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Love: Free Relationship

Free relationship:

I am a bird in the sky, you are a leopard in the forest, each has its own version of a map, only we just happen to love each other.


A friend once told me seriously that love and freedom are closely linked. Since then, I have not stopped thinking about this idea, desperately wanting to know what this idea can be justified by virtue of. Because it is an irresistible temptation for me to know whether any superficially plausible idea can be brought to life by argumentation. Simply put, if we don’t know exactly what love and freedom are in themselves, how can we know for sure how they are related to each other?


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Love and freedom are both buzzwords, and the pursuit of love and the pursuit of freedom both seem to be the embodiment of freedom from vulgarity. But do we really know what we are talking about when we talk about freedom? In other words, when we talk about love, are we clear about what we are talking about?


Free relationship

Lack of clarity must bring risks, such as control in the name of love and slavery in the name of freedom. People often feel that once these words are uttered they indicate a high-minded attitude, yet in reality it is an embarrassment of words. The key, therefore, is not to replace thinking with buzz words, but to support the question-opening thought process with the concrete content that the words represent.



The association between love and freedom can then be transformed into a clearer question, what is freedom in love?

Instead of seeing love as a divine goal, it is seen as a scene in which two people get together. Free relationship: It is important to note that the discussion of open relationships is not involved here. The scenario of two people getting together is the process of moving from strangers to partners, or more precisely, from strangers to intimacy. Specifically, it is a journey that goes through the glorification of each other and towards the real one.

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Free relationship: The freedom in this process first indicates that the individual tries to detach from the original deterministic relationship, such as blood dependency, into an uncertain, more open interpersonal interaction. This willingness to disengage has a high probability of encountering resistance and being frustrated by various factors. Thankfully, in modern society, more and more methods and understanding of overcoming resistance are emerging. Thus, the attempt to disengage means starting a dynamic constructive process. Free relationship: In other words, whether an individual is independent and free is not a static trait that someone possesses, but is constructed through constant experimentation.


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Ambiguity is more like a test, but once intimacy is confirmed, it opens up the process of continuous interaction between two people. Rather than personality preferences, etc. being the reason why two people are attracted to each other, it is the specific content that is carried during the process of getting together. Free relationship: It is important to note that the original personality is not always the same, but changes as you get to know each other. This change is not what is usually called compromise, concession or accommodation. Free relationship: In other words, it is not the negative connotation of compromise, concession and accommodation, which requires submission to one of the partners, but rather a positive change in which both parties take the initiative to recognize each other and seek to improve themselves. For example, one partner recognizes his or her anxious dependency and strives to change to a secure dependency.


Of course, this type of change is never smooth, but difficult. Because, we need to have the courage to face our weaknesses as an ordinary human being, that is, our human weaknesses. Free relationship: In this sense, loving oneself and loving others is loving oneself and others as ordinary people, not as a goddess or a man-god. Specifically, there is nothing wrong with loving the good side of oneself and others, but the bad side of oneself and others is also true to the human being itself and should not be avoided intentionally or unintentionally, but also needs to be faced honestly.





What should we do when we realize the limitations of ourselves or others through intimacy? The freedom at this point is in the action of seeking change. Free relationship: You can choose to start a new intimate relationship, choose to believe in the possibility of meeting Mr. Right, or choose to become more active and proactive in the process of getting to know yourself and the other person. It is important to note that the frustrations that arise in an intimate relationship are not just the frustrations of one of the parties, but of both of them. Free relationship: This means that both partners need to face them together and seek ways to overcome them in ongoing communication. It is also the same as knowing yourself, there is never an other orientation, rather than being in an island.



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If there was a box called freedom, would you want to go in it? If there was a box called love, would you want to go inside? And yet what would be inside? If there is nothing, what does that mean? That is, if you love someone because he makes you feel free, and if you are with someone because he makes you feel love, then why don’t you just jump into the box called freedom? So why don’t you just jump into the box called love? What does it matter if there is nothing inside? Isn’t that freedom? Isn’t that love?


Free relationship: Love and freedom both require real people as the carrier. That is to say, an empty box cannot be a reference to love and freedom.

Free relationship: Freedom is inner quietness. I can be at peace to do what I want to do. I am free and have not turned my back on myself. I am a bird in the sky and you are a leopard in the forest, each with its own piece of the map, only we just happen to love each other.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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