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If A Guy Doesn’t Text You For A Week Means 10 Things

If a guy doesnt text you for a week, what does he mean? You’ve been texting people you really like, but the conversation ends at random. Did he forget you texted him? Why don’t men text for a few days? We’ve all experienced that when you meet a man who likes you and shows interest in you, you exchange phone numbers, you text each other for a day or two. After… Nothing. I mean, why don’t boys text for a few days? If a guy doesnt text you for a week, here are 10 reasons you should know.

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If a guy doesnt text you for a week, he is thinking about these things

1. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, he doesn’t like you that much

You may have dated several times, even though you find that he doesn’t really like you. He sent you a short message. After a short understanding, he realized that you didn’t meet his requirements. Maybe he was a little cowardly and didn’t dare to tell you that he didn’t like you so much. So he decided to calm you down slowly and hope you can understand what he meant.

2. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, he didn’t get your hint

Maybe you’re joking, or you’re born sarcastic, but he doesn’t know what that means. He thinks you’re serious. Because the other party can’t see your expression when sending a text message, this kind of misunderstanding is easy to occur, so be sure to make what you want to say clear.

3. If a guy doesnt text you for a week means you sent him too many text messages

In other words, he was bored. You’ve been texting him so that the mystery and chase he’s been looking for is over. What else can you talk about by text message? Exactly. The conversation will get boring, so he decided to give you a few days off.

4. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, means you didn’t text him in time

He tries to reply to your message immediately, but you take it easy. If you take a few days to reply to his text messages, you shouldn’t be surprised that he didn’t text you so quickly. He is strongly suggesting his feelings. If you like him, you will react quickly.

5. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, means you are too strong

I don’t know what your conversation with him is like, but maybe you are too strong and he doesn’t like it. He felt a little uncomfortable about these topics, too nervous to let you back off, so instead, he backed off and thought it would help create some healthy space between you.

6. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, means he has no time

I don’t know what this person is doing at work or at school, but maybe it’s because he doesn’t have time to chat through text messages, maybe he works late, or he’s always busy. If the text has nothing to do with what he was doing at that time, it doesn’t matter. Now is not a good time to return the text message.

7. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, means he is a person who doesn’t like texting

Some people like texting, others don’t. He may send you a few messages from time to time, but that’s not his style. I know people who don’t check their phones for days. Take a look at the way he used to send text messages, and then compare it with now. Is there any change? Or do you think too much?

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8. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, means he met someone else

If he’s after you and suddenly turns cold, something will happen. It may be an ex or a new friend, but the point is that he meets someone else and kicks you to one side. Although he knew that he was not interested in dating two girls at the same time, the way he decided to “let you go” did not respect people at all.

9. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, means he’s not serious about you

When you really love someone, you text them all the time. He likes you, but he is not serious, so when he wants to text you, he will text you according to his time, because he is not interested in making extra efforts.

10. If a guy doesnt text you for a week, means he is afraid of commitment

Your date is great and your sex life is great. It’s a good start, right? But once you get in touch, he suddenly stops texting you. Well, it seems that he is responsible. Otherwise, why does he stop texting when everything is going in the right direction? He is afraid!

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