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Men In Abusive Relationships Suffer 4 Things

What’s his performance like when men in abusive relationships? How to get out of this dilemma, when men in abusive relationships? It’s the first step to leave when you realize that you are in an abusive relationship. Many people don’t know the characters when men in an abusive relationship.

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Because this kind of abuse acts on your psychology and can’t see the wound, it’s easy to be ignored. It’s also easy to be regarded as “it’s just a little fight between lovers. It’s as serious as you think.” But the harm of abusive sexual relationship to you is really shocking. It will make you lose your sense of self-worth and independence, and erode your self-confidence and self-esteem. The person we love should not be the one we fear at the same time. Don’t think that “only the pain is love”.

Men in abusive relationships, why can’t they leave?

1. Men in abusive relationships will feel threatened

How men in abusive relationship will suffer? There are two ways to threaten, direct threat and indirect threat. The other party may threaten you to say that if you dare not obey or leave him, violence will be taken to hurt you. Men in abusive relationships, indirect threats are more common, such as: “you are so bad, no one will want you except me”, “only I am the best to you in the world, and others will hurt you”. They control you through this indirect threat, destroy your sense of self-worth, and make you feel lonely and helpless.

2. Men in abusive relationships will not feel hopeful / understandable

Men in abusive relationships, the aggrieved party will try to find all hope, so as long as the other party gives a little warmth or hope, such as hissing and asking for warmth, or sending you a small gift one day, it will make people feel that “things may be about to turn for the better”, “he has changed, he is actually very good to me, I’ll stick to it again”. It’s just going to get you into a painful cycle from expectation to disappointment.

Men in abusive relationship, they wont feel hopeful. If you show a soft and vulnerable side to him, such as his alcoholic father, miserable childhood, stressful work and so on, you will even sympathize with and “understand” him, rationalize his abusive behavior, and think that his abusive behavior has a cause. Although the abusive behavior is as usual, you are full of “understanding” and “Hope”.

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3. Men in abusive relationships will feel psychological or physical isolation from the outside world

Men in abusive relationships, in order to increase your dependence on him, the other party will cut off or strictly control your contact with the outside world. Men in abusive relationship, they use various means to prevent you from meeting friends and family. No matter where you go, who you want to see and what you want to do, you have to get his permission. Many victims simply think that the other party is “too controlling”, and it is difficult to find that they are actually isolated from the outside world.

Some men in abusive relationships, will humiliate, scold and belittle you in public, destroy your self-esteem, and make you start to be afraid and take the initiative to reduce contact with the outside world. Therefore, individuals in this abnormal love relationship usually disappear in the sight of family and friends during love.

4. Men in abusive relationships will feel guilty and unable to escape

When men in abusive relationship, it’s the most common way for abusers to hit the victim upside down. The other party often makes the victim think that he is the source of the problem. “It’s all because you don’t have XXX, so I scold you!”If you didn’t do XXX, how could I do this to you? ” A counselor dealing with domestic violence said that in such a relationship, the victim would think that it might be his fault to fall into such a situation. Men in abusive relationships, it’s very easy for them to feel so guilty that they can’t leave each other. Even if you leave, it’s easy to take the initiative to return to the injured situation.

How to break away from abusive relationships when men in abusive relationships?

When men in abusive relationship, they should stop expecting repentance and seek professional help. Many victims of abusive sexual relationship will say “he was not like this before. We used to love each other very much”. They hope their partner can return to the original appearance. Sometimes they think they can be the lucky exception and expect the other party to repent for themselves. But expectations are often betrayed.

Seek the professional help of a counselor. The counselor will work with you to face the real dilemma and the psychological struggle. To explore the reasons, sometimes it is related to the lack of support in reality, sometimes it is related to the recognition of self-worth, sometimes it is related to some traumatic memories. No matter what the situation, professional counseling can provide a stable support and space to help you safely through the difficulties.

The above are the characters when men in abusive relationships. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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