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Ending Toxic Relationships: 10 Harmful Relationships!

Ending Toxic Relationships: To get along with people, you need to be aware of ten harmful relationships! How to end a toxic relationship? How to end a toxic relationship with someone you love?

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Ending Toxic Relationships: Aware Of 10 Harmful Relationships!

Ending Toxic Relationships: To get along with people, you need to be aware of ten harmful relationships!

Ending toxic relationships: How to end a toxic relationship? How to end a toxic friendship? How to end a toxic relationship with someone you love?

Ending Toxic Relationships -The end of all relationships is a kind of harm, but letting go of a harmful relationship is another gain, not loss.

When we were children, we started sex education in elementary school; we learned about the legality of marriage when we were adolescents; we were exposed to social psychology in college. But when it comes to solving complex interpersonal relationships in the real world, we rarely get effective guidance. Even worse, all the advice we can get is from a wide range of online magazines.

The establishment of interpersonal relationships requires constant attempts, and on this path, we will experience many mistakes. A large part of the problem is that many harmful relationship behaviors are related to our cultural background. What we advocate is carefree romantic love, just like: before two people really understand each other, they can go through life together happily. And we have elevated the relationship to concrete, treating them as personal property. Therefore, our friends and lovers are often regarded as assets, rather than people with free will who can share true love and emotional support.

Fortunately, in the past few decades, a lot of scientific research has been done on healthy and happy relationships, allowing people to know how to build up their spiritual power to fight harmful relationships and behaviors. “How to end a toxic relationship?”

This is what I most want to share with you today: the ten most common harmful relationships we need to avoid.

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Ending Toxic Relationships
1. Only one person manages the relationship

When the relationship between two people is only managed by one person, such a relationship is harmful. When you feel out of control or a little lost, you may be inclined to find someone who is willing to take responsibility for your life, just to relieve this pressure. But before you do this, you need to consider: if you put a rope around your neck and give the rope to someone else, you will not know where they lead your life.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” In a relationship, we should not feel powerless and restricted. If either of them feels powerless and restricted, then the relationship does not really exist. Because the essence of the relationship between the two is freedom.

Healthy relationships are based on free will and teamwork. Interpersonal relationships are an important path to personal growth and happiness, and the most important path in your life is to meet on the way. If you choose to cooperate with others instead of confronting or trying to control them, you will gain more growth and happiness. It’s like a circle. The strength of a relationship depends on the personal strength of the two members in the relationship, and in the long run, the personal strength of the two members is determined by the quality of the relationship.

Ending Toxic Relationships
2. The relationship that should make you complete

In our cultural background, a dream of romantic love usually means that once you meet Mr. Right, it means that you will no longer feel sad and bored, and enter a complete and eternal state of bliss. Therefore, you will make it your partner’s task to make you happy and complete. However, the truth is that a healthy relationship can indeed bring happiness, but filling your emptiness is not your partner’s job. This is your task. Unless you can fully take on your emptiness, pain, or boredom, problems will inevitably arise in your relationship.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” The inner self’s desire for completeness stems from the ignorance of the self. No one in the world can make you happy except yourself. This is something you have to do by yourself. Before you can share happiness with others, you must be able to create your happiness first.

Ending Toxic Relationships
3. Interdependence

When your actions and thoughts are completely centered on another person and ignore your own needs, this is dependence, and it is unfavorable. When you set others to be responsible for your feelings, or you are responsible for the feelings of others, both of you will develop a tendency to interdependence. Neither of you can make plans unless you get permission. All activities, even general things, such as watching TV, must be negotiated and agreed upon. When one person feels sad, all of them need to go for a walk, because now it is your responsibility to make others feel better.

The biggest problem that develops into a tendency toward interdependence is resentment. For example, my girlfriend once lost her temper to me because she had a bad day, was very emotional, and needed attention, which is understandable. But if this becomes an expectation, expecting me to live around her emotions 24 hours a day, then eventually I will feel pain for her feelings and needs.

As Jim Rohn once said: The best gift you can give to others is your personal growth. I once said: If you are willing to take care of me, I am also willing to take care of you. But now I will say: I will take good care of myself for you if you are willing to take good care of yourself for me.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” In other words: take responsibility for your own emotions and expect your partner and friends to be responsible for themselves. There is a subtle but important difference between active support and forced to give. Any contribution to others should be a self-directed choice, not an obligation.

Ending Toxic Relationships
4. A relationship based on idealized expectations

Perfection is just an illusion, none of us is perfect. Therefore, when you are inclined to change others, you need to remind yourself: They can never be imperfect, just be themselves. When you have fewer expectations of the people you care about, the happier your relationship will be. No one in your life will be what you want. They are not you, they will not love, give, understand and respond like you.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” The biggest disappointment in life and interpersonal relationships comes from misplaced expectations. Reducing unrealistic expectations of others can greatly reduce unnecessary frustration and pain.

