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Men’s Thoughts: If You Love Me Don’t Let Go

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:If you love me dont let go

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If you love me dont let go: About love, men and women have different logic.

Men always think, “If you love me dont let go.”; Women always think, “if you love me, you will come to me”, so in the quarrel, one did not retain, one did not turn back.

It’s not that I don’t love you anymore, but that you think he knows you, but he doesn’t.

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If you love me dont let go: 01. Man’s logic

If you love me dont let go

Yesterday, I saw a fan leave a message saying:

“Women’s love is calculated by addition. It’s light at the beginning, but strong gradually. The more they love, the deeper they become. It’s like a bottle of wine. The longer it takes, the more mellow it tastes. Men’s love is just the opposite. It’s very strong at the beginning, but it gradually weakens. It’s like a cup of tea. It’s just going to be diluted. “

Sensitive women often ask men, “do you love me?”

At the beginning, men will look at you affectionately and answer “I love you” attentively. Later, they will become “do you still need to ask?”“ Are you bored.

At this time, men think: I am with you, of course, because I love you. I turn my attention from love to work. I work hard to earn money because I want to give you a better life. I thought I didn’t say it, you know it all.

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They always thought, “if you love me, you won’t go.”

With this idea, I began to want to be lazy in love. There are less and less warm love words, less and less attention to memorial day, and less and less bad temper.

They even think it’s right to do so. After all, they have been together for a long time and are used to each other’s existence. There is no need to be like when they were in love.

But women are sentimental animals. No matter how old they are, they all want to be spoiled and protected as little girls.

The love she wants is not only to get a marriage certificate, the steadiness of a family, but also the warmth of a love sentence, the heart of a gift, and the consideration and care all the time.

If you don’t want to answer her questions or even complain about her nagging, she will sensitively understand it as: if you don’t even want to say you love me, you certainly don’t love me. Then the more I think about it, the more I feel aggrieved and sad.

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If you love me dont let go: 02. Women’s logic

“If you love me, you won’t leave. Even if you leave, you will come to me.”

Most women want men to be more active and tolerant in love.

When you miss her, take the initiative to chat with her; Take the initiative to meet her during the break.

When she is willful, you can tolerate her; When she pretends to be strong, you can see through her vulnerability.

Every time you quarrel, I hope you can take the initiative to apologize. It is said that when quarreling, “men like to reason, women pay attention to feelings”. Lovely love is not a reasonable place. You are willing to give in and let her feel your love, which is the result she wants. Because if you love me, you won’t go.

She also hopes that no matter how many breakups she mentions when she is angry, you will take the initiative to stay. In fact, every time you leave in a big way, it’s a trial. She just wants to verify her position in your heart. Because if you love me dont let go.

After all, women value the sense of security in details more.

Don’t make excuses to say that you can give yourself a sense of security. It’s too hypocritical for her to ask you for a sense of security.

When you are alone, the sense of security can be the wallet and key in your pocket, the full battery in your mobile phone.

But love is a matter of two people, and the sense of security of love can only be achieved by two people cooperating with each other.

What’s more, the sense of security she wants comes not only from love, but from being preferred. Only when you are sure that you are the only favorite, can you feel at ease. Because if you love me dont let go.

Unfortunately, too many men do not understand a woman’s heart, always think she is “immature, too sticky.”.

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If you love me dont let go: 03. Only by mutual understanding can we get close to happiness

But no matter men or women, we should understand that: he did not love you in the way you imagine, not necessarily do not love you. If I really love you, it’s impossible for me to leave.

Love is not trapped in their own logic to play guessing games, everyone’s expression of love is different, no one can fully understand you at the beginning.

He loves you, so he bought you a cart of apples. Because apples are the best this season. He wants to give you the best.

This may not be what you want, but I hope you don’t get angry, and don’t blame him immediately, but are willing to understand his sincerity.

Then, calmly tell him what you really like.

If you love me dont let go: In this case, he will definitely buy the kind of fruit you want next time.

A mature view of love should be like what Bonnie once said:

When I was a little girl, I thought that love was luck, to find a 100% suitable person, without changing anything can be happy life; When I became a big girl, I found that love is a kind of ability, it is not to let you find a very suitable person for you, but to find a good person, and he slowly fit.

If you love me dont let go: So, don’t imagine a perfect lover who can guess all your thoughts.

Appropriate is run in, tacit understanding is cultivated, two people understand each other, active communication, can more and more understand each other, more and more happiness.

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