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5 Characters Of Modern Relationships In Love

What is the modern relationships like? “In the age of no results in bed, we are still looking forward to a lifetime of love in modern day relationships. As the description says, “a lot of friends around may only be in love for three or five months, and then they will be single again. It’s rare to be in love for more than a year. “

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This is a very, very common situation. But why is love more and more like fast food nowadays? What makes a lot of people’s love time shortened? The following are the characters of modern relationships.

5 characters of modern relationships in love

1. Characters of modern relationships in love: The low availability of sex has led many people to think that “passion is love”

What are the characters of modern relationships? When passion is gone, people will change. Nowadays, many people are in love under the banner of sexual relationship. Many people can tell lies and long-term promises in order to make girls willing.

When this era is no longer marriage to have a relationship, many people themselves can’t distinguish between passion and love, especially when the matter of sexual relationship comes very quickly. Three to five months is enough.

“Sex is such a pure thing, don’t restrict it with love; Love is such a noble thing, don’t compromise it with sexual impulse.

2. Characters of modern relationships in love: people are too utilitarian for love, and egoism is obvious

What are the characters of modern relationships? They all expect each other to know themselves, understand themselves and love themselves, but fewer and fewer people are willing to act as the one who loves each other and pays love.

In addition to the influence of the general environment, the more important thing is doting Education: the doting of the little prince and the little princess has led to the psychological and physiological mismatch of the adults growing up now, which is becoming more and more infant. Like a person is like a toy, you need to make yourself happy. Once you feel fresh, you lose interest immediately.

3. Characters of modern relationships in love: there was a positive correlation between hormone level and 3 months

What are the characters of modern relationships? It used to be the seven-year itch, but now it’s three months. When the hormone secretion of three months gradually decreases, people rarely have a kind of infatuation with a person like they did at the beginning, that is, they are willing to sacrifice and pay for each other, and feel that they get a great sense of satisfaction when they see each other.

Therefore, how to you think of characters of modern relationships? when the hormone drops, people will gradually wake up, become more and more rational, and think more and more about themselves. At this time, if your interaction is not very good and there are a lot of bumps between you, it is very easy for two people to break up.

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How people think of modern relationships? To put it bluntly, passion is not equal to love. The breakup caused by the decline of hormone level is the end of passion.

4. Characters of modern relationships in love: the person we like and the person we associate with are not the same person

What are the characters of modern relationships? You’ve never been with anyone you like. Many people’s communication is actually the result of “getting old”. That is to say, like those on campus who see other people out of the double, feel like they want to talk to someone else; When we work alone in other places, we are lonely and helpless; A little favor on the impulse, under the banner of love, actually want to happen something

Whether it’s physiological or lonely, it’s easy to find that this kind of love is love, but it’s missing something.

Especially when compared with those “time when you like that person so much”, it’s clear at a glance. One is from the heart like, the two are not so like in essence.

If you don’t like it that much, there are many “sequelae” of communication. In the face of the people you like, you would rather wronged yourself a little, are willing to; If you don’t like him that much, you will become selfish and eager for more from each other. After all, you are not enough to face one.

5. Characters of modern relationships in love: after falling in love, we find that what we like is ambiguous feeling; After we get married, we feel the best when we are in love

This is a personal experience of many people who have been dating or married for a long time, and everyone will sigh,

“Ambiguous time is the most beautiful, and then love, originally expected marriage, but firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea and chicken feather, endless housework, constantly want to shirk the responsibility of large and small.”

What are the characters of modern relationships? In addition to individual life, love is arranged very good partner, most people’s life, basically nothing romantic, especially after the passion period (3 months to 1 year), the feeling is very easy to fall into plain, and many people actually like the kind of love feeling.

If you are still very young, it’s easy to separate the trivia of entering life too early“ I’m still young, and I don’t want to feel that now for the next 50 years. I want to enjoy the beauty of love.

It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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