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How To Judge Whether He Will Love You Forever?

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Are you really gonna love me forever? This problem bothers many women. In fact, you should ask another question: why am I so insecure.

When you start thinking, “straight up are you really gonna love me forever lyrics ?” When it comes to this problem, it’s mainly because your needs are not met, you don’t have a sense of security, and you lack love in your heart.

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Are you really gonna love me forever? You don’t have to try to change this idea, and you don’t have to affirm yourself with sentences like “chicken soup of the soul” to change your situation. Just be aware of and feel your body and emotions, inner tension or strong negative emotions… Being honest with emotions is a necessary condition for spiritual growth and the first step.

In the interaction with our partner, if we have such uncomfortable feelings, as well as doubts and worries about “does he love me”, we can express them.

You have to make it clear to the other person: “I want you to do this so that I feel safe, full and loved.”

For example, when your partner doesn’t receive your call, you can express your feelings to him:

“Honey, you don’t answer my phone very often recently. I feel very worried. I’ll be afraid you don’t love me as much as you used to. So I really hope you can answer my call in time, or at least look at the missed calls. When you call, you can send me a whats app message immediately, which will make me feel relieved. “

Are you really gonna love me forever? In many cases, the other person can’t imagine how their small actions will cause a huge emotional storm in your heart. Maybe he just ran out of power, muted his cell phone, but forgot to read. It’s a small thing for him.

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But in terms of your feelings, it can be oppressive, full of doubts about whether he doesn’t care about me, doesn’t value me or loves me.

In fact, your need is not to spend a lot of time with each other at work, but to send a signal in time when your sense of scarcity bursts, even if it’s just a simple heart-shaped expression, which is good for you. In short, it’s a big guarantee. Let you know – “you are, you are, you have always been.”

There are great differences between people, people’s demand for love is also different. Therefore, we must learn to express our needs clearly and let each other know our needs.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 1. If he loves you, he will naturally value your needs

Love is meeting each other’s needs.

Straight up are you really gonna love me forever lyrics? If a person really loves you, he will naturally value your needs and be willing to adjust his behavior to meet your needs. He will sincerely hope that you will feel satisfied, safe and happy.

When you clearly put forward your needs, as long as the other party has you in mind, he will consider your feelings next time, and try to reply to your phone in time, so as not to worry you.

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Then some readers may ask, if I ask for a, my partner is not satisfied with me; But he can meet my B, C, D needs, so how to judge whether he loves me in this case?

For example:

I want my partner to quit smoking, but he doesn’t want to quit at all. But at the same time, he is willing to meet my needs in other fields, such as handsome, career success, focus on me and so on. In this case, does he love me and will he love me forever?

At this point, we need to make trade-offs. We need to test it with our own heart: “what’s my bottom line? Does my boyfriend continue to smoke and break my bottom line? If smoking breaks our bottom line, we should end this relationship and stop investing in it.

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Are you really gonna love me forever? 2. Love is common, you should also pay attention to his needs

While learning to express our needs, we must also learn to take care of each other’s needs. Love is mutual. You meet my needs and I meet your needs, so the relationship between the two people will be better and better.

On the contrary, if one person only demands, and the other person continues to give, the relationship will become unbalanced, and when the relationship accumulates to a certain extent, it will collapse.

Therefore, when judging whether our boyfriend loves himself or not, we need to think about another question: “do I often love him and do things to meet his needs?”

Perhaps, at this time he is working, need a little coherent time; Perhaps, at this time, he is socializing at the wine table, and needs a little dignity of “his wife is very reassuring to me”;

Are you really gonna love me forever? Maybe at this time, his mobile phone is dead, he is in a hurry to go home! Understand his needs, respect his needs, and do more to make him feel full, satisfied and safe.

Love is to satisfy each other’s needs. Love is about discussing each other’s needs.

Man is actually a mobile animal.

Are you really gonna love me forever? When you often do things that meet the needs of others, even if it’s just a small thing, the other person will feel loved and warm, and cherish you more.

In this way, the relationship between two people can enter a virtuous circle.

Are you really gonna love me forever? Many times, when we are deeply involved, we can’t look at the problem objectively. Uncertain feelings and emotions can easily cause us unnecessary harm.

If we can accurately judge the behavior and state of two people, we can effectively avoid some problems.

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