Any real relationship will not be perfect, but if you are willing to manage it and open your heart, it will become anything you ever dreamed of.

Ending Toxic Relationships
5. Use the old account to win the relationship

When the people you associate with continue to blame you for your previous mistakes, then your relationship is harmful. If both people in a relationship do this, it becomes a hopeless war. Arguing over who has been worse in these years, it turns out to be hurt in the end.

When you use the past mistakes of others to prove that you are right now, it is a double-loss situation. You are not only evading the current problem but also digging out the shame and pain from the other party’s past mistakes to make the other party feel wrong in the current situation.

If things go on like this, the two parties in this relationship will eventually exhaust their energy to try to prove that they have fewer mistakes than the other party instead of solving the current problems. They spend most of their time doing as few mistakes as possible, rather than doing as much right as possible.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” You must realize that when you choose someone to associate with, you also choose to coexist with their previous mistakes. If you don’t accept these mistakes, then you will not accept them in the end. If past events bother you, you need to face them. Let the past become the past.

Ending Toxic Relationships
6. Relationships based on lies

Sincerity is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If the trust and sincerity are broken, it takes time for two people to actively repair and heal. I often hear the patients I counsel say: I didn’t tell him, but I didn’t lie to him either! This sentence is contradictory, just as omission is a lie. If you cover up the facts in various ways, it is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed, but the trust and sincerity in this relationship are broken.

Remember, an honest opponent is better than a lying friend or lover. Focus more on what they do and less on what they say. In the long run, their actions will tell you the truth.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” If you find that the person you care about is lying to you, you have to tell it. Some people repeatedly lie to you in order to make you repeat their lie until the lie comes true. Remember not to participate in their absurdity. Don’t let their lies become your facts. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your truth! Unless the truth is told, forgiveness and reconciliation cannot begin.

Ending Toxic Relationships
7. Lack of forgiveness and rebuilding trust relationships

Not understanding that the broken mirror can reunite will lead to a terrible future. When trust sincerity is broken, it is vital to realize that it can be repaired. At the same time, people who try their best to complete this hard work can grow themselves.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” It’s like shattering the stubborn stones in your relationship to ashes. At the same time, you get a chance to get rid of your previous mode of getting along like never before. This is a painful thing and a time when you may give up, especially if you don’t believe that broken trust can be repaired. But if you believe that the level of trust will rise and fall in your life, then you will be more willing to find the strength to persevere and grow together.

Ending Toxic Relationships
8. Negative aggressive behavior affects the communication relationship

There are many forms of negative aggression, but nonverbal aggression is usually used to express negative behavior. They choose sensitive and annoying gestures to target you instead of expressing their feelings candidly.

This is an obvious form of a harmful relationship. This shows that neither of you can open up detailed communication with each other in a comfortable way. A person will not become passive or aggressive for no reason. If they can feel safe in this relationship, let them express their concerns. A person will never feel that they need to hide behind negative aggression if they feel that their thoughts and thoughts will not be criticized and blamed.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” In a healthy relationship, feelings and needs can be shared openly. Make it clear that the other party does not need and is not obligated to be responsible for your views, but let them know that you want their support. If they care about you, they will be happy to support it, or just compromise in some way.

Ending Toxic Relationships
9. Relationships governed by emotional blackmail

Emotional blackmail means that when you do not do what others want you to do, others attack you with emotional punishment. The key here is that the result of emotional blackmail has caused you to change your behavior and go against your wishes. In other words, if there is no emotional blackmail, you will not do it, but you are afraid of punishment, so you choose to yield. This is typical harmful behavior.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” The best solution to negative aggressive behavior is to communicate. Both parties in a relationship need to know this: it should be safe to communicate negative thoughts and feelings with the other party, without punishment and stimulating repercussions. Otherwise, people will suppress their true thoughts and feelings, creating an environment of distrust and manipulation.

Remember, it’s okay to be disappointed with the person you care about or dislike certain things about them. This is where our imperfection lies. Realize that being loyal to someone is not the same thing as always making his choice. A person can be loyal to others without liking them. On the contrary, if two people can communicate sincerely without criticism and emotional blackmail, the level of commitment between the two will increase in the long term.

Ending Toxic Relationships
10. Lack of quality time relationship

Interpersonal relationships are like all living things. They need time to survive and grow. When you have children, work, and a body that needs nutritious food and exercise, your life can easily be taken over by these things. But your interpersonal relationship is like your body. If you don’t use the effective time to irrigate every week, it will gradually wither.

“How to end a toxic relationship?” Set aside time each week to focus on the people you care about and spend just a few minutes every day with your closest relationships to communicate effectively.

The most precious thing you can give is your sincerity, high concentration, and dedication. Getting along with people, listening carefully, and not being disturbed by alarm clocks and unknown events is the best greeting. This is also the most precious gesture you can show to others.

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