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30 Sad Relationship Option Quotes That Sound Sad

1. Relationship option quotes-If you really say the guilt in my heart, I’m afraid you think I’m worthless, but if you don’t say it, you feel that you’re worthless.

2. Quotes about options in relationships-People who really like them cant be friends, even if they look at them a few more times, they still want to have them. I never gave up loving you, just changed from strong to silent.

3. Option relationship quotes-Later I got used to a person’s life, I am used to no longer showing sadness, I am used to no longer telling my thoughts, and I am also used to you no longer loving me.

4. Relationship option quotes-Past events always appear in front of you one by one, sweet and painful. The smell remaining in the air is always so intoxicating and unable to extricate itself.

5. Relationship option quotes-The biggest regret in life is not to miss the best people, but when you meet better people, you have used up the best of yourself.

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6. Relationship option quotes-Life is like a dance. The person who taught you the first dance may not be able to accompany you to the end.

7. Relationship option quotes-I have longed to be collected by others in my life, properly placed and carefully preserved. Lest I be shocked, lest I suffer, lest I be displaced, lest I have nothing to rely on. But that person, I know, I always know, he will never come.

8. Relationship option quotes-The cruelest thing in the world is not when you dont meet the one you love, but when you meet and miss it. The saddest thing in the world is not that the person you love doesnt love you, but that he loves you. After you, but in the end did not love you. we loved before, it hurts when think about it.

9. Relationship option quotes-I am finally drifting, there is no harbor or heading, but I am always chasing waves, waves of irony, I dont know what reason is there to keep me alive, and what else can I pursue .

10. Relationship option quotes-even if it is drunk, it is also a kind of memory, because you can never forget anything.

11. Relationship option quotes-The most difficult part of the relationship is probably that you and I are beloved, I have never done anything that hurts the world, and you have never crossed the chasm to do something sorry for me. Its just that fate can’t make you or me. .

12. Relationship option quotes-Pursuing and longing leads to happiness, but also frustration and disappointment. After frustration and disappointment, we learned to cherish. If you have not been loved by others, you will cherish the person who loves you in the future.

13. Relationship option quotes-Waiting for the rise and fall of the sun, watching the tears go missing, the pain of the heart, the feeling of dreams, knowing that the label of no destiny has accumulated destined locks.

14. Relationship option quotes-Sadness is an expression of true feelings and a catharsis of natural emotions. Sad, thoughtful, awakened, and growing. Without sadness, a complete life cannot be constructed.

15. Relationship option quotes-Some people quarrel with you every day, but they wake up and love you again. Some people did not even quarrel, but they have disappeared in the crowd. It turns out that indifference is more terrifying than quarrel.

16. Relationship option quotes-You have been here for a while, but I will miss it for a lifetime. Don’t think that he will not leave you if he loves you. He will leave under your repeated injury, because you don’t know how to cherish it, and it’s not worth his love. You have to know how to cherish to be able to understand love.

17. Relationship option quotes-In the world of love, some people love, some hurt, some hate, and some peoples love is just a memory from the beginning. Therefore, there are always people who say that if they can start again, that would be great.

18. Relationship option quotes-The so-called maturity is that you have to get used to anyone’s hot and cold, and you have to look down on anyone’s gradual departure.

19. Relationship option quotes-A trivial wish. Only when disappointed do you know how much hope and hope is hidden.

20. Relationship option quotes-What life has done to us, dare not try again, dare not love again, dare not explore any more, you think that is maturity, I think that is dead.

21. Relationship option quotes-loneliness and watch, hiding the blessings of life, hiding the last dream, if you don’t get used to it, you give up, can’t let go, learned to cry, life is so difficult, and dealing with things is so wronged.

22. Relationship option quotes-Don’t miss me when we break up, just treat it as a dream. After all, we are not our respective harbors, we are just passing by.

23. Relationship option quotes-No one wants to give up, not because they don’t like it or because they don’t love anymore, but because they have accumulated enough disappointment and consumed all the care and admiration a little bit.

24. Relationship option quotes-If you like someone, dont like you. So even if people all over the world like you, they still feel very lonely.

25. Relationship option quotes-slowly learn that being kind to a person is not necessarily rewarding, and the people you ignore may often value you the most.

26. Relationship option quotes-It is the scenery, it is ruthless, it is love, it is the memory, it is also the miss of life, the last helplessness, the last indifference, a person’s heart, a person’s love, cold years, broken life, loneliness is also one Kind of injury.

27. Relationship option quotes-Those times with you are like a black hole, and I never come out after falling in.

28. Relationship option quotes-Don’t perform affectionate dramas in front of me. I, who have been hurt by you, have long been unbelieving.

29. Relationship option quotes-Love is unscrupulous, passionate, uncompromising and even blind, and therefore often leads to poignant endings.

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30. Relationship option quotes-I think of you when I am sad. I didn’t realize that my sadness was all because of you until you left.

31. Relationship option quotes-The spare tire is always a spare tire, but I am willing to be your spare tire. At least in your mind, I still have a spare tire. No deception, at least you did it on purpose.

32. Relationship option quotes-Good men are redundant tires, because too many women don’t understand the real good men before they lose them.

33.Relationship option quotes-It seems that it has never been a spare tire, but a jack used to replace the spare tire.

34. Relationship option quotes-No matter how deep the relationship is, they cannot be compared with fate.

35. Relationship option quotes-Love at first sight is too superficial, but as time goes by, love is real.

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