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My Ex Seems So Happy With His Rebound

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: Boy and girl in love for 2 years, the girl saved enough disappointment to choose to break up, break up the next day the girl announced a new love, that is, after the breakup into a rebound relationship.

When they were together at the time, the girl chased the boy, the boy did not quite know how to cherish. And together, the boys often quarrel with the girls, quarrel after the boys will speak to their mothers, resulting in the boys’ mothers have a very bad impression of her, the girls are therefore very resentful of the boys. The boy also said a lot of hurt girls words. Eventually, the girl saved enough disappointment to choose to break up.

In order to get the girl back, he repeatedly admitted his fault and begged for reconciliation, but things are getting worse.

After the breakup, the boy also recognized that he had done a lot of things to hurt her in the past, plus the loss of the girl was very painful, so repeatedly to the girl admitted his mistake, hoping that the girl gave him another chance. But the girl is very determined, but also pulled the black he.

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: Found the girl broke up the next day to start a new relationship, he felt broken

The boy knew that the girl had a new love so quickly after the heart can not accept, but also by a variety of negative thoughts, all day what can not do. Think the girl has not yet broken up to find someone else in advance.

However, eventually realized that in the previous relationship they hurt the girl, and before the girl is also genuinely good to him. So decided to face the reality, sincere to get back girlfriend.



The first stage of rebound relationship recovery.

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: Guide your ex to vent her emotions, affirm her feelings, and heal her inner wounds.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want. The boy’s mother had been very bad to her, the boy did not cherish her, did not care about her, did not give her a sense of security, she dreamed of him cheating on her. She never wanted to go back to those days.


My ex seems so happy with his rebound: Moreover, this is all because the girl first liked the boy first before the cause. The girl now met this new love is first like her, she wants to start a new relationship.

The boy did not want to let go easily, so he admitted his mistake, and begged to make up, all kinds of soft and hard, but eventually the girl pulled black.

For the girl in the past in the relationship is very hurt feelings, our response, mainly to emphasize, “indeed, I hurt you in the past” not to do too much explanation, because any explanation for her seem to have justification, for their own guilt suspicion.

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The second stage of rebound relationship recovery.

Eliminate the obstacles, concerns and worries of your ex to return.

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: In the process of recovery, we analyzed that a big obstacle that prevents girls from returning is that the boy’s mother does not like the girl. Before because the two quarrel. The boy’s mother disliked the girl. In response to this, the boy took the initiative to solve this matter, through repeated communication exchanges, the mother was finally willing to accept the girl.



Rebound relationship recovery stage 3.

The hesitant choice of new love and old love.

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: After the first three stages of efforts, the girl has no longer reject the boy, will also talk to the boy now work, life. The boy smooth opportunity to propose a compound, but the girl refused, she felt that the current did not do anything wrong, with love dedicated, and when promised to get along with others, can not bear to hurt him.

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: But also feel that the former reformed, it is difficult to make a choice, or let the boy to go after their own happiness. This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for the boy, but what can be done? Many times, we need to redeem ourselves with the mindset of atonement to face a variety of blows and setbacks. Although it is said that both sides of the breakup are responsible, but still the recovery of the party responsible for some greater.



The fourth stage of rebound relationship recovery.

Comprehensive enhance their own value, to create attraction.

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: The essence of love is mutual attraction, who likes a good lover. Emotional intelligence is naturally important, but the hard strength of the upgrade should not be ignored.

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: During the recovery period, the boy found a new job, income treatment are better than the previous job, the girl knew very envious. In addition, also made some changes and enhancements in appearance. The relationship between the two people also followed some subtle changes. From the previous pushing away the boy, into worry about the boy to find a new object.


The fifth stage of the rebound relationship.

Stimulate the former girl back

My ex seems so happy with his rebound: To this stage, the girl’s heart has begun to tend to choose the boy, but still occasionally stressed that they are someone else’s girlfriend, each living their own lives.

So, we intend to stimulate her a little, for girls are more jealous of the character. The boy showed photos of eating out with others. The girl then couldn’t resist, asking if she went out on a date with a female colleague. Is not the initiative to let others to introduce the girlfriend. At this point, the girl has actually been very contradictory, obviously the mouth to say that they are someone else girlfriend, while jealous of the boy someone like.


My ex seems so happy with his rebound: To this point, the boy was also tossed by the girl enough, so break the connection for three days.

The girl could not help but take the initiative to contact the boy, the boy took the opportunity to speak some ambiguous words, the girl did not resent, and no longer escape, talk about the topic of feelings, the girl will also cooperate together to talk about feelings.

Then to the back, the boy confessed, the girl did not refuse again.

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