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Are there many players in the Hinder dating app? 5 ways to spot a love liar

You may have heard this saying: modern people are so busy that they save time for making friends and socializing, because we live in a high-tech era of fast and convenient, and even now we only need to use the Hinder dating app and website with a light finger One slip can determine the marriage partner. However, users of online dating do not all have the mentality of simply knowing or interacting. According to the US media “Business Insider” (Business Insider), dating sites have as many as 10% fake accounts, and some dating sites even average daily To delete more than 600 fake accounts.

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01. Identify scammers in Hinder dating app and protect yourself

Not only in the Hinder dating app, but even many professional social networking sites have “fallen”. Many people use social networking sites to add friends and then set up frauds. For those who want to earnestly manage long-term relationships, they must be more cautious to avoid situations such as playing coffee, leaving after playing or stepping on multiple boats. In more serious cases, they may be deceived and deceived. These are all online. When making friends or using dating software, you must first take good shots and psychological development.


Taking advantage of the human nature of fear of loneliness and desire to be loved, the fraud cases of online dating have continued to emerge from the past. Therefore, how to detect and know whether the other party really wants to be in love has become very important. Here are five methods for reference, so that you can detect and protect yourself through these clues.


1. Common scams in Hinder dating app-the other party loves you at first sight

I haven’t really “meeted” in person yet, just based on the file photos and chatting online, I say I am in love with you. This is a consistent trick of love liars. They are good at taking away the hearts of victims with rhetoric and long love poems as soon as they start a chat. In fact, as long as you copy those love words, you will find that they have been copied when you check the Internet.


Take the situation in the West as an example. In order to create a good background and a deep picture of the situation, most of these scammers claim to come from the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries. They are all doctors, generals, or oil well engineers. What’s even more blind is that they all work in the Middle East, and then they all work in the Middle East. Half of them have passed away and have children. They all want to find a mother for the children, so as to arouse the maternal love of women. Stringing these patterns together makes it even more ridiculous than a bell. When his story gains your trust, they will begin to use various names and methods to ask you for money or credit card information.

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2. Common scams in Hinder dating app-identity verification is important

It is very important to confirm the identity of the other person. If you find the other persons header photos and background information, they are not only tall, rich and handsome, but also look like professional models. It is very likely that the other person is not the person he claims to be. The files of these people generally have the following characteristics: attractive appearance, medium height , Middle-aged, engineers (male) or students (female), and high-income groups.


Now, with a single mouse click, you can not only search by name, but also download photos, and then upload them to a reverse image search site for identity verification. I would rather spend some time doing your homework than wasting on a scam. .


3. Common scams in Hinder dating app-based on the principle of not revealing personal information

When you encounter people who always want to contact you by private communication, instead of using websites or dating software to send messages, you should be more vigilant. Please remember not to expose private information to the other party, including mobile phones and other contact information. Some will keep asking for your home address, and some will encourage you to use other websites and upgrade to membership.


4. Common scams in Hinder dating app-invite each other to video or meet

If you dont like typing, and invite the other party to video or make an appointment, usually these scammers will refuse or ask you to help pay for transportation. Obviously, most of them are Internet scams. In addition, please be sure to choose a public place with a large number of people for the date of the date, rather than choosing a private place, such as the other partys residence or an unsafe place. Especially when you meet for the first time, you must put your own safety first. One.

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5. Common scams in Hinder dating app-let those who care about you know

If you are using dating software, please at least let your friends or family members who care about you know that experienced people can help and accompany you, and at the same time, you can avoid unnecessary suffering. It is better to give advice and assistance than to face it alone.


Online dating is only an auxiliary tool, not the only choice for making friends. Dont rush to reap the results immediately. When encountering fake accounts or being scammed, you must remember to report them. In addition to protecting yourself, you also avoid more people from being harmed. More importantly, when you find the right person, please manage the relationship with care and patience in order to go further.

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