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4 Reasons: Why Guys Don’t Text Back For Days

Why guys don’t text back for days?

Girls get sad when the guy they like keeps not returning your messages. They also don’t know why boys don’t return their messages.





Why guys don’t text back for days? In fact, the person you care about, not necessarily also care about you. So you want the person you care about to become active to you, you have to learn to tease him. When he was moved by you and became interested in you, that will certainly be active to you.

The interest is generated from curiosity. We talk about two kinds, one is called pastime curiosity, one is called perceptual curiosity.

Pastime curiosity is manifested as an endless love of the old and new, as if you use the novelty to stimulate a person, he kind of called pastime curiosity.

Why guys don’t text back for days? Many girls go on a date with the man to talk very well, two people talk, the man is particularly interested in her career, the kind of people she met, the company she is particularly interested in, this is a kind of pastime curiosity, so that he feels he can get along with her in the two hours, can be spent calmly, to meet some of his pastime curiosity.



Why guys don’t text back for days? Another kind of curiosity is called perceptual curiosity, what is perceptual curiosity? When something makes us feel surprised or something does not meet our perception, this I do not know, we will have this curiosity.

What is the manifestation of this is that the man feels as if you talk to him, feel as if you have a story in you, and then he will want to know what that story is. Then he will ask you, and you, you squeeze toothpaste like tell him a little, step by step hooked people to go forward.

Why guys don’t text back for days? If we want a man to be interested in you, to explore you, then we must let him generate this perceptual curiosity, only this perceptual curiosity can let him explore you.

The first step in flirting is to generate perceptual curiosity and then attract him to produce further action, slowly strengthening his interest in you until finally he is willing to take the initiative to request an intimate relationship with you, that is, to confess his love for you.



Why guys don’t text back for days?

What are the chatting minefields that we should avoid?


1. Checking the post type chat

Why guys don’t text back for days? Some girls, who have not yet formalized their relationship with the boy, start to present themselves as girlfriends, regularly chatting with the boy in a check-up style tone, so that the boy is instantly not yet with her it began to fear up, and then to her away.

A lot of students will be curious about what kind of chat is a check-up chat? I’ll give you an example, you’ll quickly understand.

The boy went out to play with his friends at night and did not chat with the girl as usual, and then the following conversation occurred.


Girl: What are you doing?

Boy: playing outside with friends

Girl: Where did you go to play ah?

Boy: A friend’s birthday, we have a meal together, sing a song

Girl: Oh, with whom ah? Who was there? Are there any girls?

Male student: ……

You know, originally, the continuity of asking questions will make people feel oppressed and less interested in talking to you. And questions that usurp your identity can even make guys fearful of your future relationship.

You think you two are not officially together yet, you check the post check so strictly, then if they really are together, then there is freedom to speak?

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2. Questioning

Why guys don’t text back for days? The first thing you need to do is to ask why, for learning is a worthwhile spirit, but if placed in the chat with the opposite sex, it will seem particularly offensive.


For example, a boy did not return the girl’s message in time, the girl asked the boy.

Why are you ignoring me?

What are you doing? Why is it so late to return my message?

For this kind of up on the boy all kinds of questioning girls, I really want to say a: you are not the boss, why people on call?

Why guys don’t text back for days? People have their own things, who will not serve you 24 hours a day to chat with you, and you such a tone of voice that people owe you 8 million, how he may chat with you.

Don’t say you are not a couple now, even if you already are, the other party will also feel uncomfortable because of this questioning from you.


3. Talking to yourself

Why guys don’t text back for days? Some girls in order to show their “knowledgeable”, in chatting with the boys at length. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The girl, ah, stop immersing yourself in the world.

If the other party does not show great interest and participation in your topic, but occasionally polite and brief “cope” with you. Then you have to stop in time ah!

Although you want to make boys like you, you must show your charm to produce attraction to boys, but the right medicine to have the cure ah! Just like a cat likes to eat fish, but you have to give it a bone, then it will certainly have no interest.


4. Boring opening

Why guys don’t text back for days? A lot of girls, as soon as they find a guy to talk to, are “What are you doing?” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. The regular way of greeting every day in addition to “good morning” is “good night”.

I want to say that you are so boring chat mode, day after day with the boys chat, even if the boys do not bother you, you will feel bored yourself.

Why guys don’t text back for days? You have to know how to find a topic to chat, you have to know how to start interesting. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of people who are interested in talking to you. On the contrary, it will only make the boy feel that you are a boring person and classify you as safe!

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