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The Five Relationships In Love: Which One Are You?

I once heard a sentence, the Five Relationships theory says “When you choose a person, you also choose a set of problems that you must face.” Another problem with Five Relationships is to look at how to identify what he or she really wants. what?

In the years of research on Five Relationships, we have discovered a strange phenomenon: Although we often see some articles on the Internet sharing some emotional articles, many psychologists have also found that gratefulness, communication, and praise of partners can increase couplessatisfaction[2 ] But why are there so many grievances? Why are these methods always limited in effect in actual operation?

Five Relationships gives some answers.

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You can ask yourself: In Five Relationships, what do I need most (perhaps you want them all, please force yourself to choose the one you need most)? What does he need most (please let him choose by himself, you must not be allowed to choose for him)?


A. Five Relationships-Compliment and encouragement from the other side

B. Five Relationships-Warm Gifts for Anniversary

C. Five Relationships-Assist in completing your work

D. Five Relationships-Carefully communicate and accompany time

E. Five Relationships-Body embrace and contact


Gary Chapman divides the “receiver of love” into Five Relationships, including positive words, receiving gifts, service actions, elaborate moments, and physical contact. The above Five Relationships correspond to the following Five Relationships types (please complete the above quiz and see the answer).


A. Five Relationships-Positive

This kind of Five Relationships, you really need to be seen. When others praise you, or say that you have done something particularly well, although you will be a little embarrassed, but very happy, because what you have always pursued is the feeling of being affirmed, valued, and needed . So if someone can accept your opinions, listen to your sharing of achievements or professions, express gratitude to you, etc., it will make you feel cared and loved.


B. Five Relationships-Gift Type

You long for something. I really like to receive gifts, so you attach great importance to birthdays, anniversaries together, and even all the holidays that belong to couples during the year. You all hope to receive gifts and blessings from each other. This is not to say that you are a money worshiper, perhaps because of the lack of material since childhood, the partiality of your parentshands, etc., which make you want to “own” your own things and “exclusive” gifts for yourself, so you usually Only by giving gifts to important people can you feel that he cares about you. You belong to this kind of Five Relationships.


C. Five Relationships-Work Type

You are an actual person. Compared with the romantic flowers and gentle gifts, you pay more attention to whether they can help you. For example, dealing with some trivial matters together, using some specific actions to help you complete your work, doing housework, preparing meals, or organizing the environment, etc., will make you feel that you are cared for, understood, and valued in this relationship. Especially when he is devoted to helping, or sacrificing some of his time to complete the things you deliver, you will deeply feel that the other party values you.


D. Five Relationships-Companionship

From start to finish, all you care about is your heart. More precisely, you like the time that two people spend together. Whether it’s studying together in a coffee shop without doing anything during vacation, or focusing on chatting and communicating for 15 minutes every night, as long as you take the time to focus on each other, it is a warm time. For example, accompany you to chat, cook, play video games, or even just take a bath together. The point is that during this period of time, two people have everything about each other, so you can feel love and belonging more than anything else.

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E. Five Relationships-Sensory

You are a person who embraces sex hungry. Being improperly treated in the same year, too little skin contact, too long waiting, etc., make you have a high need for a sense of security. You not only want the other person to always be by your side, but also want to be able to contact him and feel his body temperature, because this is the most real sense of security. People of this type may have higher sexual desires (or desires for physical contact), but the real meaning behind these desires is actually wanting to be loved, cared for, and cared for through kissing, holding hands, hugging, and caressing , Can alleviate the anxiety and anxiety about the relationship in the heart.


02. What kind of person do you belong to when you are in love?

1. Five Relationships-Reasonable Lovers

They are introverted and loyal to the other half, and what they need most is to have a close connection with the other half. In this way, they hope that the other half is a careful, kind-hearted person who will consider their needs and can take care of their mood.


2. Five Relationships-Traitor Lovers

Traitor lovers, as the name suggests, are not so dedicated to feelings. They adopt an “open-ended” attitude towards relationships. Usually traitor lovers are warm and generous, so they like to have fun in time, as long as they are attractive to each other. It doesn’t matter if there is no stable relationship.


3. Five Relationships-Adventurous Lovers

They are bold and full of charm. They like to accomplish many things with their spouse and create common memories that belong only to the two. Therefore, “trust” is very important to them. They want the other’s thoughts and behaviors to be close to themselves, so that they can maintain a stable and long-term relationship.


4. Five Relationships-Romantic Lovers

Romance and fantasies are their characteristics, and their personalities tend to be conservative, but once they fall into love, they will give themselves without reservation. It takes a lot of love and time to care for them to fall in love with them.


6. Five Relationships-Giving Lovers

For them, being able to give for the other half is their greatest happiness~ They are selfless and generous, and giving lovers will care about the communication between two people very much. In their eyes, the commitment and communication between the two are very important. of!


7. Five Relationships-Family Lovers

They are very concerned about their own ideas and like to share their opinions with their partners, but they really need a stable partner so that they can share their ideas, so the “communicative relationship” is the most important first priority for them.


8. Five Relationships-Millionaires

Geeks are a bit like traitor lovers. They are also passionate, humorous, and flirting lovers. They enjoy the appreciative glances from others, but they are still very dedicated to feelings. However, because they like the appreciative gaze of others, their significant other also has to praise him from time to time, so that they can continue to project their charm and show themselves in this relationship~


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