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What Positive Affirmations For Relationships

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Positive affirmations for relationships

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Marx once said that human nature is the sum of all social relations.

In life, we have to face all kinds of interpersonal relationships: estranged spouse, nosy relatives, picky leaders, sarcastic colleagues, tense and hostile neighbors, and more and more friends.

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What positive affirmations for relationships? 1. Classification of interpersonal relationship

Affirmations for healthy relationships: There are three kinds of interpersonal relationships: encounter, choice and inheritance

Positive affirmations for relationships 01.

Inheritance relationship: we can’t choose the relationship, so we can only inherit, such as the family members who grew up with us;

Positive affirmations for relationships 02.

Selective relationship: when we choose a friend or an organization (such as a school, a company or a community), the relationship arises;

Positive affirmations for relationships 03.

Casual relationship: people who pass by, such as strangers in the community, colleagues who have never met in work, etc.

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What positive affirmations for relationships? 2. The principle of dealing with the relationship: the priority should be divided, and the affinity should be different.

Positive affirmations for relationships 01.

Casual relationship: we just meet these people by chance, so we don’t have to worry about them. We spend the least energy on them;

Positive affirmations for relationships 02.

Selective relationship: in selective relationship, the closer the selective relationship is, the more worthy of our care. Such as best friend, best colleague;

Positive affirmations for relationships 03.

Succession: these people have no choice to participate in our lives, so they must spend the most energy. But sometimes if we don’t meet their expectations, they won’t let us have a good life. So there is a unique skill to deal with this kind of relationship: setting boundaries. Once they cross the line, we need to determine the right way to respond.

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Affirmations for healthy relationships: Once there was a woman who was very distressed because she didn’t know how to deal with the inheritance relationship after marriage. Since she got married, she spent less time with her mother. Because she needs to invest more energy to build a new relationship circle, but her mother’s lonely appearance makes her feel guilty.

At this time, she needs to design a boundary: tell her mother that the fund still loves her very much, but now that she is married, she needs to spend some time and energy to build a happy family. “I know that my mother has always wanted me to be happy, am I not on the road of building happiness?”.

Once the boundaries are set, intimacy can work well.

What positive affirmations for relationships? 3. The closer a relationship is, the more energy it takes to take care of it.

Positive affirmations for relationships 01,

Sense of security — the foundation of healthy interpersonal relationship

Affirmations for a healthy relationship: Everyone has the basic needs of security. In a interpersonal relationship, when the needs of security are met, everything is easy to do; When there is a lack of sense of security, everything is a challenge, which will make communication tense. Both sides are afraid to bring thorny issues to the table for discussion, because they are afraid that the other party will be angry, coldly fortify or leave. There is no sense of security in this relationship. The sense of security is the basis of the healthy operation of interpersonal relationship.

Whenever we start a new relationship, we will first judge whether the relationship is safe or not, and then take this judgment as the criterion for the future development of the relationship.

Positive affirmations for relationship insecurity: What is “security” in a relationship? When one person’s needs can be met by another person, and they are mutually satisfied, the relationship is safe.

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We all want the affirmation of others, someone will cherish us, someone who loves us deeply. If these needs are not met, they will always be there.

But if everyone wants to meet their own needs, then it is a demand model, and the relationship will become increasingly cold.

What we need to do is to meet the needs of others and help them establish the most basic sense of security from the heart. When their security needs are met, they will also be willing to do the same thing to repay us, so that this relationship can develop healthily.

Positive affirmations for relationships 02.

Listening — the key to solving interpersonal relationship

Affirmations for a healthy relationship: Advice almost never solves the problem. It’s listening that can solve the problem

Most people are careless when they listen to others, and some will use the other person’s words as a springboard to turn to what they want to say. for instance

The other party complained about the distress of management in the company. “At work, they never listen to me. It feels like they can’t see me.”

Answer: “yes, I have encountered such things, I remember once…”.

At this time, we are not listening, but talking about ourselves.

A true listener should answer like this: “well, what’s the matter with you when you say you’re ignored? What did they say or do to make you feel ignored? “

Listening is to understand their ideas from their point of view, not to try to solve their problems, but to stand on their side

Ask the other person to tell his story. When he says it, look him in the eye

Respond by summarizing other people’s words, and don’t add your own ideas.

You can practice listening to the people around you, put your plans on hold, and try to listen in order to understand each other

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