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7 Ways To Express I Love You And I Miss You Vine

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:I love you and I miss you vine

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I love you and I miss you vine 01.

The most straightforward way of expression – “I miss you.”

If you have a direct personality, don’t like procrastination, and don’t care about the other person’s response, you may use this expression. However, for most delicate and sensitive babies, this method is totally inappropriate.

You expect him to reply “I miss you too.”, Most of the time, however, the response would be “thank you.”“ I’m busy. “…”


I love you and I miss you vine 02.

What are you doing

Similar to “good morning.”“ Good night“ Have you eaten yet? “

I miss him, but I don’t want to say it openly, so I change my way. Slightly euphemistic, but the technique is too simple, the packaging is not complete.

If the other party already knows that you like him, and you have no good impression, in general, they will only reply perfunctorily.

I love you and I miss you vine 03.

A way to attract attention: withdrawing a message

Withdrawing information always arouses people’s curiosity. A certain kind of people in love, especially like to use this way, to win each other’s attention. By doing so, you can preserve your dignity, and you can also make a bet on whether he will come to the door on his own initiative.

But if the other party has already understood your mind, it will be very affectable and immature. He has every reason not to respond.

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I love you and I miss you vine 04.

It’s probably the most face saving expression – social platforms

A lot of wild love brick experts highly praise this one. If you think of him, send a circle of friends. If he likes you or comments, it means that he cares about you very much. If you are worried about affecting other people, you can also set only one person visible.

In this way, we should not grasp the scale, not be too affectable and too explicit, and be prepared that he will not respond at all.

I love you and I miss you vine 05.

Asking for help – “can you do me a favor?”

The feeling of being needed is great for many people. Work hard to create conditions and let him do something for you within the appropriate and reasonable range. If he is willing to spend some time on you and invest a certain cost, he will have the possibility to continue to develop with you.

Of course, there are also situations where you send out a request signal and the other party completely ignores you.

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I love you and I miss you vine 06.

Create the expression of the topic – “see a very interesting link, send you to see.”

There is a good saying that fun is the highest attraction. On the premise of knowing each other’s interests and preferences, create some topics to talk about, and then step by step, step by step. This kind of conversation prologue is ten thousand times better than the usual boring topic.

However, this can not be done casually. It takes a lot of effort to dig out his preferences. Otherwise, it’s easy to make the other party not want to chat with you.

I love you and I miss you vine 07.

The strongest way to express it is to do nothing.

This kind of people are especially cruel to themselves. No matter how much I like it, I won’t take the initiative. I won’t say it when I think about you. May be injured before, and strive not to repeat the same mistakes, so quietly endure.

Occasionally, they will adopt some mental methods, such as:

If it rains today, he will miss me.

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If this flower has even petals, he doesn’t want me.

If I count to 100 and he hasn’t sent me a message, I’ll delete him.

How do you express yourself when you think of someone?

There are more than seven answers. But a lot of people must have experienced these psychological changes.

I love you and I miss you vine: At the beginning, we will say it directly when we think about it. But later, everyone will become more or less scrupulous.

If you can get true love by being frank and outspoken, who will be the hedgehog with a blade.

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