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Signs My EX Is Ignoring Me

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: My ex is ignoring me?

Women love to do two things in their relationship

One is to prove that you love me;

The other is to prove that you don’t love me anymore.

The latter is easier to prove than the former.

Because you need a lot of evidence to prove that he loves you, but only one evidence can prove that he doesn’t love you.

But in fact, sometimes he does not love, but does not express love.

We have such a high demand for love because we think that if a man loves you, he will naturally do something.

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But actually, the expression of love needs to be learned.

If a person lives in an indifferent environment from childhood, he will show less love when he grows up. He didn’t know how to express love, because no one taught him how to express love.

Such people tend to be happy in heart, but arrogant on the surface.

Of course, this is only an extreme situation.

Another interesting phenomenon is that you clearly feel his love, but always feel that he doesn’t love you because of something he does.

There is a story that illustrates the problem.

When a woman is late for her date for a while, she thinks her husband may be angry because she has been ignoring her during the meal, which makes the atmosphere extremely awkward.

The woman decided to give in and said, “let’s all step back and have a good communication.”

Although he agreed, he remained silent, listless and absent-minded.

When the woman asked him what happened, he just said, “it’s OK.”

Then she asked him, “did I make you angry?”

He said, “it’s none of your business. You don’t have to worry about it.”

On the way home, the woman told him I love you, and he didn’t say “I love you too.”.

At home, the man doesn’t say anything, just watch TV. The woman thinks she’s going to lose him.

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At night, when men go to bed, they go to bed without goodnight or caress.

The woman wept silently until dawn, thinking that he must have another woman.

In fact, men are not happy today just because:

Today, Italy lost

After reading this story, do you understand?

Although two people love each other, their expressions of love may not be the same.

Women think that to love him is to understand him and care about him, while men think that love is to digest negative emotions and carry everything on their own.

The two sides have different ways of expressing their love. Even though they have made great efforts to express their love, if you can’t receive it, you will always feel that it’s not enough, resulting in a lot of conflicts and dissatisfaction.

Therefore, it is important to understand and communicate the expression of love between both sides.

Tell the other person what kind of love you need. Don’t let him guess. If you are dissatisfied with his expression of love, you can also sit down and communicate well. Don’t guess by yourself.

Although women’s intuition is accurate, sometimes they fall into the limitation of understanding love.

My ex is ignoring me? Why do you need this standard of love?

Women love to doubt men’s heart, so there are so many “prove that he doesn’t love you” popular.

“A man who is not willing to spend money for you will not love you.”

“The man who does not take the initiative to find you will not love you.”

“A man who doesn’t love you will make you so sensible.”

Sounds reasonable, but it’s actually a bowl of poisonous chicken soup.

It gives women a very simple logic: as long as he does something, it proves that he doesn’t love me.

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In fact, whether he loves you or not can’t be decided by one thing. It’s not necessarily because he doesn’t love you that he did it.

Just like he is not willing to spend money for you, maybe it’s not because he doesn’t love you enough, but because he has been lack of material since he was a child, spending money will make him feel uncomfortable.

How can he ask him to spend money for you happily?

This simple logic makes people believe that as long as you confirm or deny one thing, you can clearly grasp the track of love.

But in fact, most people just use this way to cover up their inner lack and uneasiness: you don’t believe that you will be loved, even if he loves now, he doesn’t believe that he will love forever.

Men are not so dull, when you continue to doubt his feelings for you, he can feel his pay is denied. For a relationship that never has affirmation and response, it can only be consumed until it disappears.

You can think about it. When you doubt his feelings, do you have the presupposition of “not being loved”?

My ex is ignoring me? When did he really stop loving you?

But then again, it’s not impossible to predict that “he doesn’t love anymore.”.

If you can eliminate the influence of the above two factors, and find that he has changed a little compared with before, then it is possible that he really does not love.

These may be signs that your predecessor ignored you, including but not limited to the following:

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Signs my ex is ignoring me 1. He began to pick on you frequently

Ex ignoring me: If he starts to look down on you and thinks you are not good anywhere, you should pay attention to it. It means that your relationship is out of balance and you are unable to meet some of his psychological needs. And pickiness is just to express his dissatisfaction that his needs cannot be met.

Of course, this is only the initial stage. If you can’t satisfy him no matter what you do, he will always feel that you are like this and can’t change. That means that he began to give up the psychological satisfaction from you, and the relationship will be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Signs my ex is ignoring me 2. At first, he was reluctant to compromise

Ex ignoring me: Love a person does not necessarily pay all for her, but if he is not willing to pay, always see their needs more important than your needs, it can only show two things: he loves himself more or he has no ability to love you.

Signs my ex is ignoring me 3. Emotional abuse of you

Ex unblocked me but ignores me: A person who is good at emotional abuse may have defense against intimacy and lack the ability of communication and interaction. However, if he or she does not do this before, but later starts emotional abuse and refuses to communicate with you, it may be that he or she is forcing you to leave.

Signs my ex is ignoring me 4. He always keeps a certain distance from you

Ex unblocked me but ignores me: Love a person will unconsciously want to get close to him, but even if he has free time, still want to keep a certain distance from you, not willing to get close to you, in order to stay away from you and go on vacation.

Signs my ex is ignoring me 5. No longer respond to your love

My ex boyfriend dumped me and is ignoring me: You will feel his indifference to you, and he will no longer respond to your love needs. For example, you clearly want some hugs and kisses, but he will refuse for various reasons.

Signs my ex is ignoring me 6. You love very tired

My ex boyfriend dumped me and is ignoring me: You love him and he loves you, but you always feel tired. You need to pay all the time to take care of him. Your life is completely filled with him. This may not be love, but a simple need.


Of course, the above behavior does not necessarily mean that you really do not love.

But if there are two or more, or even frequent occurrences, then you need to be alert to whether your feelings have really changed.

I don’t want you to judge love by individual factors, but I don’t want you to know nothing when the relationship goes bad.

I hope you are transparent.

Know that sometimes it’s not love that has problems, but our cognition of love that has problems.

I hope you are brave, too.

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