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Age Difference: Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues

 01. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-Definition of Older Man


1. Just look at age, even those over 30 years old.

2. Don’t just look at age, even if you have the charm of a mature man, even if you are younger than thirty.

3. A mature man with temperament, taste, self-cultivation, connotation, ability, career, money, proper maintenance, and appearance is not out of shape. Only such a mature man is called a mature man.

The above statement makes sense. Different people and different scenes have different meanings for the term “acquainted man”. But I can only write in the general sense that most people think. But mature men are not very good. There are many Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues.

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02. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-Advantages of being in love with your uncle

From example to theory, Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues, what are the advantages of this relationship? I summarize as follows:


1. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-mature temperament accumulated over the years.

Including: social experience, life experience, emotional experience, talents and knowledge, vision, calm and steady, reliable work, calm and calm, elegant and humorous, tolerant and modest, accurate judgment, comprehensive understanding of problems, knowing how to deal with people and things, know how to deal with reality Getting along well in the world can help you relieve your mental confusion and confusion, and make you feel admired. But excessive worship is also one of the Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues.


2. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-He understands women better.

Including: knowing how to respect the personality of women, being considerate of your childishness, tolerating your little willfulness, being emotionally stable, being able to subtly resolve conflicts, being gentle and considerate, having a gentleman’s demeanor, having a sense of security, being able to chat, being painful, and considerate.

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3. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-Better external resources.

Including: Have a certain achievement or status in the professional field, have economic strength, and have a high quality of life, so you don’t need to feel pressure for firewood, rice, oil and salt. The Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues here show that you will gradually lose your independence.


4. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-can guide your rapid growth.

The uncle is also a teacher and friend. Like a teacher, he can guide you on the path of life, and give useful advice and guidance in life, work, and emotions. It often gives you the wonderful feeling of “Listening to your words is better than reading ten years of books”. The strange thing is that when the uncle is serious and reasonable, you have become particularly humbly. If you changed your old boyfriend, you would have trained him in reverse. One thing drops one thing, maybe age brings its own aura?


03. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-The disadvantages of being in love with your uncle

In my opinion, the biggest troubles in Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues come from the following aspects:

1. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-In the uncle’s world, you, or love.

He will never be the first, let alone the only one. This is probably the biggest difference between the love of the uncle and the love of the young man. Although not all lads are so selfless in love, it is a fact that the vigorous “life is precious and love is higher” is hard to meet with the uncle. The performance of Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues is that the uncle is very clear about what he wants in a relationship, and he also knows what he can give to each other. Anything beyond the scope of the plan will not be so reluctant.


2. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-Uncle’s love, the concentration is not high.

The first one mentioned above is the cause, and this one is the effect. The uncle’s energy and time allocated to love are very limited. In addition, hormone secretion and physical strength are not as vigorous as when you were young. If you are still vigorous and bloody enough to treat love as your life, you will feel that he cannot meet your expectations. .


One of the Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues is that the uncle does not have a lot of time to accompany you. It is normal to not contact you for a few days when you are busy. Don’t expect him to talk sweetly every morning and good night, and don’t expect him to do anything silly to please you. He prefers to “put love in his heart”. His “keep love in your heart” sometimes makes you wonder whether he loves or not.


3. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-Falling in love with an uncle makes it easy to feel inferior.

In a woman’s love, we need to look up. The stronger this demand, the easier it is to fall in love with the uncle. But looking up will also bring sequelae, the other’s excellence will make it easy for you to see your own gaps, and then feel inferior. Therefore, a person with self-worth requirements needs to have a certain psychological quality to fall in love with an uncle.

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4. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-There is no you in the precious memories of the uncle.

You may be the uncle’s last lover, but it is unlikely to be his most memorable one, no matter how much you love each other. It’s not that you are not good enough, nor that he is not loving enough, this is the law of human nature. If you have a mental cleanliness, this may be an Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues that you are more difficult to accept.


5. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues-Uncle’s health and physical differences after old age

The average life span of women is longer than that of men. If the husband is much older than the wife, it will exacerbate the problems that are revealed by the life gap. You may have to be mentally prepared to spend your old age alone. Perhaps one day, your uncle is old and frail, and can no longer take care of you to satisfy you, but needs you to serve before he collapses. Including in the future, he will enter the old age earlier than you, and whether the sex life is harmonious, these are extremely realistic issues that need to be thought of in advance.


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