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How To Maintain A Relationship? 4 Things You Need

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: How to maintain a relationship

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It takes a lot of effort to maintain a relationship, but how to maintain a relationship?

The beginning of a relationship is often considered the best. Every conversation and every touch makes us want more – and it’s all so easy

After a while, the dizziness and excitement were replaced by the less fascinating routine.

Sometimes it makes you wonder if you’ve lost that attraction or desire, and it may even make you totally doubt your relationship.

However, there is nothing wrong with this new stage of attachment. With a little effort and determination, you can add spice to your relationship.

What’s the most important thing? The more you do, the easier it will be.

There are four things you need to know to maintain a long-term relationship.

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How to maintain a relationship? 1. Both people in the relationship should make these efforts.

How to keep relationships strong: The world we grew up in tells us that if we are with the right people, love, attraction and sex become easy.

But while movies and our social media are full of these beautiful images, emotional mentors like me see things that others can’t see.

We see couples trying to connect. Couples who feel lacking because they don’t have sex, couples who no longer look at each other lovingly.

There’s nothing wrong with a relationship that’s a little bit prosaic, it just needs a little bit of stimulation. Once you realize that, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to inject a little energy into your relationship.

How to maintain a relationship? 2. It may be fun to maintain your relationship.

How to keep relationships strong: Once you start taking a proactive approach to your relationship, you can start doing something that makes it fun.

There are a few things to try, including recalling interesting memories, giving each other a surprise on a date night, and trying something new in the bedroom.

If you’re particularly looking for deeper contacts, another article by Phil, “36 questions to keep your relationship passionate – even decades later,” is a good choice. Based on a research experiment, 36 questions were designed to establish a connection between complete strangers, maybe even love.

These questions range from simple to fragile, including questions like “do you want to be famous? In what way“

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Or “if you’re going to die tonight and you don’t have a chance to talk to anyone, what would you most regret not saying to others? Why don’t you tell them“

How to maintain a relationship? 3. It’s helpful to understand each other’s language of love.

How to keep a relationship strong and happy: When it comes to maintaining a long-term relationship, addressing the five languages of love can be an important part.

The five languages of love created by Dr. Gary Chapman show the different ways people experience and express love.

Usually, everyone has a preferred way of expressing love, and for both husband and wife, the language of expressing love is not always the same.

Due to your preference for different language of love, communication difficulties may occur, resulting in a less pleasant relationship.

Knowing your own language of love and your partner’s language of love is like finding a shortcut to better communication and to gain more love and intimacy in your relationship.

The five different languages are:

Positive words: accepting praise or hearing someone tell you they love you is the best way to experience love.

Service behavior: when someone does something for you, such as throwing away the garbage or cleaning the bathroom, you feel loved.

Receive gifts: thoughtful gifts can make you feel your partner’s care and love for you.

Quality time: when your partner tries to spend time with you and gives you full attention, you will feel the most loved.

Physical contact: hugging, hugging in bed, or just being touched on the arm are your favorite ways of expressing love.

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How to maintain a relationship? 4. Attraction and desire can be reawakened.

How to maintain a good relationship: Don’t just focus on physical attraction and sex.

Although you may be attracted by your partner’s appearance, attraction is often multi-layered and depends on many different things.

For some, it’s about the way their partner makes a sound when they laugh, for others, it’s about their smell, the jokes they tell, or the way they pay attention to them.

By focusing on what you’ve found attractive, you’re likely to start feeling that attraction again.

How to maintain a relationship? It’s also a good way to get rid of the negative cycle in which all you can see is the annoying qualities of your partner.

Other times, in order to experience that strong feeling again with your partner, more powerful measures need to be taken.

Maintaining a relationship requires your attention and energy, so that you can stay happy and satisfied.

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How to maintain a relationship? Once they understand this, early attraction and connection can be regained, though not all the time (just a few hours a day!), But it’s enough to make you happy and satisfied.

Now that you know the four ways to stay in a long-term relationship, write down on your calendar which way you want to start and stick to it.

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