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How To Keep A Girl Interested Over Text?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:How to keep a girl interested over text

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How to keep a girl interested over text? Chatting is a regular art. As long as you grasp the rhythm of the conversation, it will become very simple. I believe that for most boys, they are eager to be able to communicate effectively with the girl they like, so that they can fall in love with each other.

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In the art of love, it’s not too much to emphasize the importance of chatting with any force. To pick up a girl is to talk about what, how and with whom. So you know how to chat, you are at least half a love talent

There are several dimensions of chatting: the tone of chatting, the status of chatting, the content of chatting and the purpose of chatting.

Why do you make such a distinction? No matter which of the four points you don’t do well, you will only fail. The tone of chatting: low and young. There is a consensus among people with high IQ and high education in this society that they are nerds who can’t pick up girls.

This consensus has been used as a joke in American TV series. The most popular one is called the big bang. This kind of ridicule is actually very unfair. The fact behind it is that their chat is not only divorced from the young, but also some of them are too professional. Girls instinctively reject this kind of chat.

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So, how can we say that we have the feeling of being young? More vividly: it’s not wrong to talk about each other as a little girl who doesn’t know the world.

Chatting state: funny, charming and induced state is the easiest thing to do, but it is the most difficult to implement, because it is not image, and girls’ judgment of your chatting state is not produced in the process of communicating with you, but doomed at the first sight.

The first impression determines the girl’s attitude towards you, so it’s fatal to make mistakes in the early stage of chasing a girl, but later or after the relationship is confirmed, even if you swear, the other party may not leave you.

Chat content: four don’t + one focus + one skill four don’t:

How to keep a girl interested over text? 1.

Don’t talk about information. Talk about feelings, plots and stories

How to keep a girl interested over text? 2.

Don’t talk about reality, talk about artistic conception, experience and Ma Hang Kong

How to keep a girl interested over text? 3.

Don’t argue, conspire and stand in the same boat

How to keep a girl interested over text? 4.

Don’t talk about negative topics that cause discomfort. One key point: guide girls to express more and share more topics

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In the chat interspersed with the description of the place you want to change the venue, to pave the way for the next step:

How to keep a girl interested over text? 01.

Don’t negate and suppress the other party in language, especially in the form of personal attack

How to keep a girl interested over text? 02.

Refuse to chat: any unnecessary and meaningless speech is like farting, bringing the atmosphere into embarrassment and discomfort

How to keep a girl interested over text? 03.

Open the end of the topic and add more details

How to keep a girl interested over text? 04.

Increase the frequency of chatting: for those with windows, it’s not much to contact 3 times a week!

How to keep a girl interested over text? 05.

The purpose of maintaining eye contact and chatting is to strengthen the atmosphere of love and make the other party have the illusion of enjoying staying with you. A very straightforward way to say that is to strengthen the feeling.

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I feel that this is really so important, because when you feel in place, you will not have ASD when you operate in private space. Finally, remember that no matter how perfect and effective the knowledge is, if you are just in vain, chatting and talking is more like fitness or swimming. If you don’t practice, these skills have nothing to do with you~

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