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32 Expectation Quotes In Relationship

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Emotional expectation quotes, cherish the reality of marriage sentences.

Emotional expectation quotes 01

Expectation quotes 1. The best love is like this: you accompany me through nothing, I accompany you to the end of the years.

Expectation quotes 2. No one will hold love forever, but someone will enjoy it forever.

Expectation quotes 3. Marriage is like a book. The first chapter is poetry, full of passion; The other chapters are plain prose, plain as water.

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Emotional expectation quotes 02

Expectation quotes 4. Finally become a coward, never dare to test the truth of love.

Expectation quotes 5. The so-called perfect is that the earphone volume just covers the external noise, you just wake up naturally when the alarm clock rings, and the person you love just loves you.

Expectation quotes 6. There is no unfortunate marriage, only unfortunate couple. A couple entered the palace of marriage with a very beautiful vision of marriage, but in the end they were disappointed, so they blame marriage, saying that marriage is the tomb of love, but in fact, it is their own fault.

Expectation quotes 7. There was a tsunami in my heart at the moment I saw you, but I stood still and didn’t let anyone know.

Emotional expectation quotes 03

Expectation quotes 8. Secret love is a kind of courtesy. Build a castle secretly.

Expectation quotes 9. Trust is the most important trait shared by two people in a marriage relationship, and it is also indispensable to build a happy and growing relationship.

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Expectation quotes 10. They said, where there is wind. It’s the soul of the one you love.

Expectation quotes 11. To be with you all the time is the most beautiful heaven.

Expectation quotes 12. Love is just in time. The rain will come suddenly. If you listen to your heart, it will become infinitely transparent.

The worst part of lying is that the person you love believes your lie.

Expectation quotes 14. Because I love you, I often want to apologize to you. My love is heavy and dirty, with many unpleasant things, such as sadness, sadness, self pity, despair, and my heart is so fragile. I am always defeated by these negative emotions, as if I am struggling and sinking in a swamp. And I love you, just want to drag you in, but hope you save me.

Emotional expectation quotes 04

Expectation quotes 15. You can have everything, but not at the same time.

Expectation quotes in relationship 16. Miss you deeply, miss you deeply… My love, do you know? For me, your smile is the most important!

Expectation quotes in relationship 17. How can I not cherish such a you in the world?

Expectation quotes in relationship 18. Along the way, husband and wife have had too many difficulties, experienced too many things together, and experienced countless hardships together; Therefore, we should cherish each other well and take care of each other; I’ll be with you all my life.

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Expectation quotes in relationship 19. On the day of love, we share weal and woe, and we walk side by side in the wind and rain. At that time, I held up an umbrella with my left hand to protect you from the wind and rain, and my right hand gently held your willow waist. My feelings were as smooth as lingering drizzle.

Expectation quotes in relationship 20. Women don’t think men are fickle until they have no charm, and men don’t think women are realistic until they have no strength.

Expectation quotes in relationship 21. Many people think that if two people are familiar with each other like relatives, there will be no love. In fact, love to plain, is the beginning of life. Strong love is often flowing, love you will love others. So the important thing is not to love you, but to love you only. What matters is not how deep the love is, but how deep the love is. It’s easy to find someone to fall in love, but it’s hard for a lifetime. So please remember this sentence: love your family, is eternal.

Expectation quotes in relationship 22. If you can’t be together, don’t give each other any hope or hint. This is the biggest responsibility; Separated, do not disturb, let each other live in peace, this is the last gentle.

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Emotional expectation quotes 05

Great expectation quotes 23. A good feeling for a person can last for up to 4 months. Once it exceeds, it may be love. True love is not a temporary good feeling, but I know it’s not easy to meet you. It’s a pity to miss you.

Great expectation quotes 24. Maybe we didn’t get together in the end, but thank you for coming to my year. We have been happy and sad together, and you have been my one.

Great expectation quotes 25. True love is not to let go when you are tired or to separate when you are not suitable. Even if you are tired, you also want to be together. Even if it is not suitable, you also want to strive for it. Tired is because care, inappropriate is because love is not enough, real love does not have so many excuses.

Great expectation quotes 26. No relationship is predestined, no love is taken for granted, so when you meet someone who is willing to hold your hand, please don’t let it go easily.

Great expectation quotes 27. True love is not to let go when you are tired, not to separate when you are not suitable. Even if you are tired, you also want to be together. Even if it is not suitable, you also want to strive for it. Tired is because care, inappropriate is because love is not enough, real love does not have so many excuses.

Love expectation quotes 28. When two people are together, it’s good to be happy. The more you care, the more tired you are. I love you, you are free, this is the best view of love.

Love expectation quotes 29. At that moment, you finally found that the person you loved had disappeared in the world as early as the day of farewell. The love and missing in my heart are just the remembrance I once had.

Emotional quotations 06

Love expectation quotes 30. In this world, there is no feeling that can go back. Even if you really go back, you will find that everything is beyond recognition. The only thing that can go back is the memory in my heart. Yes, we can’t go back, so we have to go straight ahead.

Love expectation quotes 31. Even if we don’t get to the end, I won’t feel sorry. You have your bitterness and bitterness, and I have my joys and sorrows. Since the meeting time is not enough for us to stay for each other, I wish that we will not disturb each other in our pride in the future.

Love expectation quotes 32. Once loved a person deeply, how can you really forget. If you forget, it’s just an understatement of love. I don’t want to let people know, but I still remember the clear facts in my heart.

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