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7 Tips To Make Your Wife Miss You During Separation

How to make your wife miss you during separation? We all know that, we can not force a person to like us, such love will only have indifference. There will be no love, so we can let men have a special feeling for us first. Here are 7 tips to make your wife miss you during separation.

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Tips to make your wife miss you during separation

1. Make your wife miss you during separation: keep happy moments

In this “electronic” society, too many things are electronic, even love letters are no exception. When love is over, all e-mails are deleted as if this person has never existed, and it’s hard for us to get rid of it by chance many years later

2. Make your wife miss you during separation: make the memories in your life.

But at least one invention is highly praised, and that is the digital camera! When she is on a business trip, it’s better to take a self portrait and send a tongue sticking or affectionate expression to his mobile phone, so that he can think of you no matter where he is!

3. Make your wife miss you during separation: smile more from the heart

Your confident smile will always be your trump card. Whether it’s directly to him or to the people around him, show your charming smile as much as possible. It will make others think you are approachable and make you feel better.

When you look at the woman you like, slowly open your smile. If she looks at you, you will unconsciously bow and blush, remember to smile at her first. Your charm is unstoppable.

4. Make your wife miss you during separation: make love Bento

If you want to tie a woman’s heart, you must first tie her stomach. When she is full of project tasks and colleagues at work, you can open your love lunch at meal time and see the healthy lunch you specially prepared for her. Then you can feel your concern and put your work troubles out of the air.

Different from meals full of food safety problems outside, hand cooked lunch is safe and reassuring. It is not only full of your love, but also healthy and clean. If you want her to think of you during working hours, learn to make Bento!

5. Make your wife miss you during separation: pay attention to eye contact

Eye contact is a key element of flirtation and an important part of increasing her liking for you. When she talks to you, look her in the eye. Even if two people don’t say a word, don’t be afraid to look at each other.

If you can’t gaze into her eyes because you are too nervous or feel that the time is not ripe, try to look at her once in a while to increase the chance of seeing each other. Stare at her for a while, then look away. She will feel that you are interested in her, and you can try to find out if she likes you.

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6. Make your wife miss you during separation: give her a little surprise

Both men and women hope to receive a little surprise from each other. If one of her actions makes you feel more intimate, then you can also give her a small gift, a kind of snack or hobby related items that she likes.

Or give more private gifts, can represent your heart that is ready to move. women often can’t guess what a man is thinking, so you should try to make her feel your little surprise full of temptation.

7. Make your wife miss you during separation: to be the man she actually missed

If you make your woman feel happy, she will miss you. When you spend a good time with her, you will have the same language, you will launch sweet attacks on each other, so it is obvious that you like to spend time with her, or she likes to spend time with you. It is also possible that when you quarrel with each other, spending time together is not a pleasure. In fact, what human beings want is very simple. They either pursue happiness or avoid pain.

If she likes to laugh when she is with you, if you are separated from her, she will actively contact you, and if she gets your praise, she will be happy to be with you. At the same time, she will also want to get more things. If you two often quarrel with each other, in fact, you are very concerned about each other, then all he feels is pain, It won’t make her miss you, so she will leave you as much as possible.

8. Make your wife miss you during separation: give her some space

Although this may be a bit of a cliché, there is a common problem in all relationships, that is, although men usually want more personal space than girls, which you have to accept, that is, boys and girls are very different. If she wants a healthy personal space, then you must leave this space for her, let her miss it, encourage her to play with her friends, even if she invites you, she may just like you, keep a safe distance from you, and feel closer to you.

It may sound interesting, but it’s true. If you find that you never want her space, then it’s time for you to find your own personal space. Especially for couples, it’s very unhealthy to spend all your time together, which may lead you to neglect your friends, family and yourself. Find something you can do. Don’t follow her all day. You need to create your own small space. The more small spaces you create, you will miss each other. Therefore, you need to grasp the degree of this personal space.

It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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