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35 You Don’t Love Me Quotes

What are the expressions that you dont love me quotes or I love you but you dont love me quotes? In a relationship, if there is no feeling between each other, most of the time we are not willing to break up. The following sentences can express the feelings of if you dont love me quotes and I know you dont love me quotes. Remember those you dont love me anymore quotes and u dont love me quotes, you can have a clear understanding about breakup.

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35 you dont love me quotes

1. Silence is contagious. It’s hard for one person to be enthusiastic and ignore the other person. If you don’t look for me, I won’t look for you, so the feeling will be gone.

I think I can understand why you can’t pass the time.

3. Over the years, you are the closest to me and you are the farthest from me. Later, I finally understand that all the joys and sorrows are the ashes of my own.

4. If I can hibernate, I really hope to wake up and forget that you once appeared.

5. It is better to fly alone than to know that we should lose each other halfway. Later I learned that it was not you who didn’t come, but I went to another intersection.

You dont love me quotes

6. If there is an afterlife, you should be a bird, flying over eternity without the trouble of being lost. In the East, there is a red hope; in the south, there is a warm nest bed, which drives the setting sun westward and wakes the fragrance northward.

7. There is nothing that can’t be forgotten. I will always forget you in the future. First I will forget your appearance, then I will forget your voice, and then I will forget what you said. I can’t do it now, and I can do it in the future.

8. If I become a memory, quit your life.

9. When tears come down, I know that separation is another understanding.

10. I can resist loneliness and loneliness, but I can’t resist your silence beside me.

You dont love me quotes

11. The original like can’t disguise, the original happiness can’t pretend, the original is always the same as the moment.

12. You used to like me, but now you don’t. I don’t have the ability. I don’t blame you.

Stories written on paper always have an ending, stories written in the heart is no one knows the ending.

13. I pretend it doesn’t matter, but I find that you really don’t care.

14. As long as one doesn’t want any more, he can put everything down.

15. You are mine. You can meet or ask, stay or have.

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You dont love me quotes

16. People will change. Don’t be too nostalgic. It’s just not worth it.

17. The most difficult thing in the world is not the process of waiting for love, but the process of waiting for love to disappear.

18. Origin and fate, wake up after all, a dream, but no regret, with all in exchange for your look back, this life willing to sink in the mud of love, you in the end of the world, I will Cape.

19. There are so many roads in the world, but no matter how I go, I can’t go the same way as you.

20. Most of the things that have been waiting for too long are not what they wanted at the beginning.

You dont love me quotes

21. I don’t blame you, I just feel very boring, including those moments when I try my best to treat you.

22. I don’t know whether you like me or not, but you really do a lot of things that make me feel that you don’t like me and like me. Whatever, I just want to sleep.

23. The sun doesn’t set suddenly, I think you know.

24. “Later I found out that the world is really big. If we don’t meet deliberately, we will never see each other again.”

25. What about you? Do you like me so much? Do you want to see me so much? Do you miss me so much that you can’t sleep? Do you like me as much as I like you?

You dont love me quotes

26. Not hot or cold is the most comfortable temperature in nature, but it makes people want to die in love.

27. If that strength is over, it will be over. There will be no more.

28. Often sigh, tired, tired to feel like you and not you can.

29. If everything is wrong, it’s time to stop in time.

30. So he carefully tried to be willful, and finally gave him up.

You dont love me quotes

31. “I had a bellyful of words to say to you. Before I spoke, you told me that I had a good night’s sleep first. I suddenly had a feeling that I couldn’t tell you clearly. The next day, I got up as usual and said good night to you.”

32. In fact, I’m not afraid of indifference. I’m just afraid of remembering that all the cold expressions and attitudes and relationships have been warm.

Later I learned that excessive enthusiasm is like hot water for flowers.

34. I used to think less, sleep early and like to laugh, but I don’t know why I suddenly live scribbled.

35. you left and said I wish you happiness. It’s like a thief stole all my money and said, congratulations on getting rich.

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