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Who Is The God Of Love?

Who is the god of love? Love is an eternal theme, it can always touch the softest place in people’s heart. Everyone hopes that their love can be blessed by the God of love. Do you know any God of love?

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Who is the god of love? 6 different types of god of love

1. Who is the god of love? The God of love in ancient Greek and Roman mythology

The embodiment of love and beauty — Aphrodite (Venus)

Who is the Greek god of love and who is roman god of love?  In ancient Greek mythology, the God of love is called Aphrodite, while in ancient Roman mythology, it is called Venus. She is the embodiment of love and beauty in Greek mythology and one of the Twelve Gods of Olympus.

There are two popular sayings about her birth: the first is that she was born from the sea,; Another is that she was born of Zeus and Dione. It is worth mentioning that Aphrodite was born in the sea, so she is also the patron saint of navigation.

Aphrodite has a magic belt, called the Albizzia belt. It is a symbol of love between men and women ribbon, who wear it, who will have an irresistible charm, any opposite sex will deeply love her.

2. Who is the god of love? Little Eros (cupid)

In ancient Greek mythology, the son of Aphrodite was named Eros. In ancient Roman mythology is the son of Venus, named Cupid.

Most of his images are about to enter the youth of the beautiful youth (or a mischievous little boy with a bow and arrow). Although sometimes he is blindfolded, no one or God, including Jupiter, can escape his pranks. His golden arrow will produce love, his lead arrow will produce hatred, he often aimlessly shot. It has a pair of glittering golden wings. He wandered with his bow and arrow. He playfully shot a thrilling arrow to arouse the passion of love. Bring vitality to the nature, give all things the ability to reproduce. This lovely and naughty elf has two kinds of magic arrows: the golden arrow to speed up love and the lead arrow to stop love. In addition, he has a torch to light his heart.

3. Who is the god of love? The God of love in Nordic mythology

Freya is the God in charge of marriage and family in Nordic mythology. She is also the wife of Odin. Freya is a woman who has a strong ability of prophecy, knows the direction of the future, but never divulges what she knows. She is also a god of abundance and a symbol of grain maturity.

4. Who is the god of love? The God of love in Indian mythology

Lakshmi is the goddess in charge of luck, wealth and love, and is considered as the auspicious goddess in Buddhism. Lakshmi is the wife of Vishnu, one of the three main gods in India. When many incarnations of Vishnu come to the world, Lakshmi often accompanies her, so she is sometimes regarded as the “mother of the world”.

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5. Who is the god of love? The God of love in Egyptian mythology

Isis is the goddess in charge of marriage and fertility in ancient Egyptian mythology, and she is also in charge of life and magic. She is regarded as a model of perfect women, as well as a protector of the dead and children. The image of Isis has influenced the image of goddess in other myths, such as the image of virgin and child in Catholicism, which is similar to the image of Isis.

6. Who is the god of love? The God of love in China: Yuelao

The old man under the moon, also known as the old man on the moon, is a legendary figure in charge of human marriage. It is said that Wei Gu of the Tang Dynasty ran into the old man under the moon in the song city. The old man under the moon pointed out the marriage object for Wei Gu by pulling the red rope. Later, Wei Gu married Wang Tai’s daughter, the governor of Xiangzhou, according to the old man’s words. The story has been handed down to this day, which makes later generations believe that the combination of men and women is made up by Yuelao holding the red rope, which is also called Yuelao. It is said that in the immortal family, there is an old man under the moon who is in charge of human marriage. It is said that whoever can become a husband and wife is an old man under the moon

He was first chosen by the people to tie his feet with a red rope, so many people gave him statues and temples to protect him.

In the old days, on the edge of the West Lake in Hangzhou, there was an old man’s temple under the moon. There were a lot of young girls and widowed men who went to burn incense, draw lots and make wishes. There are 77479 divination signs in the temple. The first one is: “guanguanju, on the river island. My fair lady is a gentleman The last branch is: “may all lovers be married.” The theme of people’s praying for the old man under the moon is very ingenious.

It was in the Tang Dynasty that the old man under the moon was first discovered.

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