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5 Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared

What are the signs he wants you back but is scared or what are the signs your ex wants you back but is scared? Many girls pessimistically think that the ex firmly proposed to break up, no matter how to do, there is no possibility of recovery, but I do not know that the ex has these kinds of performance, which shows that he still has feelings for you and wants to start with you again. You should know there are signs ex wants you back but is scared, and it’s just that he’s not sure.

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When you know the signs ex wants you but is scared, you will know that he wants to see your performance before making a decision. However, some girls, due to some wrong actions or don’t know how to identify, miss the best time when their predecessors want to save you. Now let me talk about some of the signs he wants to come back but is scared.

5 signs he wants you back but is scared

1. Signs he wants you back but is scared: your ex keeps in touch with you frequently

Many girls will have this feeling, even if they break up, the ex sometimes takes the initiative to send a message to you, and you send a message to him, he will actively reply, but when it comes to compound, the ex will shrink back.

What are the signs he wants you back but is scared? Let’s not mention the complex things. Under what circumstances do you think a person will frequently contact another person? The answer must be yes! The reason why he is still in contact with you and does not exclude chatting with you means that he still has feelings for you. If he hates you and has no time to hide from you, how can he take the initiative to contact you.

It’s only what you did to hurt the other person in the process of communication that led to the breakup, but in fact he still loves you.

2. Signs he wants you back but is scared: your ex observes your daily activities

A person’s words reflect a person’s mood. If he hates you very much and wants to break up with you, he will be excited and happy to get rid of you. But on the contrary, if he sends this kind of sad essay, it proves that he is not willing to give up.

The subtext behind him may be like this: “in fact, I don’t want to separate, but I’m helpless.”.

Its not hard to understand signs he wants you back but is scared. In fact, the ex broke up with you, he is also very sad, and obviously, breaking up is a last resort. So at this time, if you can get to the sad point of your ex and then communicate with him, you may have unexpected gains.

3. Signs he wants you back but is scared: your ex is spying on you

If your friend suddenly comes to you and says, “why does that person (your ex) keep asking me what you’ve been doing?”, This is a good sign that he still cares about you (even if he may not admit it). This is one of the signs he wants you back but is scared.

This time, teach you a little skill, you can use your friend, pass your change. It’s not for you to pass on what you want to say through this friend.

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Instead, you tell your friends about your understanding of the relationship, the improvement of your cognition, including your reflection on the relationship, and your current positive life. And then pass it on to your ex intentionally or unintentionally through your friends.

If your ex learns from your friends that you are really different, then his curiosity will increase greatly.

4. Signs he wants you back but is scared: your ex deliberately withholds some information from you

When you find that you are chatting with your ex, the other person seems to deliberately hide some information from you, which makes you feel very mysterious. For example, when you ask him where he went to play yesterday, the other person hesitates and hesitates to tell you.

When you know these signs he wants you back but is scared, you will understand his emotions to you: because I like you, I feel that some information may hurt you, and I’m even afraid that you really leave him (if he clearly tells you that the new lover he made with him yesterday went out to play, won’t it make you die), so I just shut up, so pay attention to whether the other party has such behavior, which may be the signal that he still has feelings for you.

5. Signs he wants you back but is scared: your ex often meets you by chance

The final signs he wants you back but is scared: If you often meet your ex by chance, whether it’s on your way to the company, at the corner of your downstairs alley, or even at random shopping, my friend, I don’t think it’s a chance encounter. It’s just a deliberate arrangement of your ex! So if you find it easy to meet your ex, it means he wants to save you.

The above are the signs he wants you back but is scared. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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