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Reciprocal Relationship: “Seesaw Principle”

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Reciprocal relationship

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What is a reciprocal relationship? One video can explain it.

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A few days ago, I saw a sitcom in a girl’s dormitory on the Internet,

A girl in blue got out of bed angrily and complained to the girl in red who was eating

“When you get up in the morning, you can’t be quiet. I can’t sleep because of the sound of washing and the vibration of your mobile phone.”

The girl in red put down her chopsticks, turned around, and answered calmly,

”If you ask me to be quiet, then you are still playing music at 11:30 p.m. and the light of your mobile phone is still on at 12:00 p.m. what time is it, and the bed board creaks. The three of us ask you one by one and ask you to be quiet. How do you reply? I get up in the morning. Have you ever thought about how we can’t sleep all night because of you? “

Now that the video is over, look at the comments below,

Most people say well, “what age are you still used to this kind of self willed and selfish girl”,

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Some people say, “the girl in red said something she hadn’t said for many years.”,

Others say, “why don’t we just step back from each other?”

Yes, let’s give way to each other?

But in real life, not all scenes can be developed according to our expectations.

Some people are domineering, some people will be wronged, some people are willing to help others, then naturally some people are not willing to give their own things to each other.

Come back to this small world and think of a question: what is a reciprocal relationship? If the girl in blue goes to bed earlier every day or turns down her voice to make the other person feel that you have made a change, when she expresses her dissatisfaction to her roommate, the roommate will also make appropriate concessions, so as not to make everyone feel embarrassed now, and this kind of contradiction is likely to continue to escalate.

Reciprocal relationship meaning? In fact, in real life, marriage, husband and wife get along with each other, office colleagues contact, and friends interact with each other. There are many similar contradictions. This is a principle of interpersonal communication that I want to talk about with you today, the relationship of seesaw reciprocity.

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So what is reciprocal relationship meaning?

Two people on the seesaw, pressing each other, will have the opportunity to rise, you come and I go, two people are happy to play, but if only one party is willing to press, then the game can only stop.

What is a reciprocal relationship? In short, mutual benefit.

In fact, the interaction between people is just like a seesaw. If one party has been unwilling to pay, and has been standing at the high end of what I have chosen, and does not let the people at the other end enjoy the happiness and enjoyment brought by the high end, the game will soon end, and everyone will fall flat, and the relationship will break.

Giving seems like sacrifice. In fact, if you give what others need, you can get something more valuable.

What is a reciprocal relationship? 1Help others, you will bring happiness

The origin of this principle is an experiment done by a university professor,

He randomly selected some people from a group of strangers and sent them Christmas cards.

He thought that only a few people would respond, but unexpectedly, the returned cards were sent back like snowflakes. Most of the people who returned the cards didn’t even ask who he was. After they received the blessing of the card, they took the initiative to return one.

This experiment, though small in scale, subtly demonstrates the role of reciprocity in people’s behavior.

Reciprocation in relationships? In real life, we always use the same way to repay others for what they have done for us.

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The interaction between people is like sitting on a seesaw. Anyone who cares, helps and is friendly is a mutual process. A person who never suffers losses and is unwilling to give in will not be happy even if he really gets a lot of benefits.

What is a reciprocal relationship? 2Mutual benefit will help you survive better

Two starving people trudging on the road got the gift of God: a fishing rod and a basket of fresh fish.

One gets the fish, and the other enjoys the fresh fish. When the rewards are distributed, they lift the cans separately.

People who get the fresh fish can’t wait to cook the fish. After eating, they continue to go on the road, but there is no food left, and finally they starve to death on the roadside.

The man who gets the fishing rod goes to the seaside. But the sky was high and the road was far away. Because there was no food to satisfy his hunger, he finally fell on the road.

After a few years, two more people set foot on the journey again. Similarly, they also got God’s gift: fishing rod and fresh fish.

The two did not break up because of the distribution of interests. Instead, they decided to look for the sea together.

On the way, they decided to eat only one fish at a time. After eating the last fish, the blue sea finally appeared. They flew to the sea, caught their first fish with fishing rod, and lived a rich life with the sea.

People who don’t know how to share are always accompanied by shortsightedness. It’s a long way to go. If you only see the sesame in front of you, you will lose the watermelon in the future. It’s the most important stupidity to divide up for profit.

Only by choosing a good partner and knowing how to share with others can we go further on the long road of life. What is a reciprocal relationship? It is an indispensable art for us to get along with colleagues, friends, husband and wife.

Now do you understand the relationship between seesaw reciprocity?

You might as well think about what principles are applicable in your life, which bring you good memories and contacts, and what are you violating this principle, which bring trouble to your life instead?

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