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How To Attract Taurus Man With Texting

How to attract Taurus man with texting? Taurus man is very mature and introverted. He usually talks very little and doesn’t like to communicate with the outside world. When chatting with them, we should carefully analyze their personality characteristics and be good at finding topics, so as to gradually enter the Taurus man’s heart, and then the two people may become friends or lovers. Here’s how to attract Taurus man with texting.

How to attract a Taurus man through text

1. Tenderness offensive

Taurus man’s character is particularly gentle, so the chat pace should be as slow as possible. Don’t force them to change their original pace, which will make them feel particularly uncomfortable, and the relationship between them is difficult to further deepen. Before chatting with them, they should do their homework carefully, for example, what food they like to eat and what they like to do at ordinary times, so as to know themselves and their enemies. For example, if you know that they particularly like crayfish, you can directly ask: I know a particularly delicious lobster shop and have the opportunity to eat together. Such topics will make them feel very close and comfortable.
Of course, the more important thing is to talk about some topics he is interested in, so as to attract Taurus man with texting. If he is a very typical Polytechnic man, there is no need to talk about literature with them.


2. Don’t talk too freely

Taurus man is a very conservative and traditional person, so if you want to attract Taurus man with texting, you must grasp the scale and don’t talk about large-scale topics when chatting with them. For example, never tell sexual jokes in front of him, otherwise Taurus man will not only be particularly disgusted, but also feel that you are a particularly unrestrained and even dissolute woman, and the impression of you will drop sharply.

And when chatting with them, don’t jump off the topic too much. You should be able to grasp the steady rhythm, otherwise it will be difficult for them to keep up with your thinking and rhythm. In addition, if you are chatting online, don’t send too many expression packs, otherwise you will dazzle Taurus man.

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3. Don’t borrow money

Although Taurus men are very rich and can manage money, they are very taboo in this regard. So when chatting with them, don’t always mention topics related to money. For example, don’t ask them which financial product is the most reliable, and don’t imply that they borrow money.

In fact, Taurus man himself is a very stingy person and pays special attention to money, so if you always talk about this topic, you will only push it away. If you chat with them on the Internet, don’t always make an exclamation point. The tone of real chat can’t be too heavy, otherwise it will make Taurus man feel uncomfortable.


4. Don’t be too casual

In addition to attract Taurus man with texting, when chatting face-to-face with him, the topic should not be too casual, and keep quiet and introverted. Don’t talk face to face if you have too many body movements. For example, don’t dance or hook up.
Taurus man hates having too much physical contact with unfamiliar people, which will make him extremely disgusted, and his inner impression of you will become particularly bad. And Taurus man hates people who are being chewed, so don’t speak ill of others in front of him, and don’t gossip about other people’s things all day, which will make Taurus man feel uncomfortable.

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Taurus man’s characteristics – appreciation, pretending

To understand Taurus man, you need to understand men’s attitude towards love. Most men avoid talking about their views on love. Especially for people other than their other half, they always pretend to be natural and unrestrained, pretending to be indifferent. Men are active in pursuing women, but they are absolutely passive in expressing themselves. This is especially true for Taurus men. Taurus men who often confuse girls are mainly on this issue. They seem so low-key and loyal, but they can fight bravely when they really like it, but they become silent when they fall in love, and have no insight into their sensitive thoughts. Why?

Pretend. Pretend I don’t care. Pretend I’m sober. Each constellation will panic in the face of love, and has its own different ways to deal with panic. I think the most lovely one is Taurus man. In fact, it has been chaotic. In fact, I can’t extricate myself from love. I just want to pretend that I don’t care and pretend to be very natural and unrestrained. Yes? Different from the Taurus you know? It’s just that you didn’t see the pain when they broke up, and didn’t observe the happy corners of their mouths inadvertently raised when they seemingly told your story.

However, what I want to say is this. Pretending represents the generality of men’s handling of love, which is why I think Taurus can be the spokesman of love. In this way, they interpret the most common and classic psychological changes and growth track of love in human beings.

Therefore, their loyalty comes from their trust in love, and their silence comes from their awe of love. If you love each other, please give him the most ordinary and quiet love. So you can last. Because behind the Taurus man’s pretending, the biggest reason is that he is afraid that the other party will see their original pure faith in love. Therefore, only those who do not have too much psychological struggle, not too many great joys and sorrows can finally get their hearts. Please believe that.

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