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How Does Marriage Improve Organic Relationships?

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Organic relationship 1. How does marriage improve organic relationships? 

We should follow three principles to live a good marriage life.

Organic relationship Principle 1: be grateful for life and reduce complaints and accusations

Before you get married, your partner cooks you a meal, washes your clothes, remembers the time when you first met. You are very moved, thanks each other verbally, and gives back gifts to each other. But after marriage, you think “we are all old wives. Why do we make so many empty things?”, In fact, it’s not like this. Marriage changes people’s mentality.

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Before marriage, you appreciate each other’s things. After marriage, you take it for granted.

Think about it carefully, why do you look at each other in the crowd, and the other party will raise your children, wash and cook, share half of the money you earn, sacrifice yourself and achieve your career?

If you never feel grateful and see that the other party is frustrated in the company, when you go home, you dislike his sad face. It’s useless to dislike him. It’s useless to dislike him. Over time, how can he open his heart to you?

When the other party always complains about you, you can try to satisfy the other party without any conflict. Turn the other party’s complaint into his needs. From a different perspective, life will be full of goodwill.

Organic relationship Principle 2: meet needs and avoid hunger, thirst and scarcity.

Keep in mind that people will have needs, material needs, physical needs, psychological needs, spiritual needs and so on. All these needs need to be met.

When you can’t give the other person these needs, he will have the lack, and he will have the driving force to seek out. Especially when the other party feels hurt in the marriage, you will trigger his defense. When the defense is turned on, he will also attack you and want to escape from the relationship.

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On the contrary, if you can meet his needs, you can make his injured heart heal, and he will give back to you and your marriage with love.

Organic relationship Principle 3: respond positively to the other party’s demands

How close you are to each other can be seen from the other’s response.

Of course, this kind of response does not refer to the “second response” when chatting. It is very difficult for someone to achieve the second response day after day, year after year, but to give people a positive feeling from their attitude.

Of course, you should not force the other party to give you “second back”. Second back is a kind of psychological disease.

After many people get married, they get sick and have a fever. They lie in bed and want to eat, but their husband says slowly, “after playing this game, I’ll give you some takeout.”. After a long time, the other party feels that you don’t love him, and then begins to have opinions on you.

Organic relationship 2. How to maintain high quality marriage in daily life?

How does marriage improve organic relationships? 01, remember: the mouth is used to kiss, not to quarrel.

After many people get married, their mouths change from kissing to quarreling, bickering and criticizing.

After marriage, the mouth should kiss more, give more affirmation, support and understanding to each other, and embrace more to express love.

Don’t let your mouth become a tool to fight for right and wrong, and don’t say too much just for a moment’s pleasure.

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How does marriage improve organic relationships? 02, remember: the hand is used to touch and hug, not to move the fist.

Hands should be used to touch and hug, you want to convey your love, because you want to convey your comfort to each other.

Touching and hugging have many meanings, like, love, affirmation, support, comfort, attachment and so on.

What do you do with your hands?

How does marriage improve organic relationships? 03, remember: ears are for listening.

When you sit with the other person, he said, you hear the heart, your feelings can flow up.

Many people often turn a deaf ear, or go in and out of the left ear. When the other person is giving you feedback, you can’t hear his voice, and you don’t pay attention to him. In this way, it’s easy for him to go out and find people who listen to him and understand him.

How does marriage improve organic relationships? 04, remember: legs are used to play.

A lot of people lie on the sofa as soon as they get off work. When your wife asks you to go shopping, you will also push them off. “I’m too tired, the company is too busy, and I don’t have the strength to go.” remember, legs are used to run.

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How does marriage improve organic relationships? 05, remember: the kitchen should be used by someone.

Now many young people don’t like to cook or can’t cook after they get married. The kitchen has become a space for storing sundries.

Kitchen is also a place to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, you can make a dish together, this interaction will greatly enhance your happiness.

The kitchen is not an ornament, and a family without a kitchen is not a complete family. People who give up cooking also give up part of their lives.

How does marriage improve organic relationships? 06, remember: the bedroom is used to increase physical contact, not to sleep back to back.

The bedroom is the most relaxing place in your home, where you can confess your weaknesses without worrying about anything, and you can also rest here.

After many people get married, they change from sweet talk to talking about children, work, housing loans in bed, and talking about things with so much pressure before going to bed. Can they still sleep?

How does marriage improve organic relationships? 07, remember: study is a place to share thoughts, not books.

Many people say that “study is useless, just put some books”. This is because you don’t use it well. Sometimes husband and wife will think about a lot of things in life, but they won’t tell each other. What should we do?

The study is where you communicate. What happened to communication? What’s your opinion? How to solve it?

Marriage management is not as profound as you think. If you think more about and apply these seven aspects, the relationship will naturally improve.

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