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My Boyfriend Loves Me But Not Sexually Attracted Me

When you say that boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me, you should find out the answer on is sexual attraction temporary? Or for a long time? First of all, it depends on whether sexual attraction is long-term or short-term in your mind. I personally think that sexual attraction should last for a long time. There will be many problems in the communication and relationship between partners without the existence of sexual attraction. In our relationship with our partner, we need to focus on and maintain sexual attraction. Here are somethings you can do if you say my boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me.

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6 things you can do when you say my boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me

1. Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me: distinguish between sexual attraction and passion

Sexual attraction can create passion, but it’s not the same as passion. Because passion will fade, but sexual attraction can still exist.

I personally feel that there are many forms of sexual attraction, the core of which is the blooming of internal sexual charm, such as the attention to self. Besides, it can also release its own lust from the inside out; It is to respect others, to manage one’s health, and to care and manage one’s appearance.

My boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me, you should know that when we get along with another person, with contact, communication and more in-depth understanding, there may be a feeling that our passion recedes. At this time, we want to have more long-term sexual attraction. What should we do? That’s what we’re going to talk about next, and it’s also the most critical issue in today’s course.

2. Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me: make yourself an interesting person

Because if you are a boring person, others will soon get tired of you and have no curiosity about you. Looking at a person is like looking at the cover of a book. Getting along with others is like reading the contents of the book. After reading the contents of the first two chapters, we feel that we fully know what the book is about, and you will have no motivation to continue to read it.

So, what should you do, when you say my boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me? Here I recommend two good methods: Method 1, reading. Especially reading some classic stories can increase your humanistic quality; Watching jokes, and watching talk shows, can increase your sense of humor in your personal language; Read professional books to make your speech more profound.

Method 2: meet interesting people. Birds of a feather flock together. After getting along with interesting people for a long time, you will become more interesting and emotional. You can take the initiative to find and meet people who are more interesting than you, and then communicate with them and learn from them.

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3. Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me: you have to look at people with curiosity

Go “see” your partner with curiosity, and he will feel attractive, when you say my boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me. When you look at each other with a curious eye, the other person will look at you with a curious eye in turn. In the process of such exchanges, you will all discover the new world.

When two people are together for a long time, they will have stereotypes, which will be broken by curiosity. For example, if others think you are a man, you can be gentle once in a while. So, let sexual attraction a little longer, we need to break all kinds of “stereotypes” about each other, to feel the “difference” of each other.

4. Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me: make more changes in your life

If life and sex and love remain unchanged, we will certainly be tired of it. This is a truth that we are tired of seeing a person. So it’s very necessary to “make” changes. For a simple example, we should not always preach in bed. We can make changes in all aspects, including changing postures or changing scenes. These are all ways to increase sexual attraction.

5. Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me: add “unfinished events”

Hanging one’s appetite can especially urge one to finish it. For example, if you and your partner discuss going to a seaside hotel to punch in and have sex, you can outline the scene and tell you what it is like to go here.

So you add an unfinished event, which is called unfinished in both of your lives. Because it’s not finished, you two will want to find a chance to do it. You don’t feel like you don’t expect much from each other until it’s finished. That’s the charm of unfinished events.

6. Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me: respect human nature and maintain external attraction

All human beings love beauty and prefer good-looking appearance, so appearance is very important. We can’t always expect someone to be able to see our interesting soul through our bad appearance, because it’s anti human.

People are all visual animals, and it’s easy to judge based on appearance, which may be stereotyped cognition, but most people do. Therefore, to enhance sexual attraction, we still need to pay attention to our external, skin care, fitness, clothing, so that our external more attractive.

When you experiencing the that my boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me, you should know that it’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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