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3 Things On When Does No Contact Not Work

When does no contact not work? When does no contact start working? Simply understanding disconnection means disconnection. It doesn’t mean never to contact, just for the time being. For example, you don’t take the initiative to call, send messages, interact with social software, and of course don’t go to him face to face.

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You don’t even force each other to contact you through relatives, friends, friends, etc. When no contact does not work? You should know that even if you have to meet and communicate when you live or work, what you need to do is not mix with the two people’s emotional problems, just as the normal interaction of ordinary people. 

When will no contact not work? In a word, disconnection is: suddenly disappear in his world, do not disturb each other, do not contact each other (Here, people who use disconnection at will often put themselves in an embarrassing dilemma, and the effect may not be ideal.)

When does no contact start working? The answer is when your disconnection fails, it is often because you have not done the following.

When does no contact not work? 3 things you should know

1. When does no contact not work? After disconnection, there is no freshness to the other party

When does the no contact rule not work? A lot of breakup, it is because of the feelings into a period of burnout.

Generally speaking, the languid period of love is the most dangerous in a year and a half. At this time, both men and women have a deeper understanding of each other. According to a psychologist, love often goes through four stages: dependence – anti dependence – Independence – symbiosis.

The so-called love burnout period is the period of anti dependence and independence. It’s the easiest time to break up.

When the no contact rule does not work? When does no contact not work? If you find the best way to get along in this period. To achieve the ultimate symbiosis. If we use the methods and skills to fight for, timely disconnect, and constantly improve ourselves, when we appear in front of the other side next time, we will give each other a certain sense of freshness.

2. When does no contact not work? There is no availability for the other party after disconnection

When does no contact not work? Often people are very anxious and anxious after being lovelorn, and always want to stay. So although separated, but in each other’s heart you have been, you have been waiting for him, so he just want to get rid of, and will not really feel the feeling of losing you.

Because before the other party has been used to your existence, you suddenly disconnect disappeared, so even if the other party does not like, or will be lost

It’s like having a person you don’t like pursuing you. Although you don’t like it, one day that person won’t pursue you, you will be a little disappointed.

Wen does no contact not work? Man lives in desire. When things develop along their own subjective will, people’s psychology is always in a happy and harmonious state. conversely. When the development of things goes against their own subjective desire, people’s psychology will fall into a state of pain and imbalance.

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This psychological state dominated by pain and imbalance is called “psychological gap”.

The stronger the gap effect is, the more serious the pain and imbalance will be. If we don’t know enough about the gap effect, or we can’t adjust it in time. It can cause trouble.

Disconnection is the use of psychological gap effect to create a sense of loss, so as to achieve composite.

3. When does no contact not work? The negative emotions of the other party were not eliminated after disconnection

When does no contact not work? Because after the breakup, we often encounter the negative emotions of our predecessors, many kinds of deletion, unwilling to contact.

So at this time, the more entangled you are, the more annoying you will be. At this time, if you choose to disconnect, you are conforming to the other party’s heart, which is also an identification of the other party’s needs.

If you do something that makes the other party resentful, the other party will have hostility and even have no chance to turn back.

When does no contact not work? Since it can’t be solved, it’s better to take a step back. Time is a good medicine to resolve contradictions. Give the other party some space to ease their contradictions. Disconnection can let the other party put down their psychological alert, so that you will have more chances to succeed.

When does no contact not work? You should know that disconnection, is to let time to dilute the other party’s bad influence on you, that is, you are in the early part of the breakup that the other party is tired of those bad things, such as your unreasonable! But these bad impressions will fade with the passage of time. When you show up in front of the right side with a brand-new impression, it will be replaced by remembering the past and talking with your good friends.

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