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5 Ways To Avoid Detachment In Relationships

What is detachment in relationships or detachment in marriage? You are dissatisfied with your partner’s behavior, but you are afraid that they will quarrel; You are confused about your relationship, but you are worried about whether you think too much; Some of your needs don’t seem to be noticed by the other person, but you don’t know how to speak… It’s almost inevitable in a relationship, but it’s not easy to communicate with your partner.

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These communications may involve sensitive topics, may cause disputes, may hurt each other, and even seem to threaten the relationship between the two people… Such communication that can not be easily carried out and has difficulties in expression can be called emotional detachment in relationships. How to avoid emotional detachment in marriage or emotionally disconnected relationship? You need to do these things.

5 Ways to avoid detachment in relationships

1. Ways to avoid detachment in relationships: Recognize the importance and necessity of exposing vulnerability in relationships

How to avoid detachment in relationships? Detaching with love in a relationship is common. First, you need to understand the importance and necessity of exposing vulnerability in a relationship. A large part of the difficult conversations in relationships involve exposing vulnerability actively or passively, not only in front of each other, but also in disputes and serious conversations.

Avoid detachment in relationships you should know that exposing one’s fragility refers to saying the words hidden in one’s heart and showing one’s truest side to the other. This is bound to make people feel vulnerable – people are afraid that their sincerity will not respond and that others will use their vulnerability to hurt themselves. However, mutual and gradual exposure is an important part of enhancing mutual attraction and trust, as well as enhancing the relationship.

Therefore, the courage to expose the vulnerability of the relationship is a necessary condition for the two to have sincere and profound exchanges. This is not only conducive to the resolution of contradictions and the development of feelings, but also allows you to look at the good and bad of this relationship with a more objective perspective, rather than blindly over idealizing it.

2. Ways to avoid detachment in relationships: Think about what you want to say in advance and the purpose of this communication

If you want to avoid detachment in relationships, you should the importance of communication. Difficult communication is usually emotional communication, so in order not to let the dialogue be disturbed by emotion, we need to prepare the content we want to express and the expected results in advance. Of course, this preparation does not need to be detailed to every sentence you want to say, but at least list the main points you want to discuss with the other party.

In addition, it is also important to think about the specific purpose of this communication in advance, or what you want to achieve through this communication. For example, your goal may be to let the other party know how you feel, to solve a specific problem, to get the other party’s opinion on something, and so on.

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3. Ways to avoid detachment in relationships: Pay attention to soothe the emotions of both sides

How to avoid detachment in relationships in difficult communication? It is as important to soothe the emotions of oneself and the other party as to express the content itself. Even if you have expectations for this communication, you still need to know that it’s an emotional conversation with someone you love, not a business debate.

Therefore, in the process, you need to empathize with each other at the moment, and try to comfort yourself with words or body movements, as well as yourself in the mood. For example, you can prepare a cup of hot milk for yourself when communicating, and you can also cuddle your kitten. These actions seem simple, but they can really alleviate the unbearable negative emotions.

4. Ways to avoid detachment in relationships: take the matter on its merits, not people

Avoid detachment in relationships, it seems to be a very simple truth, but it is often forgotten by people, which turns a communication that should be based on the matter into a personal attack that hurts each other – “I have known for a long time that you are such a selfish person”, “you are such a stingy person who can do this kind of thing”

It’s important to always remember that if it’s a certain behavior or thing of the other party that makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s specific. In communication, we should use more sentences like “I feel…”, “I feel…”, “in my opinion…” instead of defining each other’s behavior firmly: “you are…”, “you must…”.

5. Ways to avoid detachment in relationships: After communication: to resume together

Difficult communication needs to be repeated, especially when you seldom have such communication. This kind of reply usually does not happen at the end of the communication, but after a period of time, when the mood has calmed down and you can all see the content of the communication from a more rational and objective perspective. At this point, the impact of this communication on your relationship becomes clearer.

The final way to avoid detachment in relationships is choose the right time. At an appropriate time, you can take the initiative to talk with the other party about some of your feelings and thoughts after the last communication, and discuss the changes it has brought to your relationship. When you reach a consensus that “such communication, even if difficult, can really make each other and the relationship better”, and recognize the good and bad aspects of each other’s communication, the next time you face such difficult communication, it may not be so difficult.

The above are the ways to avoid detachment in relationships. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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