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Don’t Make Your Relationships Are Overrated

How do you think of the relationships are overrated or do you know the feeling of being in a relationship is overrated? There is a saying: If you go, I will not send you; You come, no matter how much wind and rain, I will go to meet you. This is the relationship between people. Cherish the people who are close to you and don’t entangle the people who are destined to leave. Some people are just “passers-by” who accompany you for a journey, while others are your “best friends” all your life. But we often regard “passers-by” as “confidants”; The chance encounter, as a person and you do not leave, the result of cold his heart.

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In relationships are overratedthe biggest mistake in life is overestimating your relationship with others. Pay does not necessarily have a return, sincerity does not necessarily have movedIt is also common for good intentions to be regarded as “the liver and lung of a donkey”.

3 different relationships are overrated

1. Relationships are overrated: Romantic relationships are overrated

Why someone say that relationships are overrated? Love a person how deep, break up, the heart has more pain. The more deeply one loves, the more one cries. That heartless person, turned around, turned the corner, disappeared, and affectionate person, still squatting in place crying, holding his knee, embarrassed.

When you fall in love with someone, you always think that such a relationship can last for a long time, a lifetime. In fact, you are wrong, love is not a person’s “monologue”, but “mutual love”.

When you are in relationships are overrated, if he says he loves you, but he doesn’t understand you, and he doesn’t love you, don’t be deceived by “sweet words” and don’t deceive himself.

In relationships are overrated, no matter how much you love someone, don’t overestimate the “love relationship”. Maybe, he is just close to you under the guise of love, with a certain purpose; Maybe, he just has no place to take him in for a while and take a rest in your residence; Perhaps, his heart is wandering, temporarily tired.

Why someone say that relationships are overrated? Two people together, do not feel amorous is a bad thing, but the moment you break up, will always be amorous people suffer. Those ruthless people, will be natural and unrestrained to leave. Once love how deep, break up, how painful heart. If love to the bone, a lifetime of pain, it is difficult to get out of the shadow of the past.

2. Relationships are overrated: Don’t overestimate the relationship about friendship

Why someone say that relationships are overrated? In relationships are overratedwhere can some people like loneliness, but do not like disappointment. A person, the greater the hope, the more disappointed. What you want is not always what you want.

Relationships are overrated, and when you enter every city, you will have new friends and forget old ones. My friend, whom I haven’t seen for many years, may have become another person now, and everything will not be the same as before. For example, when you were a child, when you thought you were poor, you could go to seek refuge. As a result, others “shut you out”; Classmate love, a lifetime, that is your wishful thinking, how many people in the name of the student union, there are too many selfish.

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Why someone say that relationships are overrated? In relationships are overratedno matter how lonely you are, don’t rely on anyone. It’s love for others to help you, but it’s duty not to help you. Why humble yourself and suffer so many white eyes. Those who are really willing to help you will help you even if they don’t ask for it.

Don’t overestimate the relationship between you and your friends, or even acquaintances can’t do it. Especially those friends who have sex and drink, don’t call at the critical time, it’s a waste of telephone charges. In addition, the colleagues in the unit don’t want to pay attention to anyone when they leave the unit and go home. They just stay in the unit and don’t expect to be “best friends” in their life.

3. Relationships are overrated: The best relationship between people is no relationship

Why someone say that relationships are overrated? In relationships are overratedin this world, the people who really care about you are parents. In addition, few people care about you. Others to you a look back, give you a little warmth, are to help, there is no wrong, but only for a while and a half will be the relationship, not eternal.

You always regard others as good people, but in fact, your relationships are overrated. You are too stupid to think too much. The more you care about others, the more humble you are; The better you treat others, the less they cherish; The more you ask, the less you can.

In this world, nothing is taken for granted, only you take it for granted. Don’t think about it. I’ll know what’s good and what’s bad in my life.

Now you have to admit that some of your relationships are overrated. In relationships are overratedwhen people reach a certain age, they know that “the best relationship between people is that there is no relationship”. For those who want to leave, only when they are apart can they be two wide; Those who want to stay will come if not. One day, you should learn to enjoy solitude, helplessness and freedom.

The above are the explanation on relationships are overrated. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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