection in a tolerant way.”

Quotes about self respect in relationships 35. “No matter how much we are beaten, the physical pain is always less than the psychological pain.”

Quotes about self respect in relationships 36. “Only unhappy and injured people attack others.”

Quotes about self respect in relationships 37. “If you can’t admit that these ugly things are part of you, you can’t love them because you can’t love things that have nothing to do with you.”

Quotes about self respect in relationships 38. “Your heart will tell right from wrong and guide you to know who you really are.”

Quotes about self respect in relationships 39. “It’s like the craftsman can make a pot with enough strength after the test of the fire; After the psychological test of doubt, your soul can make you become a strong person

Quotes about self respect in relationships 40. “It’s not what you do that matters, it’s who you are.”

You never need to find, chase, or win love, because love doesn’t hide, doesn’t run away, and doesn’t ask for any price. As long as you leave a space for it in your heart, love will naturally pour into your heart.

People who often fall will know more about the earth.

Let love take root in your life,

Good things happen.

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