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Flirting With Coworker: How?

Flirting with coworker: Some ways for you!

Today we share with you tips on how guys can flirt with girls.

“Do you know what’s good to drink in winter? “

“Good for pampering you.”

Some people say that talking like this is flirting with a girl.

But in my opinion it’s a joke that makes people happy.

Flirting should be.


1. Flirting must be based on a high profile

2. flirting is the cut of both sides evenly matched

3. flirting is a means of upgrading the relationship

4. flirting with a little aggression


Before going into detail about the above 4 points, let’s first understand the nature of “flirting”.

Can we not flirt with girls?

The answer is of course yes!

Coworker flirting: In life, there are many men who do not like to flirt, they follow the rules, look serious and serious, and sometimes even say a dirty word will feel flushed

But they will still have girls like

So get along with girls, it is not necessary to flirt

However, if you want to.

1. the pursuit of flirtation

2. pursue the pleasure of flirting with the opposite sex

3. want to give the girl a good emotional experience

4. Want to leave a good memory to the girl

5. to get rid of the impression that girls think you are “mute”, “rigid”

Then you can learn the skills of flirting with girls





What is the essence of flirting with girls

To say it out loud may make you feel very rough, very direct!

Flirting with coworker: Flirting is – foreplay of foreplay

Remember this concept!

All flirting is just foreplay!

Flirting with coworker: All flirting is just foreplay, even if it is directly or indirectly related to “sex” (human nature is such that many things are related to “sex”, even the glass bottles of Coca-Cola have to be made into sexy curves to increase sales)

Flirting, a little lighter, such as.


Your mouth is sexy

A little deeper flirting such as.

If I hold your hand while watching a movie, will you hit me (snickering emoji)

A more in-depth flirtation.

I want to have breakfast with you (shy face)

If no one is here, I’ll kiss you (laughing emoji)

This is all a little hazy with “foreplay” relationship

It is very important to understand this, at least to keep you from going off track!





Next, tell you about the 4 elements of flirting

1. Flirtation should be based on a high profile  

Flirting with coworker: If you are just a licking dog, then you are not the power of flirting.

Lick the dog, only the power to please each other.

We can see from many movie sequences, are women pulling men’s ties, and then men want to tackle.

The more the woman pulls, the more the man is about backward.

Suddenly a kiss blocked over.

immediately left again.

As you can see, the man is in a high-value position.

The woman is afraid to lose him, not he is afraid to lose the woman.


2. Flirting is an evenly matched sparring match   

Yes, flirting is a sparring match between two people

And not to treat each other as a fool, and then you alone there to talk to yourself, self-importance!

Flirting with coworker: For example, the previous sentence said to take care of you

Or perhaps say

“Do you know what the difference is between you and a monkey? Monkeys live in the mountains, you live in my heart ….”

The play are you a person to grab the play finished, the other party how to interact with you!

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3. Flirting is a means to upgrade the relationship  

The flirting without upgrading the relationship is not flirting

Flirting with coworker: For example, some people say when they are hitting on someone.


Where are you from?

Then the girl said: xxx

You say: No, you are my sweetheart

This kind of chat does not play any role in upgrading the relationship

So this can not be considered flirting

The correct flirtation should be to follow the stage of the relationship, to choose the depth of flirtation!

When you first meet someone, flirting should be as simple as saying

Your eyes are discharging.

It’s enough.


4. Flirting with a little aggression  

Flirting with coworker: Flirting is not to make girls happy, not to be funny

It is to enhance the relationship

So, a little aggressiveness in flirting is necessary!

Many brothers do not understand what is aggressiveness

It is a little bit “out of bounds” feeling

Flirting with coworker: For example, if you are still friends, you have to say something that crosses the line, such as.

You’re so cute again, don’t blame me for having bad thoughts about you ……





Common flirting methods – push and pull method

Flirting with coworker: Push and pull is a common method of flirting, so that women feel that you do not like her for a while, and then like.

A time to praise her to make her happy, a time to damage her to make her cry and laugh. This method of making women’s emotions fluctuate is push and pull.

When the woman in the man to experience a variety of emotions, then she is likely to the man “call”.

Flirting with coworker: Push and pull generally have two directions, one is the woman’s body, such as high, short, fat, thin, features and so on. One is the woman’s character, such as gentle, cute, etc..


How specifically push and pull it?

Flirting with coworker: You can praise a woman’s body, but bad character. For example, “You have long legs, a look is a strong woman.”

Or say: “You are very tall ah, is a cute tall girl.” Or say: “Your eyes look gentle, I did not expect people so fierce.”

This kind of praise with damage in the way, more likely to provoke the woman’s inner waves.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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