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Is Love Passion And Obsession?

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Is love passion and obsession? What is true love?

Love is a rich and complex emotion. For love, everyone may have their own different answers, and there is no unique answer, because love may have many different ways. Whether it’s romantic and passionate love when young, or gentle love when old, it can be true love.

Love is passion obsession, Psychologist John Lee put forward six styles of love in 1973. Different people treat love differently. We may all prefer or experience some kind of love. Is love passion and obsession? What is true love? Just as light has three primary colors, there are three basic types of love

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Let’s take a look at the three basic types of love

Love is passion obsession: 1. Passionate love, Eros

Love is passion obsession quote. Eros is a Greek word for romantic, passionate love. In Greek mythology, this is a kind of crazy love caused by Cupid’s arrow. The arrow went through us, so we fell in love. Just as Paris fell in love with Helen, it led to the Trojan War, which eventually led to the destruction of Troy and many Greek troops.

Lee describes this kind of love as a kind of passionate physical and emotional love. We want to satisfy each other, want to be intimate with each other, want to share everything with each other, want to know everything about the people we love, and we often treat our partner in an idealized way. Once separated from each other, we will feel pain and despair.

This is a kind of emotional, strong, passionate love. Hormones and emotions combine lovers, and desire and love reinforce each other. Compared with other types of love, they are more likely to say that they fell in love at first sight.

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Love is passion obsession: 2. Love of games ludos

Love is passion obsession quote. Ludus means “game” in Latin. This kind of love is fun, interesting, but not necessarily serious. Those who show this form of love want to have fun with each other.

But they are often not ready to commit and avoid too close a relationship. The relationship of game love is casual, unrequired and simple, but nevertheless, it can be very lasting.

Love is passion obsession: 3. Love of nature

Love is passion obsession quote. Story in Greek means love for family and family. It initially refers to the parents’ love for their children, and more broadly, natural love refers to a kind of love due to familiarity and trust. Lee defines this love as growing up slowly from friendship, based on similar interests and commitment to each other, rather than based on passion. And this kind of love doesn’t depend on our personal qualities. We love a person only because he / she is him / she, not because of his / her certain characteristics.

According to the different combinations of the above three basic types of love, we can also know the three “second type” of love. Compared with the three basic types of love, “the second type” of love is more abundant and complex, and more close to the types of love we see in real life.

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Love is passion obsession: 4. Mania (EROS + ludos)

Love is passion obsession quote. Mania comes from the Greek word for crazy. In Lee’s definition, fanatical love stems from the strong love and desire for a partner, and hopes to love and be loved in this way, hoping to feel a kind of particularity in the interaction with each other. This type of love often leads to obsession and madness.

When talking about each other, lovers who are in passionate love often use words like “most”, “special” and “extremely”. They feel that they need each other very much. This kind of love is expressed as a way of salvation, or a strengthening of value. Fanatical lovers value finding a partner by chance, rather than knowing each other’s financial status, educational background or personality characteristics in advance.

If the other person doesn’t express enough warm love, they will feel that the other person is indifferent or doesn’t care about themselves. Fanaticism may be manifested as obsession or interdependence. People in fanatical love will show strong possessiveness and jealousy.

Love is passion obsession: 5. Pragma (ludos + story)

Love is passion obsession quote. Pragma in Greek means pragmatic, in Lee’s definition, this kind of love is a kind of practical love, convenient love, not necessarily from a romantic feeling. People who believe in practical love tend to be rational and realistic, and have certain expectations for partners or relationships.

They tend to choose or reject partners based on the characteristics they think fit. They will want to find some value in their partner and eventually achieve a common goal with their partner. As long as the common goals and values are consistent over a period of time, the practicality and reality of practical love often contribute to the long-term relationship.

In the collectivist culture of “arranged marriage”, practical love is very common (Chaudhuri, 2004).

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Love is passion obsession: 6. Agape (EROS + story)

Love is passion obsession quote. Lee describes this type of love as the purest form of love. Selfless love comes from selfless dedication to a partner and self experience of love in the process. This type of love is based on unbreakable commitment and unconditional and selfless love, including all the efforts of oneself.

Unselfish love requires patience, understanding, forgiveness, loyalty, and willingness to make some kind of sacrifice for those we love. People in unselfish love are willing to share all the difficulties their partners encounter. They believe that this love is unconditional, despite the risk of ignoring their own needs.

Love is passion obsession, In the movies we are familiar with, such as Forrest Gump and Titanic, we can see the touching selfless love.

But it should be noted that not all selfless dedication is absolutely perfect love. In abnormal selfless love, love may even become a disaster. In order to maintain a relationship, if you sacrifice yourself or some of your principles excessively, it will be an unhealthy love. Not only will the other party feel pressure and guilt, but also they will fall into a lost state.

Is love passion and obsession? What is true love? So which of the above six styles of love do you prefer? We may be strongly attracted to someone. What we need to do is not to ask ourselves whether the love we see or experience is true love, but to learn to capture our feelings and heartfelt emotions.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about which is the real love, because love has no only answer. Love may have different styles and forms. Love is complex and diverse. Because of its diversity, the topic of love always fascinates us. I hope everyone can have their own love~

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