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3 Things On Overfunctioning

What is overfunctioning, or how do you think of the overfunctioning in relationships? In the emotional world, people with excessive empathy are the kindest. Because when she saw a couple quarreling, she wanted to know why, and then she was afraid of what would happen to her.

Overfunctioning and under functioning anxiety, especially, when watching sad drama, it is easy to be moved by the plot of the play. If a woman overfunctioning at work, she will also feel the joys, sorrows and joys of the people in the play. She can’t help taking care of other people’s unhappiness. Every time her friend is heartbroken, it takes her a long time to recover. Sometimes, I’m really afraid of her.

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Overfunctioning“, a strong sense of ability, the emotional experience of people around, very easy to empathize, over functioning personality.

After listening to other people’s misfortune, she would be trapped in this kind of emotion and couldn’t come out for a long time. And the other party doesn’t care at all, she is like an emotional sponge, constantly sucking the negative emotions of the people around her. When others are nervous, their bodies will also feel tense for a short time.

When you see your wife being raped by her husband on TV, her body will curl up, just like being beaten. Let the people who live with you always be afraid.

3 things on overfunctioning you should know

1. Overfunctioning is the root of your unhappiness

What you should know about overfunctioning? In love life, what is it like to be with a girlfriend with “overfunctioning“?

At the beginning of love, because her intuition is very sensitive. Can quickly capture the state of your life today, according to your facial expression. Without waiting for your reaction, she will naturally ask you: “honey, what’s the matter, so hard”?

Such a question, let the other party is very warm, feel the moment to find true love. She really understands me and cares about her.

If you invite a person with “overfunctioning excess”, be your treehouse and the person you trust most. The reason why many people are reluctant to talk is that she can’t empathize with me.

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2. Overfunctioning requires professional guidance, is also a talent

What you should know about overfunctioning? You have to know that because they have developed overfunctioning, overfunctioning and strong social intuition. It’s precious in many professions, such as counselor, physiotherapist. Through micro expression psychology, to solve the case.

Overfunctioning” people, if you do not know self-control. It’s very easy for a high sense of substitution to lead to the anti invasion of one’s emotions, causing unnecessary exhaustion. Professional overfunctioning is based on the premise of maintaining emotional stability. Therefore, what we need to do is not try to reduce our overfunctioning ability, let alone self pity.

3. Overfunctioning is a self-awareness

What you should know about overfunctioning? Empathy is the ability of overfunctioning. A counselor has been training this ability all his life. Constantly improve their sensitive ability, to quickly carry out psychological analysis, grasp the subtle changes in the other party’s psychology. You can also look at the environment you are in and see if you have given full play to your advantages. If you are really unhappy, take a look at your love life and work. Don’t blame yourself for not working hard enough.

We should learn how to divide emotions, transform and improve our processing ability. When you feel infected, ask yourself whether these negative emotions belong to me? Or brought by others, when you are close to someone, you suddenly feel mood swings. Or the body has some reaction, then these emotions are transmitted to you by others. At this time, you need to stay away from this person, take a deep breath and stabilize your mood.

The above are the things you should know about overfunctioning. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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