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What Is The Opposite Of Love? Indifference

What is the opposite of love or what the opposite of love? Love, a beautiful word, makes us feel the warmth of the world and the kindness of the world. This is love in a broad sense, and most of the love we talk about in our daily life is love in intimate relationships, as well as love between parents and children.

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Understand what is the real opposite of love, you have to admit that the love in these two relationships is what we all want to have, because it contains the essence of happiness in life. However, in real life, such love, not everyone will get, because love is a kind of ability, the other party may not have the ability to love, so it is difficult for you to get love. To understand what love is, and what is the opposite of love, we can understand it from another angle, that is, what is not love.

In my opinion, the opposite of love is not hate. We often say that the opposite of love is hate, but from the opposite point of view, hate is not the opposite of love. Because when we say, “I don’t love you anymore,” it doesn’t necessarily mean “I hate you.”.

3 things to understand what is the opposite of love

What is the opposite of love? Indifference

What is the opposite meaning of love? Be indifference. Indifference means “I don’t care about you”, “I don’t have you in my heart”, “you have no influence on me”, that is, you are you, I am me, we have no relationship. It’s like a stranger on the road.

An example to explain what is the opposite meaning of love: the husband and wife are unhappy because their mother-in-law always interferes in “internal affairs”. The wife complains “how can your mother do this? I’m fed up with being in our house all day long! “, And the husband’s reaction can see whether he loves his wife.

If the husband doesn’t love his wife, his reaction will be indifference, that is, he doesn’t express his opinions or respond to what his wife says, just like he didn’t hear it. That is the answer to what is the opposite meaning of love.

How to understand the answer on what is the opposite of love?

Indifference will make the other party feel that they are not respected, and it also means that they are not important in the other party’s heart. This way is the most hurtful and can also be understood as cold violence. Because not speaking, not communicating, more people despair.

Even a quarrel is better than indifference. Because the other party is willing to quarrel with you, it shows that he still cares about you, wants to persuade you, wants to communicate with you, but the way of communication is not proper.

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Again use the above example to explain what is the opposite of love, to help you understand the indifference. If the husband loves his wife and hears such complaints from his wife, he will certainly respond. On the one hand, it will comfort the angry wife, on the other hand, it will propose solutions. He will consider this problem from his wife’s point of view. His mother always interferes in his family’s affairs, which will make them feel uncomfortable; At the same time, he will give his wife more empathy, because the husband who loves his wife, to deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, must understand that the relationship between husband and wife is the first.

Even if the husband is not so high EQ, do so well, but as long as the husband loves his wife, he will certainly respond, at least can comfort his wife.

Indifference can make people lose their sense of identity, hurt their self-esteem and, more importantly, make people feel that they are not important.

Such indifference is an invisible wall in the intimate relationship, separating two people without communication.

How to avoid falling into the circle of what is the opposite of love?

Its easy for you make clear on what is the opposite of love, then you can do these. First of all, in an intimate relationship, it is very important to have something to say and have a good chat, and nonviolent communication is the key to achieve these goals.

Nonviolent Communication has four factors: observation, feeling, need and request. When we communicate with others, we should observe carefully, reduce comments, recognize the feelings and needs of ourselves and others, and clearly put forward our own requests. Only in this way can we respect and focus on our inner choices and truly love ourselves and each other.

Love is an ability that can be learned.

Some people say, “I’m just like this. I can’t speak, or I can’t speak well. What should I do?” Don’t worry, you can learn; Some parents also said, “I just don’t have patience with my child. After criticizing him, I feel uncomfortable.” don’t worry, I can learn. Want to change, itself is a kind of love action, especially for the people they love, to make changes is more happy.

We should communicate, listen and act with the people we love.

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