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Some Love Languages For Teens

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Love languages for teens 1

Be optimistic, be happy, life is so short, don’t waste time on things that are not worth mentioning.

Love languages for teens 2

There is always someone who will change himself, put down the bottom line to cater to you. I’m not born with a good temper. I’m just afraid of losing you. I’d rather spoil you and keep you in my arms. The so-called personality incompatibility is just an excuse not to love.

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Love languages for teens 3

The essence of life is to forgive and forget: forgive those who are worth it and forget those who are not.

Love languages for teens 4

Don’t take talking without thinking as your personality, but don’t worry about your friend’s feelings. No matter who you are, you should learn how to speak to avoid hurting innocent people. Being frank is not hurting people without thinking. Personality is not selfish.

We can’t take care of everyone’s feelings, but we can at least be ourselves. To express yourself well is to open your mouth and shut your mouth properly, not to be arrogant and selfish. Don’t make a mistake.

Love languages for teens 5

There is an advantage in the lowest point of life, that is, no matter from which direction you work hard, you are always going up.

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Love languages for teens 6

If one day you ask me, “can we stay together until we leave the world?”. My answer to you is “you can, I can.”.

Love languages for teens 7

Once in a moment, we thought we had grown up. One day, we finally found that the meaning of growing up is not only desire, but also courage and strength, as well as some necessary sacrifice.

Love languages for teens 8

If you like a person very much, then it is enough to keep a friend’s distance, which can last a lifetime. Don’t expect to be close, once people have greed, they are doomed to lose.

Love languages for teens 9

I believe that people who really care about me will not be robbed by others. Whether it’s friendship or love.

Love languages for teens 10

I didn’t even have you for a second, but I lost you 10000 times.

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Love languages for teens 11

Everyone will have a period of extremely difficult time, the embarrassment of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, the endless fear of love.

If you stick to it, life will be bright; If you can’t survive, time will teach you how to shake hands and make peace with them, so you don’t have to be afraid.

Love languages for teens 12

It’s impossible. Don’t think about it. Impossible people, don’t wait. Knowing that there won’t be any result, you are still trapped in it, that is, you are to blame.

Love languages for teens 13

Most of the time, they dig a hole and jump in without hesitation. The pit is dug by oneself, the jump is also jumped by oneself, and the last one that can’t climb out is also oneself.

Love languages for teens 14

Time is changing, so are people. Some things, no matter how hard we try, can’t go back.

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Love languages for teens 15

No matter how complicated the world around you is, you should protect your inner kindness and warmth.

Love languages for teens 16

I hope you will meet such a person one day, a stranger, a completely unfamiliar person, who has no emotional foundation, but feels that you can live together well. So, tired heart, finally willing to stop.

Love languages for teens 17

Never show your weakness to others; Don’t tell others about your embarrassment; Because no one will feel that you are very poor, only feel that you are incompetent and useless.

You should learn to undertake everything by yourself, because no one will help you. Everything must learn to be strong, because everything depends on yourself.

Love languages for teens 18

I don’t know when and where, what style I saw and what style I heard, I fell in love with you. That was a long time ago.

By the time I find out that I’m falling in love with you, I’ve already gone half the way.

Love languages for teens 19

If he really loves you, you can be any kind of woman. If he doesn’t love you enough, you need to be an omnipotent woman.

Love languages for teens 20

He always takes the consequences too seriously and makes it difficult for him. It’s like when I failed in primary school, I didn’t dare to knock at home. In fact, there is steaming food on the other side of the door. It doesn’t matter with my mother’s sentence, “take a good exam next time.” Looking back, most of the things that once scared me were lost to imagination

Love languages for teens 21

See a sentence: your kindness should be left to those who know how to be grateful, rather than the kind of bitch who will accept your kindness as it should be and will desire dissatisfaction.

Love languages for teens 22

I am easily moved and satisfied; Perhaps others inadvertently to my good, I will always remember; I’m not strong or defensive. The only thing I can give others is absolute trust; Don’t interfere in my life if you are not sincere.

Love languages for teens 23

If you are good to me, I will be good to you. That’s simple.

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