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Why He Always Texts Me Back But Never Texts Me First?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: He always texts me back but never texts me first

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I believe you must have met such a boy, in your ambiguous stage, whenever you send a message to him, he will return to you, but you never get his active greetings. No matter good morning or good night, you send a message first, and then the other party politely answers you. So why he always texts me back but never texts me first?

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You thought that in this relationship, the ambiguous time has been long enough, and can start to enter the next stage, but there must be a big question, why he will return your message, but never take the initiative to contact you, in fact, the main reasons are these three.

Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? 1He has a delicate relationship with you

He always texts me back but never texts me first: I believe that you will have a friend you have known since childhood. For example, your friends mistakenly think that you two are secretly in love, but in fact, you are very good friends.

Boys like this usually don’t take the initiative to send messages to you. The main reason is that their relationship with you is too subtle. Although they are not lovers, they have deeper relationship than ordinary friends. Therefore, they will take the initiative to avoid some troubles and deliberately avoid getting along with you. Such girls can only be said to have very positive three outlooks, As long as you’re not your girlfriend, you shouldn’t have any intimate relationship.

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Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? 2He thinks you’re just a friend

He always texts me back but never texts me first: If in the process of getting along with both of you, he never takes the initiative to greet you, but he just answers your message, then he mostly regards you as his ordinary friend and doesn’t want to have other feelings with you.

Because for them, ordinary friends only need to stand up and answer your doubts when solving problems. They don’t need to chat every day. Such behavior is really ambiguous, so they will take the initiative to avoid such things. If he is such an attitude, then you should give up the relationship as soon as possible, because he really doesn’t have any idea about you.

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Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? 3It doesn’t matter to you. Take you as an alternative

He always texts me back but never texts me first: In a relationship, if a boy really loves someone, he will hope that no matter when he is around, he will be able to accompany him. If he is not around, he will need to master the whereabouts of every minute. But if he does not ask you these questions, he will have no feelings for you.

But if you will keep the daily chat, then you should be careful, because the other party may just take you as an alternative, and will find you when he needs company, but once the person you like appears, you will be completely forgotten by him.

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Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? The best love needs to go both ways. If you are only making efforts unilaterally, there is no need to continue this kind of love. After all, if you work hard, you will be very tired. Even if you really love each other very much and can persist for a period of time, you will still be tired of such an incomprehensible life if it goes on like this, Then the final result of this relationship is to choose to end.

Instead of falling in love with someone who doesn’t feel for you, it’s better to find someone who is really worth your liking and giving everything for him. If he only returns your news occasionally, but he never cares about your ordinary life, it’s better to let go as soon as possible.

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