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35 Short Love Quotes For My Boyfriend

What are the short love quotes for my boyfriend? Here are some short quotes for boyfriend or cute short love quotes for him that you can use. When you send these cute romantic short love quotes for him and sweet short love quotes for him, he will know your love.

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35 short love quotes for my boyfriend

1. I don’t want to be in your eyes, I just want to be your sweetheart.

2. I doubt that your essence is a book. Otherwise, the more I read, the more I want to sleep.

3. Love quotes for your boyfriend: You are not as good as the spring breeze, the summer sunshine, the autumn rain, the winter snow and the dream.

4. The happiest thing in the world is to be a vulgar couple with a non vulgar person.

5. Your eyes flow, knowing a smile, is better than ten million words of dialogue; Your true feelings are better than a thousand words.

Short love quotes for my boyfriend

6. I like you every day, every day, and today.

7. The most gentle moonlight, but also the enemy of your blink of an eye; The most beautiful spring breeze, but also enemy your blooming mouth.

8. Love quotes for your boyfriend: If I want to sing to you, I don’t have enough notes. If I want to write a poem for you, I can’t write. You suddenly hit me. I’m very flustered. Don’t mind.

9. There are your favorite colors in the sky. In fact, there are your best matching roles. White clouds rely on the blue sky, the blue sky contains white clouds, just like you and me now.

10. You are the one who will steal music when I just think about it. You are sweet and happy.

Short love quotes for my boyfriend

11. There are mushroom houses, flying squirrels and fire breathing whales in your dreams, but only you in my dreams.

12. I still like you very much, like waking up from a warm dream, leaving only a sigh; I still like you very much, like the reefs and rocks after the ebb of the sea.

13. Love quotes for your boyfriend: If you are tired, you can stop to see the sunset. On the way of life, I accompany you wandering.

14. I want to see the rain in the thatched pavilion, the ants by the rockery, the love of butterflies, the spider’s web, the water, the boat, the cloud, the waterfall and your sweet sleep.

15. I like the setting sun, because it is very like, I like your heart, even if it will sink bit by bit, tomorrow will still rise.

Short love quotes for my boyfriend

16. Whether it’s bewilderment or destiny, it’s good to have you in life.

17. I like you, like the cloud drifting 90000 miles, never rest.

18. Love quotes for your boyfriend: Can not extricate themselves, in addition to others in the field of radish, and my love for you.

19. I’ve heard enough cliches, and I don’t have any big dreams. I just want you to be happy when the smoke curls on the roof.

20. I am a stubborn person, never willing to move the principle of half, but after you come, my principle will become you.

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Short love quotes for my boyfriend

21. I still like you very much, like the wind has gone eight thousand miles, regardless of the return date. I still like you very much, like the old opera in the old city, warm words and soft words.

22. My love for you, no end, no dike. It’s not thinner than the moon, and the wind can’t blow away.

23. Love quotes for your boyfriend: How many stars in the sky, how many girls in the world, but there is only one moon in the sky, there is only one you in the world.

24. I don’t like any kind of person. If I like you, I just like you.

25. The cars and horses are very slow, the sun is very warm, you are very good-looking.

Short love quotes for my boyfriend

26. I was going to go through the river and lake. Once I met you, I knew that the river and lake should stop.

27. You will always meet a person, singing to you with a voice that is not full of five tones, running with you in the heavy rain at night, painting with a paint plate in your black-and-white life, understanding your nonsense, seeing clearly that you have no smiling expression, walking through the crowd to you and hugging you.

28. Love quotes for your boyfriend: Two people in a room, three meals a day, four seasons with you, this is the best end result of love.

29. I have only two wishes: you by your side, by your side.

30. How much I like you, maybe not deep, probably just want to spend this short life with you.

Short love quotes for my boyfriend

31. You are the one who I think will steal the music, sweet and happy.

32. I miss you not because I am lonely, but because I miss you. The reason why the feeling of loneliness is so heavy is that I think too deeply.

33. Love quotes for your boyfriend: The happiest thing in the world is that you are making trouble, I am laughing, so warm life, ordinary and not mediocre.

34. I want my love, one you, one heart, one heart, all my life. It’s just that. There’s nothing else.

35. Before I met you, I didn’t want to like a person; After I met you, I didn’t like other people.

Send these short love quotes for your boyfriend and I love you short quotes for him. You will know that it’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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