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How Do You Feel When You Love Somebody?

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Do you know what it’s like to really like someone? Maybe everyone feels different

Psychologists give you the most authoritative three characteristics, telling you three feelings when you love someone.

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When you love somebody 01. The first is physical impulse

How do you feel when you love somebody? Among them, passion is not only the desire component of emotion, but also the infatuation of emotion cognition. That is, when we are interested in someone or something like him, we want to have physical contact with each other. In real feelings, this desire always exists and can only be transferred from your consciousness.

The happiest experience in love is the feeling that both sides like each other. What’s it like when you fall in love with someone? Whether it is the appreciation of the lover, the impulse to take care of her, or self-expression, all belong to psychological expectation, which is also part of the coexistence of emotion and rationality in love.

Just like people full of desire, people who are loved yearn for beauty and happiness, yearn for soul, learn beauty, and even beauty itself. Physical impulse is not only a behavior, but also many other psychological feelings, including the desire to know each other, physical characteristics, thoughts, all hobbies and habits

How do you feel when you love somebody? He will always be the most perfect existence in your heart, as if it is shining, bringing you sunshine and oxygen. You will not be able to hide your curiosity, her appearance of heart, will always make your heart beat faster, shortness of breath.

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How do you feel when you love somebody? When you decide whether you like someone or not, or you decide to love her all your life, commitment doesn’t have to say that. Commitment is a very beautiful and serious thing. The lack of rational commitment will only increase the burden and restraint of the relationship, but also easily lead to physical and mental regret.

How do you feel when you fall in love with someone? In the structure of love, rationality is also very important. The crazier the relationship is, the greater the harm will be. Only a relationship without lack of rationality can last for a long time.

Only in love, people’s basic psychological needs can be met, one is unconditional acceptance, the other is that the people they love occupy the first place in their hearts, especially those with empty and immature psychology, to support each other’s fragile sense of self-worth.

When you love somebody 02. Sense of security, first security, then feeling

How do you feel when you love somebody? In the emotional world, the sense of security is the primary factor, but also the basic needs of people. Only in the premise of a sense of security can there be love.

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Maslow put forward such a view in his famous hierarchy of needs theory: the sense of security is the basic need of human beings, and the sense of security often comes from controllable system and certainty.

If you think there is one thing under your control, it will give you enough security. If you feel out of control, you will feel uneasy.

Original title: psychologists say: truly love someone, there will be these feelings.

When a person can’t get a sense of security from another person’s body emotionally, he will choose to pursue material satisfaction to resist the lack of emotion.

When you love somebody 03. Strong display of self-awareness

How do you feel when you love somebody? Psychologists believe that psychological coincidence is the final result of the extension of intimate relationship. When you really like a person, the psychological tendency is to integrate both sides into one person, and the complete psychological integration between you and another person is a kind of psychological release.

How do you feel when you love somebody? Here we quote Plato’s argument in the chapter of drinking: human beings originally had four legs, four limbs, arms and two faces, but Zeus, the God of the universe, was afraid of human power and divided people into two parts, forcing them to use their lives to find the other half, so as to make themselves perfect.

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Self exposure means telling others about yourself and sharing your inner feelings with others. When you really like someone, you usually start with a non personal topic.

How do you feel when you love somebody? For example, what both sides are interested in is that when these superficial exchanges of interest are responded, the opposite sex will go from shallow to deep. The intimacy between the two sides will continue to increase.

Liking is often a behavior, not a feeling. It’s a choice. We give our fragile self and negative self to the feeling of unknown. It’s a belief that we pay for a person, no matter what the result is.

How do you feel when you love somebody? The essence of love is: physical impulse; The sense of security and strong desire for self-expression, only to understand the nature, we can better pursue the people we love.

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