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Lesbians Having Sex: 3 Stages For You

Lesbians having sex: There are various lesbian sex positions, and today’s tips are for those of you who have less sexual experience, often have trouble knowing what to do, and want to do something new.



Lesbian Sex Primer]


First, Lesbians having sec: you usually start with a kiss.

Many women like to be kissed with their chin held or their cheeks cupped, which will make her feel your desire to be gentle and dominate her.


Lesbian getting caught: Kissing her body

Lesbians having sex: At this time, your mouth slowly down to explore, you may first move to the other side of the ear, at this time do not have a brain to saliva all into the other side of the ear, really make her feel tingly is a slapdash kiss, make good use of your tongue “as if” cross, from time to time staggered very lightly very light kisses, occasionally stay in her ear breathing, the back of the ear to the side of the neck and shoulder is also a lot of women’s cover. Don’t forget your hands, embrace her and stroke her back or inner thighs. When you kiss down to her breasts, you can match your body with occasional body thrusts and use one of your legs against the other’s intimate area. I want to.

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Lesbian sisters having sex: The foreplay has officially begun

Lesbians having sex: Get off your hands! Let’s make each other come in the foreplay here! Your hand may move from her back or inside her thighs to her feminine area, until here you are still very gentle to her, when you touch her moist private parts, feel each other back and forth along the fluid, usually you will use two to three fingers to do rhythmic massage here, find the way she feels comfortable, you can try to use your fingertips to draw circles to search for her “spot”, when you feel that is it! You can turn your fingers into vibrators from slow to fast, but of course remember to be gentle!

While one hand is busy you have another hand to caress her breasts, and your mouth can also kiss her ears, neck and breasts at the same time, a three-pronged approach, where she will make her first cry from her own body. Well, basically, at this point your fingers should have been unable to resist going in, do not, to gently and slowly try to fit the number of her fingers, generally speaking you are starting with two fingers, after going in, congratulations to the advanced class, please continue to look down, these will be the lesbian seniors’ preferred posture.




[ lesbian sex advance ]


Deep Body Kissing – Lesbian sisters having sex

Basically, just imagine eating a delicious dessert without using your teeth, kissing her body in a way that “tastes like her”, and finally using your mouth instead of your fingers to kiss her intimate parts in the same way, from slow to fast, from shallow to deep.


Women’s 6 9 – Lesbian getting caught

Lesbians having sex: If you are a couple who can “enjoy each other”, try this one first! You can kneel like the picture, but if you are afraid of leg pain, you can also try the side, I believe there will be a different taste ~ of course, this action is also applicable to enter, you can double enjoyment will be able to experience the happiness of reaching orgasm together.


Limit – Lesbians having sex

Lesbians having sex: You can first sit on her, or let her sit on you, rubbing his privates back and forth while you can also feel your body fluids to each other, and then slowly you will switch to this position in order to make the body more intimate, continuous rhythmic friction and up and down movement, enjoy the moment you most obedient to each other’s bodies, this is only women understand the comfortable ah ~


Backward penetration – Lesbian getting caught

Lesbians having sex: From the back is a good choice to enhance the sexuality! Maybe when you’ve reached the next round of feeling a little tired, this time to change the position can rekindle your lesbian soul! The other person can feel the excitement of another way to enter, or you can let her lie on her back so you can see her sexy side clearly. Step up and slide the tip of your tongue across her back, gently kissing down the back of her neck, occupying her back and pounding her waistline!


Sit down for more intercourse – Lesbian sisters having sex

Lesbians having sex: Let your little princess serve you, and occasionally you have to be the “submissive”, you can clearly see her expression at this time, I believe she will also be very satisfied with the feeling of conquering you! Of course at this time your fingers may not stop, in a love to take turns to make each other comfortable, the little princess also try to learn to please your other partner, you will really feel the beauty of sex.



[ Do something different ]

Lesbian getting caught: Maybe not everyone dares to try, but for a long time together has been too accustomed to each other is a breakthrough opportunity for you! If you’re too shy to go to a sex store, there are many online businesses that don’t show “sex toys” on their packaging, so I wish you a happy life!


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