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5 Things About Mane Attraction

What is the mane attraction? About the mane attraction, you should know that the most attractive part of the opposite sex is hair. Take the goddess for example, the goddess’s back must be sparkling long hair. But why does the mention of Goddess automatically associate with long hair floating?

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5 Things about mane attraction you should know

1. What is the mane attraction? The attraction of long hair to men

What is mane attraction? Dr. Kelly Klein, a psychologist at Florida State University, once conducted a survey. He made a woman’s hair look long, medium and short by computer, and then asked 50 men to select the most beautiful picture in his mind. As a result, most men chose the long hair. They thought that the girl with long hair was the most gentle and sexy. This shows that long hair has a natural attraction for men.

When a man feels a woman’s attraction, he often starts with her hair. This is the mane attraction. Some people analyze this because looking at a woman from behind, her hair accounts for almost half of her overall image. Looking at women from the front, hair can also be called the “second protagonist”. In particular, the perfect unity of color, fragrance and movement has become an irresistible temptation for men.

2. What is the mane attraction? The hair sexually attractive

What is mane attraction? Hair is not only attractive to the opposite sex, but also to sex. What is sexual attraction? Sexual attraction is the sexual meaning and attraction of organisms. It may be an action, a state or some points.

About the mane attraction, in the middle of the 19th century, the most famous pioneer in the field of sexual science, haflock Ellis, once pointed out in his book sexual psychology: “hair has great attraction, which is related to the sight, smell and touch of sexual choice.

In other words, whether men or women, have a beautiful clean hair, not only is a bonus item, but also exudes sexual attraction, let each other have sexual fantasy.

At the same time, seeing a green silk full of texture and color, men can’t help but want to touch it. Because many men feel that this experience is a blend of mystery, closeness and pure love, rather than a naked “sex snack”, and its sensational effect is much more direct. Of course, there are also women who like to touch men’s hair (although they say that touching their boyfriend’s hair is like touching a dog, which feels better.)

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3. What is the mane attraction? When you have sex, you scratch each other’s hair

Why mane attraction is so powerful? Many men and women in sexual relations, like to grab each other’s hair, in fact, this kind of conquest and possessive embodiment, in the excited state to seize each other’s hair, is also a way of control and emotional connection.

But this move is not acceptable to everyone, so it is suggested that couples should communicate well in advance, so as not to destroy the beautiful atmosphere. In addition, the weight of the hair should also have a discretion, temporarily “sex” up and down, pull off the other party’s hair, that is “human life” thing.

4. What is the mane attraction? The state of hair

How boy think of the mane attraction? Girls with long hair will be more attractive to boys after washing their hair than girls with short hair. That’s probably why many movies make girls appear on the water very aesthetically. It’s also the visual effect caused by the combination of long hair and water drops. It’s always said that wet body is a temptation. You can’t think about the mane attraction, if you want to see such a scene, But there’s a good chance to see wet hair.

In addition, the mane attraction is also an attractive process for girls to blow their hair after washing. Many boys prefer to blow their girlfriend’s hair. At this time, long hair can create a more romantic atmosphere. Therefore, it is more attractive for long hair girls to wash and blow their hair.

5. What is the mane attraction? The hair after being blown by the wind

The mane attraction is important to girls. Girls with long hair are easy to attract men’s attention because long hair gives people a sense of Fairy Spirit. About the mane attraction, especially when the breeze blows, the strands of hair float in the air. Girls will brush their hair with their fingers and then lift it behind their ears. This kind of continuous action will make boys who like long hair move quickly and walk together with girls, This kind of flying hair will occasionally touch their arms, feeling very gentle, but also accompanied by the fragrance of shampoo. If it happens to be boys like the taste, it will be more exciting!

The above are the mane attraction. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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