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9 Online Dating Rules For You

What are the online dating rules or online dating rules for ladies? Online chatting is very common and common. In today’s society, many people like to roam in the virtual network world, playing games, watching videos, making friends, chatting, dating and so on. Of course, we can’t deny the network. If we make good use of the network, it can still bring great convenience to our life. However, there are also some pitfalls in the network, especially when chatting online, we must pay attention to protect our personal and property safety. What should we pay attention to in online chat? Here are 9 online dating rules you should know.

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9 online dating rules you should know

1. Online dating rules: do not use real name identity

In the most social media, the most basic online dating rules etiquette is not use real name. Some people think that they will not do any bad things on the Internet and are not afraid of being checked by others. It doesn’t matter if you keep your real name, even if you feel open and aboveboard. This is very wrong. If the swindler has your real name and identity, he will make a comprehensive analysis of your information through some other channels to give the swindler more opportunities.

2. Online dating rules: don’t meet strangers rashly

This is also important in online dating rules. If a netizen asks you to meet, don’t agree easily and go there rashly, because after all, you are a friend you know on the Internet and you don’t know his real identity. If you are a bad person, or even a gang, it will pose a serious threat to your personal safety.

3. Online dating rules: don’t be carried away by hospitality

Some people, especially girls, are easily confused when they meet a netizen who is very kind to them and cares about them. They think that when they meet a confidant, it’s easy to disturb your judgment and make some irrational actions, so that the swindler can take advantage of them. Therefore, no matter how the other party is, they should keep calm, just remember this online dating rules.

4. Online dating rules: no video chat with strangers

Some people like video chat with netizens, save the trouble of typing, but also see each other’s appearance, feel very fresh. In fact, video chat has great risks. If the other party is a liar, you may record your chat video, and then fake you to contact your family to get money. If you dont want lose your money just know this online dating rules.

5. Online dating rules: dont disclose personal information to people

At any time and in any case, do not disclose personal information on the Internet, including name, ID number, bank account number, bank password, etc., even if the other side is a reliable person, also prevent hackers from stealing your chat record.

6. Online dating rules: don’t trust the stories of netizens

Online swindlers, the usual means is to make up some touching stories, win our sympathy, and then put forward some requirements, so that we can not refuse, when we use a good heart to meet him, only to find that they are deceived, so, we must not trust others.

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7. Online dating rules: don’t have property contact with netizens

Some swindlers may fish for a long time and keep friendly contact with you for a long time. They don’t look like bad guys, and they talk appropriately. When you relax your vigilance, they will wait for an opportunity to borrow money and things from you, and then they will disappear. Therefore, don’t lend money and things to netizens at any time.

8. Online dating rules: don’t add strangers and friends at will

When we chat on the Internet, some netizens who apply to add your friends must be treated differently. Don’t easily agree to add your friends, because the friends you add are not familiar with. When you have more friends, it’s easy to confuse them. Once you treat strangers as friends by mistake, it may cause unnecessary losses. Moreover, friends are easy to get your space view permission, so we must guard against it.

9. Online dating rules: don’t use family photos for head portraits

Now many people like to use their children’s photos or family photos as their avatars, which is not worth advocating. Because, if the swindler has your information, and then enters your space to find some of your photos, he will pretend to be you and cheat, and your friends may not know the truth and be deceived.

The above are the 9 online dating rules. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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