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Lesbian Love Scenes: Precautions For Lesbian Sex

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How do lesbians make love? Generally, we all know the sexual life style of normal couples or couples, but if lesbians have the same sexual structure, we don’t know how lesbians make love. Let’s see how lesbians have sex.

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How do lesbians have sex?

Lesbian love scenes: 01.

For foreign things, lesbians usually use toys. In fact, physiological needs are their own sexual satisfaction behavior. Women of the same sex can use devices to satisfy each other or each other. Men of the same sex mostly use alternative sexual organs to solve the problem, while women of the same sex often use mouth, hand or sex goods to replace devices to meet the problem.

Many times, people will equate homosexuality with promiscuity, but in fact, homosexuals have the same mentality as normal lovers in the relationship, so the specificity should be in the normal value. In fact, the difference between homosexuals and normal sexual orientation is only the gender difference of sexual orientation.

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Lesbian love scenes: 02.

How do lesbians have sex? The common ways are: mouth stimulation, hand stimulation, alternative sexual organs, instrumental sex

The main sexual behaviors of homosexuals include kissing, stroking, masturbation, special sex and instrumental sex. Some homosexuals occasionally use lips, oscillators and other special ways of sexual interest, and even extremely rare sadistic sex. According to the survey, three-quarters of male homosexual couples stimulate their nipples during sex, while lesbian couples are the most happy to touch.

Generally speaking, lesbian spiritual love will eventually develop into physical sex, and for their happiness, there are many precautions in the process of sex.

Step / method:

Lesbian love scenes: 1. Don’t care about other people’s eyes.

If you care about other people’s eyes, you will always have heart trouble in the process of sex. In that case, you will not only be unable to reach climax in sex, but also be more likely to form problems such as frigidity, which is very terrible.

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Lesbian love scenes: 2. Be bold to say what you want to say.

For example, if you don’t feel happy or uncomfortable during sex, you should say it and let your partner do it in a different way. Otherwise, you will be wrong all the time and the relationship between the two parties may become worse.

Lesbian love scenes: 3 When using tools

when using tools, pay attention to propriety, do not directly use the tools that the other party can’t bear, so you may be very happy, but it will hurt your partner’s body, and even be afraid of you, so it’s not worth it. Of course, you should pay attention to sex, but don’t be too restrained. Moderation is good. The key is to be good to both sides. That’s really good. Update a friend said you can use sex toys, different sex toys may also have a big difference in quality.

But you should pay attention to the following when you use sex toys:

Lesbian love scenes: 01. When using fun products

take jumping eggs as an example, it is recommended not to use silicone based lubricant, which will damage the silicone surface of jumping eggs. If you plan to use a silicon based lubricant, do a local test first. Water based lubricants are the safest choice.

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Lesbian love scenes: 02. Purchase channels of interest products

Formal platform to buy, one is the most famous brand of adult products, product quality or trustworthy. But the price is expensive and the cost performance is not high. Second, Tian’s adult products store, but there are not many products to choose from.

Lesbian love scenes: 03. Before and after each use

the vagina must be cleaned, washed with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinsed with clean hot water, and gently dried with towel or soft cloth.

Lesbian love scenes: 04. Do not use massage oil or hand cream as lubricant. 

Or detergent containing alcohol, gasoline or acetone.

Lesbian love scenes: 05. Avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to high temperature.

Lesbian love scenes: 06. Keep in a dust-free place and do not touch other materials.

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