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24 Juliet And Romeo Love Quotes

There are many sentences about romeo and Juliet love quotes. You can find out what you think about love on romeo and Juliet romantic quotes and romeo and Juliet Shakespeare love quotes. Lets take a look on romeo and Juliet forbidden love quotes or Shakespeare love quotes romeo and Juliet.

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Juliet and romeo love quotes you should know

1. Juliet and romeo love quotes: Juliet love quotes: only your name is my enemy. Even if your name is not Montague, you are still such a person. What does it matter whether your name is Montague or not? It’s not a hand, it’s not a foot, it’s not an arm, it’s not a face, it’s not any other part of the body, ah! Change your name quickly! The name itself is meaningless; If we change the name of the flower we call rose, its fragrance will be the same; If Romeo changes his name, his lovely perfection will never change. Romeo, abandon your name; I am willing to give my whole heart to compensate you for your empty name.

2. Juliet and romeo love quotes: I’m afraid that the feast is easy to break up and the good meeting is hard to meet.

3. Juliet and romeo love quotes: don’t live without love.

4. Juliet and romeo love quotes: what’s in a name? That which we call a rose,By any other name would smell as sweet.

5. Juliet and romeo love quotes: rich thought does not lie in the richness of speech; Only a beggar can count his possessions.

6. Juliet and romeo love quotes: appropriate sadness can show the deep feeling, but excessive sadness can prove the lack of wisdom.

7. Juliet and romeo love quotes: those who have not been hurt will laugh at the scars on others.

8. Juliet and romeo love quotes: I fly over the garden wall with the light wings of love, because the walls of brick and stone can’t block love.

9. Juliet and romeo love quotes: Juliet and romeo love quotes: He who has not been hurt laughs at the wounds of others, Romeo.

10. Juliet and romeo love quotes: noisy love, warm resentment, everything out of nothing, heavy frivolity, serious arrogance, neat chaos, lead cast feathers, bright smoke, cold flame, haggard health, eternal awakening sleep, negative existence! I feel that love is such a thing.

11. Juliet and romeo love quotes: my only love comes from my only hate.

12. Juliet and romeo love quotes: the halo on her cheek would obscure the brightness of the stars, as a light would in the day.

13. Juliet and romeo love quotes: a wise man becomes a fool and is the easiest fish to catch; Because he relied on his ability to learn widely, and could not see his own arrogance.

14. Juliet and romeo love quotes: I am willing to give my whole heart to compensate you for your empty name.

15. Juliet and romeo love quotes: appropriate sadness can show the deep feeling, but excessive sadness can prove the lack of wisdom.

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16. Juliet and romeo love quotes: love is a puff of smoke from sighing; There is its purified Mars in the eyes of lovers; Lover’s tears are the waves it arouses, and it is also the most intelligent madness, choking bitterness, and no honey to eat.

17. Juliet and romeo love quotes: don’t swear by the moon, it is changeable, and every month has its profit and loss; If you swear by it, maybe your love will be as impermanent as it is.

18. Juliet and romeo love quotes: she wanted to talk and stop, but her eyes had told her what was on her mind.

19. Juliet and romeo love quotes: in the book of fate, we are in the same line.

20. Juliet and romeo love quotes: if you really love me, please tell me sincerely; If you think it’s too easy for me to surrender, I will also pile up an angry look, pretend to be stubborn, and refuse your kindness, so that you can ask me for mercy, otherwise I won’t refuse you in any case.

21. Juliet and romeo love quotes: the light in the distance is not sunlight. I know what it is. It’s the meteor from the sun that lights up your way tonight and guides you to Montague. So you don’t have to leave. Why can’t I do it? Why don’t I understand.

22. Juliet and romeo love quotes: Capulet: everything we had prepared for the festivity will now be turned into a mournful funeral; our musical instruments should be turned into a melancholy funeral bell, our wedding banquet into a cool funeral, our hymns into a deep elegy, the flowers in the hands of the bride should be buried in the grave, everything should be done in the opposite way.

23. Juliet and romeo love quotes: he lay there like a flower that was destroyed. Death is my new son-in-law and my heir. He has married my daughter and I am dying, so I will pass on everything to him; My life and property, everything is death’s!

24. Juliet and romeo love quotes: Romeo: Here’s your money. That’s the worse poison that harms people’s soul. In this evil world, it kills more people than your cheap drugs that are not allowed to be sold; You didn’t sell me the poison. I sold you the poison.

25. Juliet and romeo love quotes: good night, good night! Parting is so sad and sweet.

26. Juliet and romeo love quotes: her eyes shone in the sky, making the birds sing in the false belief that day and night change.

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